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Whats up guys? My name is Patricia Reiners and I am an Innovation Designer from Berlin I am a former Adobe Creative resident! I am focussing on the future, new technologies and started a podcast about the future of UX And I am also sharing content about he future on Instagram @ux.patricia and on twitter @ux_patricia In my life: everything is around the future! We are about to start a new year which is 2021 2020 has been challenging for all of us I think! I decided to make a video about the top 10 UX trends for the upcoming,ing year 2021 Everything you as designer need to keep an eye on Lets get started with the first trend which are "super apps" what are super apps? how do we use our apps right now? most of the times we have one app and one purpose so if we have whatsapp the purpose:messenger app and multipurpose have multi purposes and multiple goals one of the most famous examples is WeChat we know WeChat or even Alipay from Asia! There those super apps are super famous They combine different purposes in one app We chat combine for example social media, banking app, travel app, food ordering, shopping app etc. All those things in one app the advance is that people stay longer in the app and the longer they stay in the app the more money the company actually makes. Loyalty can be moneratized we have seen mostly in Asia but they are combine to the western countries as well On great example is the app they just launched in the US and combine different areas and this app combines different purposes: food ordering shopping etc. and what they do so well is not overloading the interface with a lot of content they only provide the information the user really asks for this is really exciting because this is where we are all heading to this is really our task as ux designers: how to guide the user and not overwhelm them with a lot of content we can say that 2020 changes the way we think, the play and work. so, basically everything in our lives 2021 will be the year when we finally have a vaccine for COVID and can go back to normal the question is if we can go back to normal or do we even want to go back to normal most companies have notices that remote work doesnt lack efficiency we started with remote workshops, remote meetings. People used to fly to another city, country just for meeting we are doing remotely now the whole thing actually swifted and a lot of things are digital now and the will stay like this in the long term a lot of things are going to be digital: workshops, meetings, events etc.

and we need to figure out how to create meaningful experiences this is also interesting for everything that is not work related like shopping and the whole event industry digitally you cant go to a store and ask for help! So, we need to find ways to do this online we need to figure out how to help the user with the right content that is helpful a great way to do that is to integrate a lot of live and on-demand-content in form of videos is integrated for virtuell doctor appointments for example. We need to keep an eye out for this trend people are going to stay at home and we need to engage with them at some point with interactive content, on-demand video content and also live content Number 3 is personalisation and this comes with all the advantages of AI, Artificial Intelligence and all the data from the user the data helps AI to become better and learn about the user and predict certain user decisions this is interesting in 2 ways: 1 recommending the right content for the user e.g. amazon: recommendation like "you might also like"... or Netflix, they are doing that super well and recommend movies based on your preferences the recommend content based on your input, the videos you liked, the videos you didnt liked, the movies you watched and they even personalise the thumbnails for the videos my thumbnails might look different when I really like the genre thriller and you like the genre comedy we think about new ways to integrate those options in your design decisions. when we design user flow: we can already think about the options what does"AI" mean? because we need to define that actually happens we as UX designer need to think about it and talk about the possibilities here the second part is about personalised interfaces. Right now we have a lot of interfaces with a lot of content But user doesnt use all features all the time how can adjustable interfaces look like? this is also a huge future topic focus more in what does the user really need and reduce complexity of interfaces Alternative in- and outputs! this trend got a huge push from the pandemic people didnt want to touch , especially public interfaces because they dont know if there might be virus or bacterias etc. on it the whole perception on touching things has changed, what could be alternatives? could be voice design or gesture voice design has been a trend for the last couple of years already and we as designers can integrate that in our service gesture is also super interesting. Especially if you have a tiny screen and your eyes are busy of during driving or cooking when your eyes are busy. Here is a really great example there are still some challenges but its a great way to integrate that in your in your service as an alternative inout field pint number 5 and this is my favourite topic, people who are following me in instagram know this: Augmented Reality 2021 will be the year when Facebook will release smart glasses and I am super excited about it Facebook announced tat they will release consumer friendly smart glasses in 2021 open the market to consumer AR products will help us designers to experiment right now its still a challenge to prototype and test AR designs Facebook is doing a lot of research on the topic and they have a huge team working on it and apple does the same we dont know much and there are a lot of rumours about whats going on but we can be excited But I cant wait and see more AR designs. This is a huge future trend! one of the worst trends 2020 was the neomorphism trend. We have probably heard about it . although it looked very beautiful I loved the style but the usability is not the best here.

I havent seen it implemented anywhere in real life only on dribbble this trend showed that we need something new, something fresh and a new design style because we are using flat design for the last 10 years we need something new, and fresh, maybe something inspired from nature. I think neomorphism looks a bit like an interface from the show It is very calming. 2021 will be the year when we start to rethink certain design aesthetics new ideas about design that looks great but is also usable all those discussions last year helped to raise awareness about more §D elements in interfaces the only is: experiment but still focus in the usability part the industry is ready for some new design elements this trend leads us to the next trend: trend number 6 3d will be one of the biggest design trends for the year 2021 and I am not only talking about 3D content which are 3D illustrations, animations oder visuals but also interface and website design elements with all the advantages of webxr and the whole hardware sector his enables us to create amazing 3D elements and websites where we can navigate through the content and engage with it not only for educational content but basically for almost everything that happens online right now because of COVID we are going to physical store anymore but rather do that online especially thinking about the e-commerce sector, if you want to buy a coach or other items and already see them in 3D this leads us to trend number 7 which is animations and mircrointeractions. Using interactive elements helps to guide the user through the content and focus on whats important Microinteractions: I am thinking about status or reloading and that also helps you stand out as a brand or as a product design trend number 8 is an interesting one because I think we all realized that many websites and app look the same, might be because of conversation rate optimisation and companies being scared of taking risks. But branding is important and you need to stand out there and we are going to see a lot of unorthodox design decisions interesting scrolling, animations and colors choices but of course, always focus on the user and through testing you will find out if our idea really works out the human being, the user should always be in the center of the design process trend number 9 and this is probably one of the most important ones.

design responsibility. and we have design responsibility, 2020 made that pretty obvious a lot of things happened 2020 like BLM, the election in the US etc.

many of those topics git a huge push through social networks designers had the respoibility to decide on how to provide and share content and information this also really help me to learn how to liste and rethink the ways we used to design especially during the BLM movement sharing information on social networks is not always easy. Because a lot of people share fake news especially twitter had a lot of problems with face news twitter introduced content analysis they did a huge step in the right direction and I think besides all the social media issues and sharing difficult content its also important for us to make sure to that the content we are sharing is true this is a big challenge and will a big discussion 2021 everything around ethics the second part is around ethical design and design responsibility when it comes to the use of data and AI to put the human being in the center of the design process and to make sure that we are really creating valuable solutions for the user thinking about social media addictions and all those things dark patterns and tricking the user to do things he doesnt really want to do so we should take a step back and think about what we actually want to achieve here 2020 helps us to realized what is important and to really speak up as a designer trends number 10 is behavioural research. 2020 has been the year when a lot of companies focus on new ways companies decided to create digital solutions and put a lot of effort in moving online this is the only way form now on and because of all the things that are coming up, new technologies like AR/VR a lot of research needs to be done. A lot of basic research where we really learn about the behaviour what is the best research method and what are the users needs and goals and how can we help the user to achieve their goals and sometimes also rethink old design ideas to come up with better solution, more personalised 2021 will be the year when we rethink certain design patters thank you so much for watching. I hope this was helpful dont forget to like and subscript. I am planning a lot of really cool videos for 2021 everything around design, the future and user experience thanks for watching! :)

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