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[Music] whats up guys welcome back to my youtube channel this video were going to be talking about what is job javas actually one of my favorite programming languages and one of the reasons why is that its been around the block java 26 years old my personal opinion most people dont choose java you get thrown into the fire for me i got introduced to java for my very first enterprise job on the front end dev or back end using microservices wed be using spring you might be in an environment where you use jboss but in my experience most people learn java because they are trying to acquire a technical skill that is very valuable you might have learned it at school you might learn to do like trade organizations or if youre like me you might have learned it online reading books because theres plenty of resources online just like peopleontech.io make sure to go check it out as we have upcoming courses about java and javascript so you might be asking why learn java so java is typically the language of enterprise development for my very first software engineering role java was predominantly used to make microservices apis maybe some cloud functionality as well and most java development that ive seen utilizes some framework whether its spring which is very very popular which im a huge fan of or maybe its something different like jboss whatever the case is java is typically used at larger organizations and because of that its very valuable skill and a technology to learn and understand benefits of java all right so four that come to mind guys object oriented for me java was just a programming language where it finally clicked where somebody gave me a assignment uh pretty much build like a education platform where you had students you had teachers you had classrooms you have schools you had districts finally object-oriented clicked and i was able to build it in java and sometimes you need to put your hands to the keyboard using a language that youre trying to explore and understand for some of those concepts to finally come to light platform dependent i mean the fact that runs on a jvm were gonna dive into that further but you know the idea is you write java runs you run it everywhere uh documentation in history is the one thing im gonna highlight but im probably gonna harp on more than anything else but the fact that its 26 years old the fact that you have people who are constantly solving problems i have not been in a situation where ive run into something first using spring using java using java 8 java 11 using intellij whatever tooling you have whatever youre using with java i have not run into a problem where its like holy crap i have no idea how to figure this out and thats really cool because you just have an established community and lastly the frameworks which im going to talk about spring jboss and all the frameworks later but spring is very very popular its kind of help keep java up with the times in my personal opinion but those are some of the things i really really enjoy about java you know and guys beyonce like today all the hype is about javascript python go and i get it i jumped on the same bandwagon too and i love all those languages and i love exploring but java developers are still in high demand java is still growing thats the crazy thing like you got 90 of fortune 500 companies who are really really relying on java so because many other systems are built in java theyre looking for talent so if you understand java theres a lot of opportunity out there for you and its always good to know you can make money you can make six figures and software development im not going to say easily but its very very possible i mean if you go on apps like blind people are recording like total compensation packages of two hundred thousand three hundred thousand five hundred thousand l six l five l four whatever the position is some of these companies fame companies startups whatever the case there is a lot of opportunity out there for you and the good thing is you dont have to always be a developer but being a developer is in demand it is a skill and once you master that skill and java is a great programming language you start with then you are going to be highly desirable what can you build with it im going to start off with my favorite which are web-based applications do you pair java with something like servlets shots jsps hibernate spring web servers like resin or apache theres so much tooling out there it makes it very very easy to make a high quality production level application be it for a startup be it for a large organization java in the spring framework jboss all these things out there make it very easy to build web-based applications one of the things that we saw during the pandemic was the rise of e-commerce however not everybody can be dependent on a shopify account shopify is a great tool and platform uh but like them they probably have a internal system that allows other people to build stores without writing too much code and if you pair java with tools like broadleaf you can build your own e-commerce solution you can create something that works for your organization and thats what youre going to see across the board is some of these organizations invested in their internal tooling and wanting to create their own custom ecommerce platform versus utilizing something thats already out there another thing that i think is highly overlooked is android development now i know kotlin is a new thing were going to talk about that later but theres a lot of stuff thats still written in java that people still need others to work on and that organizations are still looking for people who can dive into those code bases and make modifications with changes when needed we have to talk about embedded systems because embedded systems are everywhere from our smartphones our computers to our tvs everywhere so these systems use java because of all the benefits we talked about before but if you just think of common applications smart cards sim cards utility meters television blu-ray discs all these devices were dependent on java in some shape or form and that meant you needed java developers you needed people who could write the code the systems the logic the implementation to make these things that we i hate to say take for granted on a daily basis work if i dont mention this one people are gonna get really really upset in the comments but i gotta mention big data big data uh theyre just very very trendy tools especially enterprise organizations because theyre really looking for somebody who understands apache hadoop theyre talking about moving large amounts of data from one area to another and theres so many tools out there but java just seemed to work very very well when youre thinking about things like batch jobs or if youre thinking about larger movements of data theres just so much tooling pairing with java to make that very very easy and manageable to maintain and you know we cant forget software tooling i mean when youre a software developer and youre picking your editor its a big deal using eclipse or using sts or using intellij software tools they help programmers develop analyze debug maintain support and build programs so when i think of java and i think they use java to help build intellij and i love intellij its my favorite editor if you were to do any java development and i worked with all of them except for netbeans and i just find intellij to be the most intuitive and the most helpful uh sometimes with some warnings i dont always understand but for the most part a very very helpful tool but yeah theres very lot of possibilities with java gaming applications we didnt even get to talk about cloud-based application the list goes on and on a lot of great benefits of java just so you know this video isnt sponsored by anybody there are some cons to java the first big con that youll notice is a huge trend on my channel is you got to pay and we do not like when you have to pay for certain items uh if you look in the youtube universe you will find some videos focused exclusively on the concept and idea of having to pay for newer versions of java moving forward and what does that mean for side project personal projects enterprise projects and everything else moving forward another thing im not a huge fan of and i understand why people kind of hate on java for it is the performance its kind of a slow language i mean the fact that its running on jvm and then now you have jvm exception these days uh its very possible that you can kind of run into the situation where things are just slower and when youre comparing to the programming languages like go or python and you start looking at the benchmarks yeah javas not usually the one thats winning overall java is just not that sexy it is kind of like i mean its been around for 26 years it kind of comes off as the language where people use it its all reliable but again its kind of gone down to popularity over the past several years one of the reasons people dont like java especially when comparing it to something like python its just very very verbose i mean ive worked with front end developer trying to help them with a back end story uh in an enterprise environment and some people get caught up on the access modifiers when you see public private or packaged private what does that mean i dont understand how to what does that compare to in javascript is that the same with consulate and var so many people get confused on the different interfaces and inheritance and going back to what i said earlier theres a fundamental understanding you need to have to be able to truly get the benefits of java and many people thrown in a fire and they get that fundamental understanding after the fact and then lastly there are some ui tools out there java swing java fx uh time leaf but for the most part youre going to be using java to do your back-end interacting with your database for the front end youre most likely going to be using a library or framework react or angular the most popular and thats probably the biggest con is see back in the day people could build a whole web application and you still can but in most enterprise environments thats not going to be very very common youre going to see them separate the front end from the back end for benefits like flexibility modularity scalability however its still a con in the sense that you used to be able to do everything in java but nowadays you just dont see people using java and that matter is it still relevant i mean as you can see java is still commonly used in our daily life in many different ways if youre a java developer the average salary according to indeed is a hundred and two thousand dollars um just think about it you do java development you go on social media you see so many developers where they tell you to journey theyll tell you they started off you know year one maybe doing a few side projects year two finally landing a good job year three maybe out of fang company year five to seven its like man software developments really changed my life because it is a very very popular programming language still used at many of the big tech companies many organizations that we use and know of at least if youre based in america are using java and if youre a person who understands and can write java code you are going to be highly sought after its obviously to say it will continue to attract many developers for a very long time hope you enjoyed this video thats all i got im out peace [Music]

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