The Five react to the medias double-standard on Biden and Trump getting COVID

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The Five react to the medias double-standard on Biden and Trump getting COVID - read the full article about React update, Web Development and from Fox News on Qualified.One
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hello everyone im judge jeanine pirro along with jessica tarlov joey jones kennedy and greg gutfeld its five oclock in new york city and this is the five [Music] let me start by apologizing my voice im feeling much better than i sound the president is doing better he slept well last night uh he ate his breakfast and lunch i fully he actually showed me his plate didnt ask about the menu but i did see an empty plate with crumbs oh my god president biden isolated and covered jail trying to project confidence that he is okay after catching the virus the presidents symptoms are improving after his first full day of taking the antiviral drug pexlovin but theres plenty of controversy the white house being questioned over why bidens doctor is not being allowed to talk directly to the american people things getting really testy in the briefing room over that one yes you have youve heard from the letter that is hearing directly from him were not playing telephone here youre hearing directly uh from the from the physician yes it is i mean thats that is hearing directly uh from in his words in his words you are hearing directly from dr oconnor as i read out but im answering your colleagues question here so give me the second to do that thank you and then theres the media we wish the president a speedy recovery unfortunately the press wasnt so gracious back when president trump got infected going into crowds uh unmasked and all the rest was sort of a brazen invitation for something like this to happen in large part its his own dereliction is um partly to blame for this he chose to handle this situation this way i look at this as a drunk driver who injured himself in a wreck and killed the oncoming sober driver donald trump has injured himself the treatment hes getting at taxpayer expense is privileged treatment it angered me he didnt take enough safe precautions to protect himself or others i think it would also be a good idea for him to come out and say look i have been wrong fast forward to now the media is singing a different tune and praising bidens maskless video explaining his cova diagnosis lets remember his predecessor took off his mask even though it was sort of in the period where he could have possibly infected other people he didnt want to talk about getting vaccinated at the white house president biden i suspect just in talking to white house officials is going to remind people yes i could get it which means you can get it which means we all have to be vigilant about this okay so what we have is a story of two presidents one being basically condemned its his fault he got covered uh and one being praised as a strong man whos coming through uh uh this this disease im gonna go to you greg you know when biden criticized trump he said he didnt take the necessary precautions to defend himself how can we expect him to defend the country now we saw biden he was in israel he was in saudi arabia he wasnt wearing a mask yeah the big difference between joe and donald is donald is not a super spreader you know he was a germaphobe before it was cool right and he never shook hands with anybody anybody until he had to run for president and then he had to do it meanwhile joe biden invades everyones personal space he has no id hes like russia hes like a personal russia plundering ukraine but its your personal space you saw how many people he touched i mean hes spreading so much virus hunter biden is jealous also we got to point this out i love that that montage just to see the number of people who have obvious risk factors passing judgment on people if you are as obese as brian stelter you cant go on there and start criticizing people about what theyre doing about their health and im glad the doctor said he finished his plate and i hope he went boom boom after but i dont question the diagnosis at all i just questioned the timing of it i mean first you had that wacko cancer gaffe from two days ago right in which the media rushed to the defense oh no he had skin cancer thats not what were talking about were talking about the fact that he said he got cancer from oil and uh it made no sense but now you have polling that shows that hes less popular than getting punched in the face so there could be a reason for a lot of this that theyre just trying to hide him because thats the only thing that works and perhaps maybe to generate some sympathy next week theyre going to say you know he has fibroids because as you know men can get pregnant but you know the craziest part of it is is not so much that you know he said that that that he has cancer and they said yeah he had skin cancer he said it in the present tense i had cancer i dont say in the present tense and the white house having to go back kennedy and meet and say weve got to clarify this how can we trust a president who cant even say what tense hes in well i dont know that you can and i know jessicas supposed to be the democrat on the panel today but this president is miraculous we have not given him enough credit to overcome cancer and coven in a day i mean hes so healthy he ate a plate of food and he slept at night uh this is really wonderful i i just i i could have completely done a 180 on this president and i want to vote for him again and again and again i hope he runs in 30-28 thats how good he is yeah and thats how healthy is and hes going to last forever you know why we havent heard from his personal doctor reading a letter is not hearing from a doctor reading a letter is reading a letter because you cant ask a letter questions i have tried uh when the the former vice president dan quayle sent me a missive it would not answer back when i would talk to it thats one thing uh but the other thing is ronnie jackson thats why youre not hearing from his doctor ronnie jackson because if the press isnt totally hypocritical they are going to drill in so hard just like they did on the former presidents doctor okay so jessica ill let you answer that why did we have an epidemio epidemiologist yesterday answering questions about the president he works in the white house but hes not the presidents doctor why and why did you know it was very telling the way karine jean-pierre responded she was very rattled by the insistence that youre not being transparent youre not not letting us talk to a doctor id like to say first of all that kennedy violated the rules by stealing my talking points while i was getting my makeup done and coming out here and giving them yeah um i think that his personal physician should be made available i i think that if you did criticize the past guy for all these things you remember that dr bornstein who wrote that ridiculous letter that then it was admitted that trump dictated it himself set a better precedent its not the end of the world and people will ask questions im fairly con 99 certain that joe biden is in certainly much better health than president trump was just based on the fact that he exercises and you dont think golf is exercising jessica you offended our audience i dont think that i did i mean i watched a little golf last weekend they look pretty fit but theyre professional athletes versus just people hanging at their golf course you cant stop it okay the reason that the reason that the comparisons between bidens covet and trumps covet are quite clear and relevant to be making is donald trump got coveted before vaccines he got them before antivirals it was very risky there were reports that came out after thank god he got out of walter reed the people on his team were scared he was going to die he was that sick he also had before he got sick at the beginning of covid claimed it wasnt airborne when it was airborne and even once he did get vaccinated he didnt want to talk about it because so many people in his base werent for it there was booing at a rally about getting vaccinated he did not treat kovid nearly as seriously as president biden did im not taking away credit for operation warp speech but this was a bad attitude this is a man who went to the hospital because he was that sick and then insisted that the secret service drive him out to his fans who were waiting for him while the man had a disease that has now killed over a million americans its a man to the people yes yes and you know what a gem and people love the man and they they wouldnt they would have taken his friends which is scary its a whole block but joey isnt it isnt it interesting how they can both be on a balcony ones a killer and ones a hero you know whats interesting to me is its so fun for democrats to to sharp shoot president trump in every action he made every word he said how he got covet how he handled it they love to go back and rewrite history or at least re-examine president trumps actions on coven but you wont hear them criticizing anything about dr fauci or dr burks or never every single expert or every single expert that has been trumped out there and almost everything they said was proven wrong within six months eight months a year so for the experts that they enjoy its that hey it was a moving target we had to figure it out we didnt know that mask uh we didnt know that these types of masks didnt work when since then theyve admitted that they they really did that so that medical professionals could get them and regular people wouldnt go buy them up and all these things you know everything from doctor from dr fauci probably funding to the research that helped lead to this and covering it up they dont want to re-examine any of that but they do want to re-examine how president trump got coveted and you know the sad fact that he didnt die from it i guess im not really sure dont do that i dont know you said it they didnt say youre not talking democrats do yeah hey sean hannity here hey click here to subscribe to fox news youtube page and catch our hottest interviews and most compelling analysis you will not get it anywhere else

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