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alt Shifted Market Pricing Strategy

Pricing is a complicated science. Get it wrong and you'll miss potential sales or lose revenue. It's like trying to hit a target with a dartboard.

alt Marketing Management: essential guide

Marketing is omnipresent. Formally or informally, people and organisations carry out a wide variety of activities, each of which can be attributed to marketing.

alt What companies are in the basic industries field?

Let's discuss this economy sector and companies operating in basic industry field.

alt Marketing without cookies: how CDP can help

Now it's hard to imagine marketing without cookies: in more than 10 years we've become very used to them. It seems that if cookies disappear, advertising will stop.


alt What is Intelligent Electronic Device

In the power industry, intelligent electronic devices (IEDs) are integrated microprocessor-based controllers for power system devices such as circuit breakers, transformers, and capacitor banks.

alt Vernier Graphical Analysis

Vernier Graphical Analysis is a software tool for collecting, displaying and analyzing data in real time.

alt Mobile VR development with Oculus and Gear VR

This post is about mobile VR (untethered VR) development starting from choosing the Oculus API app versions, and some design issues and problems to watch out for in the development process, as well as performance optimisation, testing and publishing in the Oculus shop.

alt OpenAis API is not available in your country: how to fix it

So OpenAis API is not available in your country? Let's see how to access chatGPT from any location


alt How to crop a shape in Figma

In this tutorial we'll talk about how to crop a shape in Figma, how to cut background around an object, an image, a picture or a photo in Figma.

alt InDesign: text disappears when resizing

In this guide, we will show you different ways to solve the problem of disappearing text in the text box in Adobe InDesign on Mac.

alt Mask in Figma

Mask in Figma: how to make and work with the Use as mask Figma tool

alt Sony Vegas clip greyed out

So you are stuck because you have pressed a button and now numerous tracks are greyed out in Sony Vegas Pro Clip?


alt Full guide to Salesforce: from Chatter to Apex

In this article we will talk about the Salesforce main product - CRM system and related solutions, from Salesforce Chatter to Apex language

alt Emergency evacuation software

Responding quickly and efficiently to emergencies is a constant challenge facing communities. Public health leaders can develop innovative emergency management strategies that incorporate advanced technology to increase the likelihood of an effective and efficient response, whatever the crisis.

alt How to set up Nginx as a load balancer

Load balancing refers to the efficient distribution of incoming network traffic among a group of backend servers

alt Kubernetes environment variables

In this article we will look at what resources and environment variables are available to containers and how to override environment variables for a container when running a Pod in a Kubernetes cluster


alt Competitive intelligence analyst: job description

A competitive intelligence analyst is engaged in providing comprehensive business security in today's environment of information confrontation, as well as information and analytical work on researching competitors, new technologies that can be used in a particular business.

alt What do capital goods jobs pay

Is capital goods a good career? Yes, it is. Working in the capital goods industry can be a great career choice.

alt Speech Analytics call center case studies

Today we will look at speech analytics as a tool to improve the efficiency of call centres and sales teams.

alt How to configure Power BI drill-through reports

In this post we explain how this feature can be easily implemented in Power BI and what to consider when implementing such a scenario.