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hi designers welcome back to the channel if youre here its probably because you want to have a better sense of how much designers are making in 2021 and this is actually what we will find out today we will look at over 100 salaries from all over the world to understand whats the job market situation for designers at any stages of their career at the end of this video i will also give you some tips on how to land a job opportunity negotiate your salary and increase your worth as a designer so make sure to stick to the end i made the same video in 2020 a really popular one so i thought lets do another one again and we start with even more salaries the reason i really want to talk about money today is the majority of us are scared to ask what we deserve because talking about money does make us uncomfortable but why it has to be this way well in my opinion one is because we dont have anyone else to compare with them so we dont really know what we deserve until its too late two we are afraid to lose job opportunities if we are too expensive and three we think that more money means more risks responsibilities and and stress as well which is not what we really want but i really believe that transparency is trust especially in the workplace and i also believe that your transparency will give other designers a better sense of what to expect when getting a design job offer but before we get into the topic please do not take the exact salary numbers to heart everyone has a different career path so do not take their experiences as benchmarks remember that your salary doesnt define your worth as a designer if your peers get paid twice more than you that doesnt necessarily mean they are better than you maybe they live in a more expensive area or theyre more experienced than you or maybe they have negotiated for a higher salary but before we dive into the topic this video is powered by ux meter a tool better like tinder allows you to find the hottest website design in your town here you could rate as well as compare websites design in a so-called design handoff say figmas website versus sketch website and see which one was rated better and why i not only rate websites but i also use it as a sort of inspiration for my web design projects you can find the link in the description so go and check ux meter and now lets go back to our video this time i decided to split the video into three parts in the first part were gonna look at the percentage breakdown of each question in the second part were gonna look at 20 design salaries that ive randomly selected from the list and in the third part were gonna dive deep into the data to determine the average salary based on job title level company size and more now lets take a closer look at the google form the first question is what is your job title and we can clearly see that the majority are product and ux designers but also ux managers and researchers there are a few other job titles as well and i think here its really nice to see you know like more variety the second question is about the level most of you are senior and meet designers followed by juniors the most common type of employment is in-house followed by agency and only a small percentage is freelancing i think its pretty common in the tech industry to see more in-house designers but if we were looking at graphic or motion designers for example i think that this percentage could be really different to answer the question whats your company size there isnt much difference between them i would have guessed not many people work at large companies but this is actually pretty high then surprise surprise only 15 designers work from an office full time i think this number could be really different if the whole pandemic thing didnt happen but you know its really nice to see that more and more people have the option to work from home a few days a week but now lets take a closer look at some of these salaries now because i had over 100 designers ive decided to select only 20 salaries but if you want to see them all im gonna put them at the end of the video if youre one of them thank you very much for your support but if you missed the deadline dont worry there will be more videos like this in the future so make sure to subscribe to the channel or follow me on instagram or twitter for updates lets start off with pj a junior produce designer who works remotely in manila the philippines capital earning nineteen thousand dollars in something per year next on the list is ava a design leader from cairo egypt working at a small company and earning 11 000 dollars and something per year we have christine a ux manager in new york her salary is 128 000 dollars per year lets move on to serena from milan shes a junior uiux designer working in-house and her salary is 20 000 dollars per year jay is a mid-weight ui ux designer in stockholm sweden earning around 16 000 dollars per year raphael is another ui ux designer in paris and his salary is around 43 000 dollars per year we also have a senior marketing designer megan shes in west palm beach usa and her salary is 80 000 dollars per year hannah is a produce designer product design intern in toronto her salary is around 47 000 dollars per year and now think about how much money she could be earning if she stays at the same company kaushik is a junior product designer in bangalore india making around sixteen thousand dollars per year pekka is a senior uiux designer in finland earning around 68 000 dollars per year then its miguel from germany hes a junior ux designer at an agency his salary is around forty eight thousand dollars per year adam is a senior product designer in dubai working at a big tech company and his salary is 133 000 dollars per year b is amid the ui ux designer in amsterdam working at a small company and earning around 39 000 dollars per year anton is also on a similar salary and hes based in krakow poland and he makes around thirty seven thousand dollars per year now chad is a senior ux designer from mumbai making around 29 000 dollars per year then kathleen is a mid-weight product designer in yasi romania he earns around 28 000 dollars per year femkem is a senior product designer in toronto and she makes around 112 000 dollars per year working remotely julie is an interaction designer in new york and she earns 125 24 000 dollars per year then we have a tom a freelancer web designer and he makes 135 000 dollars per year working from chicago and the last designer is from brighton uk because this is where i live shes cathy and shes a junior ux designer earning 32 000 dollars and some drink per year now i also look at the average salary to get more insights into what can make a salary higher just remember to take it with a pinch of salt because the percentage of designers who took part in the survey is not balanced for example we can see that ux managers earn more than product designers but thats because there are less ux managers than product designers design leads and senior designers at the same level which means that you know maybe the job title doesnt really make the difference but if we look at the company size we can clearly see that designers work at big companies earn more which is a factor you might want to consider if you know your goal is to make more money i know many designers work at small companies or startups that make more money than others who work at giant companies so i dont think you should take this as the only rule also designers have a work from home full-time earn more money than their peers work from the office i dont really know why but if you think you have the answer let me know it in the comments because i would love to hear your thoughts on it also this data is really interesting because it shows that you could be earning more money if you become a contractor a consultant or a freelancer now before we wrap up ive got a few tips for you this part of the video is powered by the designers toolbox we have recently launched a book called the ux job handbook to help you land your first job as a ux designer the book covers tips tricks and tutorials on how to write a cover letter create your portfolio and ace your next job interview you can buy it for yourself or even for a friend ill leave a link in the description so make sure to check it out but now lets start with our tips number one always consider the cost of living versus the salary you might get as you saw theres a big difference between salaries from all over the world however the same goes with expenses if you subtract gas electricities and other costs the remaining is the money you can use for fun activities and that number is more important than the height of your salary number two look for a role in a certain industry or design field first im talking about ui ux visual and product design pick that one first becoming a senior lead or manager will come with time and you can do that in any design field number three how about negotiations add 10 percent to the salary you want and when you start negotiating add another 10 percent these talks tend to end with something in the middle so if you start high you have more chances of getting the salary you want number four one final tip is to see things in perspective money is not everything is that 10 percent extra salary worth if you cant sleep at night i dont believe so always go for mental health first and thats it really thank you very much for your time i really hope it was somehow helpful or fun to have an insight on other designer salaries but now i would love to hear your thoughts do you think its beneficial for everyone to get comfortable discussing salaries or we should keep it to ourselves let me know your responses in the comments so thank you very much for watching and ill see you next time ciao [Music] you

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