These 6 MISTAKES Will Get YOUR Amazon KDP Account DELETED

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I am gonna tell you 6 common mistakes that a lot of Low content publishers do that can make your Amazon KDP Account DELETED which means all that time and effort that you put on your books, gone!! And potentially amazon can ban you from creating a new account.

So pay attention to all of the things that I am mentioning in this video.

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OK lets dive in.

so I did a bit of research and based on the messages I’m gettening and the trend I see on the internet there are 6 main reason why Amazon terminates an amazon account The first thing that unfortunately is very common and tons of publishers are doing is duplicate content: At first glance this could be really obvious and you might say you already know you shouldn’t be using some other books interior for your book but in reality the subject is more complicated than this I always divide books in three different categories: first we have no content books like drawing notebooks that have no content just a plain white page all through the book in these kind of books you can add small things like maybe page number, date place or some quotes in each page to avoid duplication.

it’s also advised to include a couple of introductory pages in the beginning of the book.

The second category is low content books like coloring books.

They are obviously more complicated if you create your own designs youre safe and secure.

Just make sure youre not selling the same interior with different covers since based on the amazon guideline this will consider bad customer experience and can result in termination.

But what if youre using materials you downloaded or bought from someone else like creative fabrica or fiverr well in these cases make sure you mix and match and give your own touch to them to prevent getting flagged as duplicate.

The last category is books with content like a novel in these kinds of books if your using private label rights also known as white label content you need to rewrite and create a unique text based on that you can’t just copy and paste the content to a book that against creates bad CX experience which amazon hats 2.OK moving on to the second reason which is kinda similar is using duplicate covers.

Lets say you are creating a password logbook and you came across this book with 3543 reviews.

Its obviously a successful book and obviously customers like the cover and interior or maybe the title and descriptions are really on point so you decide to create a similar looking book with some changes.

Like this author that obviously attempted to copy the interior and also the title and description, if your final design looks like this with this much of similarity it’s just a matter of time to get that unwelcomed letter from amazon.

The problem is if you run an ad on this book and bring it to the first page now we have two very similar looking log books one almost 2 box chiper so guess which customers will click on most likely the cheaper one.

I also like to show you the section for covers on amazon guidelines.

As you can see very clearly states: “Covers that may be misleading because they closely resemble another book’s layout, color scheme, fonts, and/or images aren’t allowed” . By the way, Im gonna leave the link for this guideline in the description below.

Check that out.

So the first two reasons were mainly things that are under your control and with a search on google you can easily avoid them but as we go further things get more complicated and out of control but dont worry there is not thing that you can’t handle.

So make sure you give extra attention to the rest of them.

3.OK, back to the list next one is a duplicate account.

So this can happen on purpose or believe it or not happen by accident.

I’m gonna explain it in a sec.

So why would someone open a second account in purpose lets say for any reason your account was blocked and terminated by Amazon if you try to open a new account to trick Amazon and start selling your book again it’s just a matter of time before Amazon catches the second account so if for any reason your account was closed dont try to open another one there are plenty other options out there to run your business and start fresh.

Another example is when new authors think if you want to publish your book under a different author name you need to make another account.

So they will open a new account with a similar name or maybe a different one and boom! In a few days both of the accounts will be blocked due to duplicate accounts.

Remember you can use different pen names for your book you only need one KDP account and never ever open a second account.

While we are on the subject, if someone else, like maybe a friend or family member, asked you to open an account on their behalf politely decline since it can cause closure and termination of your account too.

But how do you open a new account without knowing?! Well amazon uses different tools to catch duplicate accounts and one of the things they are looking for is multiple accounts from the same IP so if youre in a dorm or in a house where multiple people have KDP accounts your account might get flagged as duplicate.


Our fourth mistake is to take advantage of Amazon algorithm.

If you’ve been in business log enough You may already know that Amazon gives a small boost to newly published books during the 1st month of publishing to test its performance so if you try to increase your sales by unpublishing and publishing your book multiple times to take advantage of that boost you can expect a termination email from Amazon in your inbox any day! Amazon is changing and improving it’s algorithm to improve CX experience so this feature can change or removed in near future but in general if you found a loophole in there system dont try to exploit it Everything we said so far can cause account termination but none of them can cause as much trouble as the last two since you can get criminally charged and can cause hefty fines and even jail time! So what are these wicked mistakes that can cause criminal charges? 5.OK moving on, the next one is COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.

OK this one is dead serious if you try to make money out of others intellectual property, not only will your account be closed you may also face criminal charges.

I dont want to sound scary but be very cautious and smart about these thing and avoid using any brand logos, names, symbols designs or anything that’s a copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secret at all if your using a photo or materials you download from website make sure they are not copyright or trademark and they are allowed for commercial usage.

So so the obvious ones are for example you cant name your book disney princess coloring book or put baby yoda on your cover.but there are times that COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT is not that obvious for example if your using a supposedly free image on your book but in fact the image was a copyrighted image and you didnt know If youre using an image from pexels or pixabay make sure to search it on google first to see if anyone else is selling the same photo’s licence on a different website.

If so contact the owner to let them know about the situation and dont use that image at your book unless you get the owners consent 6.alright the fourth reason is when you use a famous name or a misleading name for your pen name most of the time Amazon with let you know on review process that you need to change it but if they miss it somehow and the name is reported your account can be banned let say you use a famous athletes name as your pen name and write a book about sport some customer may buy the book just because they think this book was written by that famous person so this will consider poor experience and can cause termination of your account smart thing is to make sure your search the name on google before using it in KDP.

Another example is when authors use a very similar name to their top competitors to increase the sales.

The rule of thumbs is to avoid anything that will be misunderstood as poor CX experience.

And also remember When it comes to publishing books on Amazon there are rules that we need to follow.

And since those rules are in place to protect authors like us its really important to make sure that you do stay up to date with the rules that Amazon has.

The points that I mentioned in this video are not all the mistakes that can lead to your account being terminated so because of that Im going to put some links down in the description for you that will go to the Amazon terms of service.

Now, if youre just getting started on Amazon low content publishing and you want to learn how to publish different types of low content books step-by-step click into this playlist down in the description, right now.

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Thank you so much for watching.

Ill see you next time.

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