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Score: 743667

TechSparq helps Fortune 500 companies maximize their revenues and build customer loyalty by ensuring their platforms are highly secure, protected against damaging BOT attacks and doesn't fail under peak loads. Our software development team has worked wit ...

Avg project size: $3708333   |   Reviews: 3   |   Portfolio: 0 works

TechSparq Software Development

Score: 561661

HatchWorks Technologies is your product partner for software-enabled solutions.  We deliver full product lifecycle solutions from ideation to hosting and support. Our team specializes in driving actionable insights from your data. HatchWorks helps to enh ...

Avg project size: $1146429   |   Reviews: 7   |   Portfolio: 0 works

HatchWorks Technologies Software Development

Score: 33900

Based in Atlanta, GA with headquarters at the Salesforce Tower, Configero is a top-ranked certified Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner with over 10 years of experience delivering strategic consulting, innovative solutions and expert support to help compani ...

Avg project size: $43000   |   Reviews: 5   |   Portfolio: 38 works

Configero Software Development

Score: 3995

KMS provides services across the software development lifecycle through partnerships with clients ranging from start-ups to large technology companies. We offer two main service lines: Offshore Product Development and Independent Software Testing. Our inf ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

KMS Technology Software Development

Score: 3625

Breakthrough is a product incubation group specializing in the development of high-performance software and Internet services. Our business model is to collaborate with both entrepreneurs and industry leaders to develop innovative software, scalable web ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 3 works

Breakthrough Technologies Software Development

Score: 2125

Blacc Spot Media is a leading Cloud Communications consulting firm providing strategic consulting and application development services. We work with organizations focused on implementing the latest in Cloud Communications technologies which will streamlin ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Blacc Spot Media, Inc. Software Development

Score: 1214


Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Sunray Enterprise, Inc. Software Development

Score: 125

Lanin Technologies represents Argentina’s vibrant and continuously growing IT talent in the United States. We strive to consistently deliver innovative software solutions and add value by focusing to attend our client’s operational needs and business goal ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Lanin Technologies Software Development