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Score: 6214

A Microsoft Gold Partner for Application Development, Silver for Cloud Solution Providers, and Data Analytics 18+ developers certified for MCP/MCSD for ASP.NET MVC Web Application, MCSA for Azure Solution Architecture and Data Analytics We provide solut ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 10 works

New Ocean IS Artificial Intelligence

Score: 2125


Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

Ekoios Technology Artificial Intelligence

Score: 2125

COMPANY OVERVIEW: Eastgate Software delivers software development services to worldwide business with quality trusted by Fortune Global 500. We help business build automotive, user-engaging, and intelligent software products by applying advanced technol ...

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Eastgate Software Artificial Intelligence

Score: 1214

[MTI Technology -AI Lab] MTI Technology(AI Lab) was established in HCMC, Vietnam as a AI project Center as a subsidary company of MTI Ltd in Japan. -Total 25 staff. 21 Data Scientist and 4 AI Engineer. -14 Data Scientist have academic background to stu ...

Avg project size: $2500   |   Reviews: 0   |   Portfolio: 0 works

MTI Technology., Co Ltd (AI Lab) Artificial Intelligence

Best artificial intelligence stocks


Graphics chips and self-driving cars

Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Inc. engages in the retail sale of consumer products and subscriptions in North America and internationally.


Cerennce is an under-the-radar play on the car of the future.

Pinterest (PINS)

Pinterest social media platform uses AI-driven taste graph, which allows the company to find complex patterns across prodigious amounts of data.


Upstart is bringing AI to the $100 trillion credit market.

Micron Technology (NASDAQ:MU)

Memory chips for data centers and self-driving cars


Augmenting human intelligence across industries

Lemonade (NYSE:LMND)

​​​​Lemonade is an insurance company built from the ground-up around artificial intelligence.

TOP-10 Artificial Intelligence companies in Viet Nam

The best AI development firms in VN always stay tuned according to the newest technologies and advances in data science. However, there is a number of commonly-used AI technologies:

  • TerminusDB
  • Fiddler framework
  • YData
  • Allegro AI
  • Pytorch (backed by Facebook)
  • Maiot core engine
  • TFX and Horovod open source libraries
  • Allegro AI
  • Visualization systems (Determined AI, etc)
  • Hyperopt
  • Superb AI
  • MXnet / Chainer
  • Modzy
  • Hugging Face’s Transformer
  • Kubeflow
  • MLFlow
  • Pachyderm
  • ModelHub
  • Tensorflow backed by Google
  • Seldon Deploy
  • Splunk
  • Red Hat Insights
  • Seldon Alibi
  • Seldon’s Alibi Detect
  • Machine learning developer in Viet Nam

    The Qualified.One statistics shows that there are roughly 4 Artificial Intelligence development firms in Viet Nam. This is, of course, not an exact number since AI and machine learnind are spreading rapidly across VN and the AI technology penetration level varies from year to year foa any Tech company.

    AI technology companies in Viet Nam

    As mentioned above, VN AI development market shows a remarkable growth. Almost every year there appears a number of AI and Machine learning software companies that provide AI consulting and development in Viet Nam. Services are divided into Managed AI-aaS, AI-aaS, Cognition-aaS and other categories.

    The Machine Learnind lifecycle is usually described as follows:

    • Data Gathering and Transformation
    • Experimenting, Training, Tuning and Testing
    • Productionization, Deployment, and Inference
    • Monitoring, Auditing, Management, and Retraining

    Find an Artificial Intelligence development company in Viet Nam

    The important thing about choosing an AI developer in VN is its specialty. Deep learning, AI frameworks, AI research and its applications - all of theese are, in fact, quite diferent topics. It's crucial to align your project requirements with the stack and focus of the company you are looking in.

    Artificial Intelligence agencies in Viet Nam

    Nghệ An | Yên Bái | Bà Rịa-Vũng Tàu | Hau Giang | Vĩnh Phúc | Vĩnh Long | Phú Thọ | Quảng Ninh | Phú Yên | Tuyên Quang | Trà Vinh | Bình Dương | Ho Chi Minh City | Thanh Hóa | Thái Nguyên | Thái Bình | Tây Ninh | Long An | Quảng Nam | Ha Nội | Sơn La | Sóc Trăng | Lào Cai | Đồng Tháp | Kiến Giang | Bình Định | Quảng Ngãi | Gia Lai | Hà Nam | Bình Thuận | Ninh Thuận | Ninh Bình | Khánh Hòa | Nam Định | Tiền Giang | An Giang | Lạng Sơn | Kon Tum | Hưng Yên | Thừa Thiên-Huế | Hòa Bình | Hà Tĩnh | Hải Phòng | Hải Dương | Hà Giang | Bình Phước | Quảng Bình | Quảng Trị | Tỉnh Ðiện Biên | Đà Nẵng | Lâm Đồng | Cao Bằng | Cần Thơ | Cà Mau | Ðắc Lắk | Đồng Nai | Bến Tre | Bắc Ninh | Bạc Liêu | Bắc Giang | Bắc Kạn |

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