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im not going to lie i was a little nervous to  make this video i wasnt sure if i was going to a lot of my videos and the whole point i  started this channel was around encouraging others to break into tech to break into coding  advance their careers and all of the above to make a video that does kind of the complete opposite i  was really nervous to make but i thought it really needed to be made wait wait are you actually  going to make a video on this it goes against everything you stand for all your other videos  yes i feel like i really need to make this video and just let everyone know whats on my mind okay  im just warning you im just warning you before i get into it though make sure to hit that subscribe  button for more tech and coding related videos as always shout out to some of these amazing  subscribers here thank you so much for your support your love i see you and you all are  amazing okay lets just get right into it as i mentioned i was a little hesitant to make  this video but as the title suggests reasons why you should not be a software engineer i really  wanted to address this video or this topic because so i get so many inquiries or requests or people  that have kind of almost this fantasy or this dream of what software engineering really entails  and sometimes its not made up made out to be all that it is and i really wanted to talk about  that especially the reasons why if these are the main reasons you are considering being a software  engineer you might want to think again the first one is going into software engineering or breaking  into tech in general for the perks i think the media whether its movies or social media really  put this glamorization on the perks that come with tech i often get messages from others being like  tiff why dont you want to work for a fan company why dont you break into google or amazon look at  all the perks that come with these companies and the reason being or one of the reason beings  is im sure there are amazing companies to work for but for the reason being of the extra perks  whether it be free lunch free food you know the gym whatever it is it used to entice me it doesnt  anymore the reason being is because at the end of the day those perks are all great but if you  dont like your job or the work and life balance its not worth it in my opinion and i think a lot  of people really glamorize the tech industry and software engineering that if they get into this  industry they will have all these free perks and its totally worth it and that might be exciting  for the first few days or moments that you are working there but those perks will quickly wear  off and the reality of do you enjoy your job well set it another reason i think you should not be a  software engineer is if youre in it for the money now this might be a controversial one because  obviously you dont need to have a super strong love or passion for what you do nine to  five im not saying that but you do need to enjoy to some degree what you do in order to excel  at it yes money is important but to fit yourself into a specific role just because you can make  a lot of money to me it doesnt make any sense i think the tech industry is so broad and there  are so many amazing roles within it that you dont need to kind of pigeon yourself into pigeonhole  yourself into one specific role just because you think youll make a ton of money you know you  can use you can break into the tech industry and if money is really important to you make a lot  of money in so many different areas so i really want to highlight that as well and some of you  may be saying well tiff thats easy for someone to say who is living comfortably but if i need  to make that extra money or work really hard i have no option but to put myself into a role that  i can earn quite a bit of money and i hear what youre saying but it goes back to once again i  think there are so many roles within tech that you can do just that so dont force yourself to be  in software engineering if youre not feeling it is for you i think recently the media going back  to the media has put a lot of attention and focus on technology and coders and hackers and even data  science these are these sexy cool jobs right now but at the end of the day you have to actually  enjoy doing them i think we often forget that its not about what your linkedin title is or what  you can tell people but rather about what you actually are excited to go into office to do are  you looking forward to what you are building or how you are progressing because if youre not  youre not going to succeed long term and i know a lot of my videos are about how everyone should  at least learn how to code or explore the basics of coding but that doesnt result or equate to  being a software engineer and i just really want to clear that up i think everyone should learn  how to code i think they should learn that just like they learn math or science when youre going  to school but it doesnt mean everyone needs to be a software engineer no we need everyone  to have different interests and different roles the last reason i think you should not be  a software engineer is if you dont like to learn if you are someone who does not look forward  to learning or challenging yourself on new things then definitely do not get into software  engineering or really any technical role for that matter tech is changing so quickly that you really  need to be someone who wants to continue to work their brain and learn new things grow new skills  because if you just even if you are a software engineer and you do not grow new skills youre  going to stay in the same place or fall behind you always need to be learning no im not saying  you need to spend your evenings or your weekends learning new technical skills thats definitely  something i dont do and i dont recommend you do either you also need to have a life but  that being said as a software engineer you need to be learning and upskilling on a regular basis  maybe an hour here throughout work maybe an hour here on the weekend or after work but dont dont  think that if you get into this role youll never have to learn its its a forever learning thing  and a lot of times you have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable youre going to be in  new situations a lot solving new problems a lot and you have to be certain if that is for  you or something you really dont want to do i hope this video is coming across the way im  hoping it for which is that theres so much more opportunity out there for you if you are not  interested in specifically software engineering do not force it if you think its just because  its one of the cool industries to be in right now or one of the cool jobs just like data science  or any of these jobs but rather really look in onto what is important to you what you want to  strive to do for me the reason i became a software engineer and got into um you know this role of  it is because i wanted to be part of building the future and to understand how that future was  built and you dont need to be a software engineer to do that but to me that just really lined up so  well that i wanted to understand of how code works and be a part of building different products and  seeing them come to life and see people use them and helping people finding solutions and if that  excites you then yes i think software engineering is a great career for you but and theres many  other careers that you can do that with that so this is more just like a ted talk of my thoughts  around software engineering and why sometimes maybe you shouldnt go into software engineering  for specific reasons especially when it comes to these free exciting perks or all the money that  can come with it you really need to have more depth to wanting to get into the field than just  that im really curious to hear your thoughts so on this video are you someone who is striving to  become a software engineer or maybe you arent in software engineering just wanting to  learn more about tech where are you at in your career where are you at in your life i want  to know more about you so leave in the comments your thoughts on this your feedback do you agree  or disagree with me im always down for either make sure to hit that subscribe button  for more tech and coding related videos give this video a thumbs up for listening  to me just view my thoughts to you i hope it was really valuable though and i  will see you all soon thanks everyone

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