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alt Tech Job trends 2016—2020

Just like any previous crisis, the COVID pandemic did not bring us anything new: what happens is the acceleration of the existing trends. This can be easily seen from the changes taking place on the job market.

alt Digitalizing Crisis

It has been half a year since the global action on the COVID pandemic began. The lockdown, isolation and related terms are now a part of everyone’s life. Inevitably, this changed the industry of marketing, especially considering the online behavior.

alt Qualified.One Podcast #12. Does Your B2B Content Marketing Strategy Include High-Quality Content?

If you aren't creating high-quality content then the time you've put into your B2B content marketing strategy could be wasted

alt Qualified.One Podcast #11. Can SEO Be More Predictable?

Search engines change almost constantly, which means SEO is a moving target. Follow these 5 tips to make your SEO results more predictable


alt Qualified.One Podcast #8. Digital Transformation in Retail: Why Is It So Crucial?

Retail digital transformation allows store owners to capture the minds and wallets of next-generation shoppers. However, taking this step requires a complete rethinking of your business model and mastering cutting-edge retail technology

alt Qualified.One Podcast #9. Widgets in iOS 14: What it Means for Your App Development & Your Engineers

Widgets allow users to customize their home screen to display a small, glanceable representation of an app’s content (in a variety of sizes) in addition to the traditional app icon. What does this mean for your app development?

alt Qualified.One Podcast #6. Privacy and iOS 14: Key Steps to Build Trust with Your Users

With the release of iOS 14, users will have more insight than ever before into when apps are accessing their personal information.

alt Qualified.One Podcast #4. The 10 Basic Myths of Blockchain

Check out the top 10 Basic Blockchain Myths debunked and explained. Find interesting insights about this emerging technology


alt How to Attract Diverse Tech Talent

Coding Bootcamps, modern Tech Education and diversity: an overview

alt How To Make Your CV Stand Out During COVID-19

Do you want the job of your dreams? Are you wondering why you're top in class and you're still not able to get a call back or get recruiters to respond to your email? Well, I got news for you.