What Is UX Design? - An Introduction (2021)

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Hey in this video youre going  to find out what UX design actually is were going to share some  practical examples of good UX design and bad UX design define what it really is  and what it looks like in the real world my name is Dee, and ive worked as a UX designer  for over 12 years im going to share some personal insights and stories and real examples of good and  bad UX design from my experience in the industry before we get started while youre watching this  video if you have any questions about the terms or examples i use please put them in the comments  below and well answer them as soon as possible Lets start with talking about what UX design  actually is UX stands for user experience and the wikipedia definition of design is to plan  the construction of an object activity or process basically how something looks and works so  UX design or user experience design is to plan how something looks and works to make  the activity of using it easy and enjoyable there are three main factors in UX design first  it must meet the users needs it must also be easy to use and easy to learn and it must give the  user control and freedom and as an added bonus it should also surprise and delight lets look at  these in a bit more detail the first factor is meeting the users needs this mean that whatever  the user came to do using your product or service you must make sure that theyre able to  achieve that outcome as an example in an online food delivery service the user has come  to get food delivered within a certain time so simply put this first factor means that you  deliver on those needs and the person gets the food on time to their house the second factor  is that your product or service is easy to use and easy to learn going back to the food delivery  example this means that you would find it easy to browse and find the food you want put in your  address specify the time and complete the order and the easy to learn part means that even  if youve never used this service before you know exactly what to do and its just as  easy as though youve done it 100 times the third factor is that the user should always have  control and freedom in the process in the food delivery example again this means that they could  change their mind about the food or even cancel or reschedule during the process and the added  bonus factor number four surprise and delight in the food delivery example this might mean  getting a free voucher for your next order or that the delivery person greets you with a  warm smile and a thank you for using their service something that really makes you feel  special and want to use that product again.

The core of UX design is  that its all about the user products that dont have good UX design arent  taking the users needs into consideration taking into account the users needs and  motivation and giving them a great user experience leads to more exciting and valuable products and  services the reason why businesses all over the world are starting to realize the value of  UX design is because when you give users a good experience theyre more likely to share and  come back and use your service again and again weve been talking about good UX design and bad  UX design but what does that really look like in the real world to put this in a context were all  familiar with think about microwaves when was the last time you were at someone elses house and  tried to use their microwave and couldnt quite figure out exactly what you needed to do think  about all the different ways you can interact with microwaves there are buttons and dials and  knobs and digital screens and it can be hard to figure out how to achieve the simple task of  heating food when you dont know exactly how to use the device thats in front of you this is  what were talking about when we say bad UX design conversely lets look at an example of good UX  design take the humble toaster its simple function is to heat bread into toast just the way you  like it making toast is a really simple activity but it can be an imperfect eye when the bread  isnt toasted quite enough you usually need to guess how long to put it back in for this is where  great UX design comes in where the UX designer has understood the frustrations and needs of the  user and invented a button called just a bit more this removes the element of guesswork for the user  and creates a delightfully successful experience Don Norman is one of the founding figures of  UX design and he also shares a great example of good versus bad UX design indoors think of  how many times youve tried to open a door only to realize you are pushing or pulling in the  wrong direction most people blame themselves when this happens thinking that they should have  known which way to push or pull the door but UX design tells us that this isnt the users fault  its the fault of the person who designed the door if a door has a handle that you can grab its  telling the user that its meant to be pulled but what we find is that some doors have  a handle even when theyre supposed to be pushed these doors are called Norman Doors  because Don Norman first coined the term when using these doors as an example of bad  UX design if we were to apply good UX design to a door we would first assess whether the  door was supposed to open inwards or outwards and then give the user the correct mechanism  to perform the right action its frustrating for people when we try and open a door only  to realize that were doing it the wrong way but when businesses have websites and digital  products and their users dont know what to do or how to achieve their goals it can have a huge  negative business impact thats why UX design is such a lucrative and in-demand career path at the  moment now youve heard some examples from me id love to hear in the comments what experiences  of bad UX design youve had in the real world lets look at some of the steps that  are involved in UX design typically there are five fundamental steps which are  understand analyze ideate validate and iterate well cover these steps in more detail in  future videos but to go through them quickly understand is about understanding the users  needs motivations and goals analyze is about interpreting data and research into a clear  direction id8 involves generating ideas and finding ways to solve users problems validate  is the step where UX designers test their new ideas with real people and iterate is  where the UX designer goes back through these stages and continuously improves and  develops a product or service over time So lets look at some of the things a UX designer  does day to day to tie it back to the five steps i just mentioned in the understand stage a UX  designer will conduct research and interviews to really dig in and understand the frustrations and  motivations in a users behavior in the analyze stage they formulate data derive insights and  assess patterns and trends in the ideate stage theyll start turning those insights into concepts  and often bring other people in to work with them to generate ideas in the validate stage theyll  create prototypes to quickly test their ideas and run experiments with real users and  customers the iterate stage is more of a mindset where theyll go back and repeat these stages in  a cycle in order to have continuous improvement so hopefully ive given you a better understanding  of what UX design actually is its an incredibly creative and rewarding profession that allows you  to improve the lives and experience of real people if you have any questions about the  terms definitions or stories ive shared please ask a question in the comments below  and well get back to you as soon as possible i hope youve enjoyed this video if you have  give it a like and subscribe to this channel and dont forget the bell to see more videos  like this every week if you want to get into UX design you can sign up for career foundrys  free short course youll receive six daily lessons that take around 15 minutes to complete  and youll have a better understanding if UX is the right choice for you you can sign up for  free the link is in the description below thank you so much for watching i hope youve  enjoyed this video and ill see you again soon so i feel like a newscaster right now lets  take a look behind the scenes over to you bob thanks bob now were back Don Norman no man norman norman norman

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