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[Music] the future of iot technology today more businesses are taking advantage of and acknowledging the benefits of iot than ever before machine learning ai instant feedback and remote monitoring and operations are not merely the future theyre already here and theyre showing no signs of slowing down with the explosive growth of iot uses and adaption there are some great opportunities for businesses who joined the iot revolution early the corporations who managed to transform and empower themselves through the benefits of iot could create undeniable competitive advantages as we look forward to 2020 and begin to understand the impact 5g will have across all industries the implementation of iot solutions will play an increasing role across business applications and throughout the community even though some common iot current trends are quite visible across all the industries the industry specific foresight should not be ignored the internet of things technology is steadily growing and therefore iot trends are something that always needs to be watched out for in kept pace with 7 trends of iot technology in 2021 1. growing 5g in this new communication system the 5g aims to connect networks online by providing improved wireless connectivity 5g has been developed in a unique way enabling it to connect more devices at higher speed with minimal lag this cellular iot application is created to benefit consumers at a low cost as well as provide faster speed with the use of this new application we will be able to see complete automation in many industries with the help of smart grids 5g will evolve to include bigger devices over larger areas in the upcoming years connecting smart cities to even wireless vehicular connectivity this future application of iot will help the public and private sectors to gain optimal benefits the use of 5g will make it viable to control even a broader range of devices remotely wire applications together iot and 5g are setting infrastructure for smartphones and tablets as well as variables medical devices and vehicles 2. augmented reality earth and iot the bond between iot and augmented reality er keeps getting deeper while iot fills a gap between physical assets and digital infrastructure or drives digital components to real life thats great teamwork per and iot have a big future in healthcare for example surgeons can use an application composed to rebuild a body part in 3d along with devices measuring necessary stats in a real-time mode all these could make complicated procedures easier for surgeons and more secure for patients 3. smart cities on the rise smart city technologies are a huge rage at the moment with interest and investment in smart city technology slated to skyrocket in the near future local authorities and city councils see smart city solutions as a powerful way to involve the public in the nitty gritty of city administration and upkeep increasing citizen comfort and convenience is just a small part of the deal what were seeing with smart city projects around the world is a strong emphasis on interactiveness there is a growing acceptance that involving citizens in a more hands-on fashion in all matters pertaining to the day-to-day maintenance of an urban space pays huge dividends for everyone concerned with cities looking at huge population increases in the times to come iot based smart city solutions will prove to be an indispensable ingredient in making urban environments safe livable and ecologically sustainable 4. advancements in edge computing the reduction in cost and the increased power of the devices used in the iot makes it likely to use the enhanced computing power of the devices to process data collected on the edge and allow huge bandwidth profits besides in many cases it secures greater compliance with privacy laws edge nodes and gateways connected to iot devices and systems help them reach various types of data centers iot data often has to travel long distances from the data center to the device yet empowered by the edge computing technology it will less likely experience low bandwidth or increases in latency thats why the number of enterprises investing in the edge technology keeps growing this way the accuracy and quality of real-time insights are expected to go sky high 5 blockchain technologies shaping the future of iot blockchain is one of the key iot technology trends as for today the exchange of money and data between iot devices in a reliable way is becoming possible once the blockchain technology provides them with a simple infrastructure for doing so put together the two phenomena iot and blockchain are living up to their hype the fragmented nature of iot matches the decentralized nature of blockchain the latter affords anonymity and security to multiple networks and their owners while the digital signatures and private keys following each transaction guarantee that the iot environment will be safe iot devices are designed to make the life of a person or an operating unit easier this requires the constant generation of personal data and implies more considerable risks of hacker attacks besides the amount of data is expected to expand exponentially in the same manner as the number of machine-to-machine interactions consequently the distributed nature of blockchain will make tons of data available at any time when it is needed and with the minimum security risks 6 healthcare applications the future of iot will assist in enhancing better control of medical parameters with the help of 5g ai and sensors it will be easy for medical professionals to monitor patients activities and vitals smart glucose monitoring system and smart insulin pens will also help as they will transfer the vitals of the patient automatically onto a monitoring system this will be a guiding aid especially with the case of insulin based on the data driven from the patient the pen will be able to analyze the amount of insulin required to be injected with the ongoing kovid 19 pandemic the entire world has had to re-evaluate the importance of remote healthcare security and safety are paramount in the clinical environment and iot can help by improving monitoring and transmission of patient data soon patients and doctors will not even need to meet in person which could be extremely useful in times of lockdown in the near term iot trends will have a greater influence on the healthcare industry with smart medical devices becoming more common [Music] 7. better way to data store and analytics weve only just gotten used to keeping our data in the cloud and its already time for a change simply put edge computing allows connected devices to share calculate analyze and keep data locally edge computing is a kind of hybrid approach to data processing thats reshaping the future of iot managing and analyzing this data serves the real added value that iot can cause data analysis machine learning and artificial intelligence will hence play an increasingly significant and crucial role these trends will not only provide effective processes to accomplish tasks but also support in making our lives easier and more convenient like and subscribe if you like the [Music] information

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