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What does a UX designer actually do in this  video were going to look at the skills and attributes of a UX designer some of the tasks  and responsibilities that they have every day and were going to look at some real job ads to see what companies are hiring for  when theyre looking for UX designers My names Dee and ive worked as a UX designer  for over 12 years ive worked in huge companies and small startups in different countries all  around the world so id really love to share my insights with you about what it really feels  like to be a UX designer before we get started if you have any questions about any of the  skills or attributes mentioned in this video let us know in the comments below and  well get back to you as soon as possible the kind of person that makes a great UX designer  is someone who loves problem solving and has a really inquisitive and curious mind a UX designer  should really love understanding why people do what they do and whats behind their motivations  and behavior so if you really like to understand people and have a desire to make life easier  and better then UX design could be right for you its a primarily people-focused role youll find  yourself working with lots of other teams with business people with developers and with visual  designers conducting research running workshops analyzing data running tests and experiments and  doing a lot of communication with presentations and creating diagrams so that other people can  understand the kind of work that you do and youll also act as the connection between the users or  the customers of your product and the business youll be doing things like preparing before  research actually happens writing up interview guidelines and scripts and creating documents that  outline how research should be conducted as well as that youll actually be conducting the research  so interviewing people in person or remotely and taking lots of detailed notes after research  theres lots of information thats been gathered so youll be analyzing that information to  understand its meaning doing things like looking at spreadsheets and organizing data using  tools to identify trends and patterns in that data creating reports and presentations to present  that complex information to other people running workshops is an important skill for a UX designer  because youll need to get groups and teams of people from different areas of the business to  do things like generate ideas and understand and align on where the focus should be youll also do  things like create wireframes which are detailed structural sketches that illustrate a concept a  wireframe for a digital product is similar to a blueprint for a house it clearly illustrates how  it functions and the core elements of its design so hopefully that gives you an idea of  what a UX designer really does every day now lets look at some of the specific  skills needed to be a UX designer what skills does a UX designer need to  have they need to be a really good listener be able to be empathetic have an open mind and  be able to understand other peoples needs and motivations it really helps to have a  love for solving puzzles and problems and its great if youre detail-oriented  and really understand how all the pieces of a puzzle fit together youll need to use  a variety of different tools to do research create ideas and present those ideas to  others but all those tools can be learned now lets take a closer look at some of those  skills and attributes by looking at some real job ads from different companies well look at  three different examples from a large corporate to a small startup before we jump into the job  ads if youre enjoying this video subscribe to the channel and hit the bell to get notifications  about more weekly videos just like this lets start by looking at a job ad for a big corporate  and weve got one here from Tesla so Tesla is looking for a user experience designer responsible  for researching designing innovating prototyping new user experiences okay great that fits with  everything we know if we look a bit further down here theyve highlighted things like having  exceptional design skills creative problem solving a great sense of aesthetic aesthetics so it looks  like this role is more visual than other UX design roles which we often see there is a big difference  when you really dig into UX designer job postings that some are looking for someone whos really  visual and other job postings will be looking for someone much more on the user research and  of the the wrong so if we look closely into this list of responsibilities well see that theyve  highlighted research and defining strategy for different consumer segments they will imagine and  conceive so this is really probably involving lots of sketching concept sketching prototyping work to  really come up with new ideas and concepts develop creative and innovative designs so this is where  we can start to see they are looking for someone a UX designer who has a more visual side as well  so maybe going into some ui design and define and implement creative solutions so that word define  really highlights that they want someone who will be very good at communicating clearly exactly what  the concepts are and why theyve been chosen so taking the insights from the research and being  able to clearly communicate and define what the new directions are if we continue to look down  here we also really see invest in building relationships and trust with stakeholders peers  and working groups this is where running workshops and being able to really clearly communicate and  present to other groups really comes into play a UX designer does not work alone and come up  with ideas alone they work with other people to to innovate and come up with ideas and then  need to also communicate the reasons behind those new ideas to other parts of the business  other stakeholders and even to customers as well now that weve looked at a big company lets look  at a smaller startup here we have a job posting from a company called Gorillas which is a grocery  food delivery service so lets scroll down and have a look at what the responsibilities are in  this role theyve listed here gather and evaluate user requirements which means user research in  collaboration with product managers and engineers which means that youll be working directly  with other people and guiding them through your UX process youll need to be very good at  communicating with people who arent UX designers then theyve also listed conceptualized  original ideas that bring simplicity and user friendliness this means creating sketches  creating digital concepts creating prototypes that really showcase the ideas that have come  out of the research that you did theyve also have listed here usability testing sessions  which is another type of research and testing working directly with customers to gather feedback  working with ui designers so again communicating collaborating with other parts of the business and  other team members and theyve specifically listed communicate your design ideas and prototypes to  developers so this role for this startup sounds like theyve really focused on a collaborative  team that works really well together so as a UX designer in this role youll need to bring your  teammates with you and share that UX design work with the rest of the team so if i was applying  for this job i would know that my communication and collaboration skills were high on the list of  values that theyre looking for if we look down a bit further theyve actually listed the traits  that theyd like the person that they hire to have they said a love of learning and a love of helping  others to grow so this again indicates that as a UX designer and especially in this role youll  be working a lot with lots of other people and need to thrive and love that environment the  other things theyve listed under traits are a sense of independence and ability to establish  structures and processes so this speaks to the amount of detailed work that youll need to do and  the ability to communicate those details to others here is also really important a passion for tech  with very close collaboration with both technical and non-technical stakeholders so again this  collaboration and communication skills are really key uh in this kind of role because other parts  of the business need to be on board with the decisions that come out of your UX work so that  was a job description from a small startup now lets look at a mid-sized company so were looking  at a job posting from Carhartt which is a clothing workwear manufacturer and this is interesting  because almost any company in the world even if theyre not primarily digitally focused  still have need for UX designers so you know not to limit where youre looking for these  kind of roles if we look closely at this role the responsibilities that theyve listed  so UX and design and here they have listed for websites apps online shops newsletters and  social media so even though the primary product of that company is not digital not software  based they still have all of these things websites apps online shops and use social media  and theyre the things that they need UX designers for we can see here that theyve listed a  lot of the same kinds of things as the other job descriptions and the second item in the list  is working within internal and external teams so again this communication and collaboration  aspect which is really high on that list of necessary UX skills is really important for them  as well then on to the more technical aspects of what you will be doing you would be improving the  features and develop new products in close contact with relevant stakeholders so features on those  websites apps on the online stores how can people interact better with their website with their  store so youll really be creating those features and theyve said here as well co-create page  and template designs for mobile and desktop so you can see here you probably will be doing a lot  of wireframing a lot of concept designs a lot of creating the structure of how their website looks  the structure of how their pages work when people will click on their website and go to another page  what will that page look like how many pages are there whats the structure of all of the pages  in their website so i know if i would be applying for this job i would be doing a lot of detailed  more technical UX work creating site maps and hierarchies of all the pages in their website  and how they fit together and flow together and how a user would step through them so i  can see from this job uh posting that this is a more detailed technical UX designer role and  looking at the profile of the person that theyre trying to hire we can see again theyve stated  they want someone who is communicative and an adaptive team player so knowing youll be working  with lots of other people and lots of other teams which is very normal for a UX designer and someone  who has a hands-on mentality which indicates that theres lots of detailed work and theyll need  someone to dive right in and take on that work theyre looking for someone whos got experience  in digital and UX and theyre stating this because there are other types of UX designers that dont  do digital work and they also need someone who understands the technical aspects of designing for  web so they wont be expecting you to know how to do web design how to write the code to design  a web page but they want someone who knows how to speak the language of developers because  this person will be working with developers it sounds like every day and collaborate  all the time between the development team understanding what the UX designer is doing and  the UX designer understanding how the developers work and what they need okay so that was a job  description from Carhartt which is a mid-sized clothing company so hopefully you can see that  some of the things weve mentioned earlier in this video the skills and attributes and  qualities that you need to have as a UX designer will come up again and again in any UX designer  job descriptions you look at online so hopefully this video has given you a clear idea of what  UX designer actually does every day and some of the important skills and attributes that youll  need to have if you want to apply for a job as a UX designer so if this sounds interesting to you  and youre thinking about becoming a UX designer career foundry has a great free short course that  you can access in the link below its six daily lessons that take 15 minutes to complete and itll  give you a much better idea if UX design is right for you if you have any questions about any of the  skills or responsibilities of a UX designer that ive mentioned in this video please ask a question  in the comments below and well get back to you as soon as we can if youve enjoyed this video please  give it a like and subscribe to the career foundry channel and hit that bell so that you can get  more notifications about videos just like this thank you so much for watching i hope you  enjoyed this video and well see you again soon its starting are you ready  guys are you ready for today 10 minutes yeah i want to say ask me questions it always seems to end keep  going keep going oh right okay

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