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alt The 10 Best Social Media and Content Apps for 2021

Social media has become a helpful tool for businesses in bringing advantages such as engaging with the audience and boosting the market.

alt Digital Marketing Strategies for Small Businesses during COVID-19

For small business owners, I think that digital communication tools were a nice to have and even considered cutting edge before the pandemic. Now, they are a necessity.

alt Digital Losers and Winners of 2020

Beneficiaries and victims of 2020: Qualified.One statistics on Digital Marketing, IT and Web industries

alt Tech Job trends 2016—2020

Just like any previous crisis, the COVID pandemic did not bring us anything new: what happens is the acceleration of the existing trends. This can be easily seen from the changes taking place on the job market.


alt 3 top mistakes of Cloud Implementations

I want to share with you the top three mistakes that I see when implementing cloud applications

alt 3 top skills of a Cloud Consultant

I'm going to share with you the single most important skill to look for when selecting a consultant for your next cloud implementation

alt Three Clear Ways Remote Work Is Changing Tech Salaries Amidst the Coronavirus

Remote work has changed the workforce forever in more than one way. In the past, companies showed a huge reluctance to support remote work for a variety of reasons, but one of the largest was a common idea that employees would not be able to complete their job as effectively as if they were in person.

alt How long does it take to become a blockchain developer

How beginning developers with zero to one years of experience can even earn six-figure salaries?


alt 5 Videography Tips for Beginners

You are just getting started in your videography journey? This post is for you!

alt UI/UX Design Career Path

In this post I'm going to be sharing with you the six figure career path for any UI and UX designer

alt Is graphic design dead?

Hey, Christine Maggi here aka design gal. So, in this post I'm gonna give you my personal opinion on this

alt Unmoderated qualitative User Research: a pitfall

A story about one qualitative unmoderated use research


alt 10 Things You Didn't Know About Cyber Security

Let's face it. Hackers are here to stay and in recent years the threats have only grown.

alt Should IT and Internet availability make work from home a new Normal?

Once upon a time working from home was a luxury...

alt NIST Cybersecurity Framework

How the nationally-recognized NIST Framework can bolster your Cybersecurity?


alt How to start a business in a Dubai free zone?

Dubai is a great destination not only for tourism but also for Business. Are you looking to get into the gifts business?

alt How to Attract Diverse Tech Talent

Coding Bootcamps, modern Tech Education and diversity: an overview

alt The Perfect Formula for FinTech Products

What's the secret recipe for a future Fintech product? How to combine Machine Learning with User Experience and make an app that will generate brand lovers?

alt How To Make Your CV Stand Out During COVID-19

Do you want the job of your dreams? Are you wondering why you're top in class and you're still not able to get a call back or get recruiters to respond to your email? Well, I got news for you.