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hey everyone welcome back to  its me ali im here again to walk you through wordpress diving in and in this tutorial what  were going to be looking at is themes were going to be under the appearance section im going  to be talking about themes like how to install a theme how to choose a theme how to get a theme  thats actually got some content on it so it looks like a website how to maybe add a page builder  later on into the theme so lets check all of this out lets come back down to our back office  our admin we want to go to appearance and under appearance depending on where youre at if you  click on appearance youll notice you have themes customize widgets menus backgrounds and theme  editor well be going through all of this over the next consecutive tutorials but for this tutorial  were just going to mainly be focusing on themes now for themes this is the 2021 so this is like  a latest update version of where im at at the moment you might be seeing this a few years later  so this might be 2023 but this is the bystander the default one at present of the theme that is  installed you also have other themes that come along with it you have the 2019 the 2020 these are  all built-in wordpress themes now what we can do eventually is well eventually delete out some of  these because we dont want to have lots and lots of themes when working with wordpress we really  want to make sure that everything is clean and tidy just you know makes websites faster its just  a nice way to organize making sure your admin and your back office of your wordpress is clean so you  can easily navigate so theres a few things that you can do if you lets say for example you dont  like these themes and you want to have another theme so you can go to add new and what this  will do is itll take you to the where all the themes are on inside of wordpress now all of these  themes are free or theyre freemium which means that theyre free to install but then therell be  some like you maybe have to pay for some plugins or some extra add-ons thats not all of them  thats just some of them but theyre all free to actually download and install youve got the  featured ones so these are the featured ones by wordpress you have the most popular ones popular  is based off how many times its been installed so astra is a very good theme well probably end  up installing that one astra i use as a starting theme framework to build a lot of my projects with  its a good theme and it comes with great stuff and it integrates very well with elementor ive  used hello a few times hello is real box standard skeleton type of framework which i like working  with a lot as well just because you know sometimes with these themes like which im going to show  you in a sec when we go to a place to buy themes sometimes they come pretty heavy like theyre  not always made all things are not always made to to be effective as websites like heavy on  the code really dirty behind the scenes you know theyve got so many plugins so many things  happening on them that sometimes i find its best that we start from scratch from something  completely clean which were going to be doing in the next course something like using  hello and then build our website from that websites more fast we add plugins as we want  things like that so for themes you can also upload your own theme so lets say you went to something  like sorry and you go to wordpress and youre just having  a look inside of here or what you can do is you can purchase these themes at present these are  the most popular themes the avada theme is quite big the seven multi plus ive used that one  before you get like multiple types of looks of websites inside of these so you can come to  something like um this ones good as well salient you can come to something like themeforest  come through find something that youre actually looking for and even thats something  youre looking for for a client purchase it and then install it now if you wanted to install it  then what you would do is you would come over to upload themes you would then choose choose file  and let me just quickly come out this and show you one thats actually on my desktop so this is a  theme from the forest i bought it ages ago i dont think um maybe ive used it once im not sure  but ive just downloaded it for this tutorial so what youll do is when you get it it will come  as a zip file you just double click on that in mac and what it will do is itll display all the  other zips it will display documentation which is really important explaining how to install these  themes how to add the plug on plugins how to maybe get licenses for certain parts of the theme so you  want to look at that but what were going to do is were going to install this yoga  okay so im going to come over to upload theme click on that choose file im going to go to  desktop where i have this folder and im going to go to yoga studio yoga and im going  to choose open and then once thats in youll see it there im just going to click install now this  might take a few seconds to actually bring it in and install okay so that has now installed it on  the um inside of wordpress we can live preview it we can activate it so for this ill just  activate it so you can see what that looks like so now inside of our appearance themes youll  notice now that we have a few we have an extra one we have the active it says here active this this  is how you know which theme youre actually using then you have your other ones here so in present  we actually have four different types of themes now after installing this theme to in order  to if i just show you what it actually looks like at the moment so if i refresh my screen  youll notice that it doesnt actually look like what it looks like on the picture you know so  these themes i come over here i find a theme and youll notice that you know they have a  certain look so they look sexy they have all the content in there they look like fully pre-built  websites you know so but when i come to mine at present it looks like its just like a skeleton  well theres a few few different reasons for that normally most themes they come with these demo  contents that you can actually install afterwards but sometimes once youve installed a theme what  it does is it displays some things that these also need to be inside and need to be installed first  these are basically plugins so i can go to begin install plugins and youll notice here theres  a massive list here of different plugins that they want me to install with this theme you  also have content so theyll basically create everything that will look identical to the demo  that so what you would need to do is you need to come in you can click on these click on install  apply and that will install all of those plugins now some of these plugins you might need  licenses for youd have to read the documentation some of them will be free included thats how they  get some of these themes they include lots of free plugins as well but again come back to the install  folder come back to the documentation you click on that and it will give you tell you all about the  documentation and how you install what you need to add things like that so thats one way that you  can do thats one way that i used to do a lot of lets say i had a plumbing client who wanted a  website created then what i would have done in the old days is i would have come over here grab  the theme that was similar to the plumbing website installed it made some edits and sold it to the  client thats the way that a lot of people whether they admit or not are basically creating  websites nowadays is theyre buying themes theyre getting clients two thousand three  thousand dollars theyre changing the theme and then theyre selling it to clients we all  have to in some sense unless youre developing from the core were all starting from a theme of  some sense like some sort of framework think of themes as a framework like the actual structure  of your website the way you can navigate it things like that thats what a theme is but over the  years what ive learned is that themes can be more of a headache than good and they can just  come so clustered and its just it can create more problems so what i learned over the years is  that we actually create our own from scratch and thats what youre going to be doing through  the next course is were going to be creating an actual wordpress website with no skills needed  from scratch using drag and drop page builders so thats how you install an external theme let  me just come back to themes youll also now notice that inside of the appearance you actually have  more things like header background theme options fonts colors this varies depending on what theme  you have some themes will give you more of this some themes you might only have like a a theme  options where you can manage it where you can this for example is the theme options for  this you can add certain stuff you can come in check things yes no and its a its a way of  managing your theme im going to come back to themes and im actually going to make uh this  one to be active again so im just going to click active on the 2021 and then to delete a theme  lets say you know what dont want that theme ive used it dont like it you just come into  the theme so you actually click on theme details come down the bottom you click delete you  click ok and youll notice that the themes been deleted and also the great thing is is all  of those other things have been deleted as well so thats one way another way that you can do it is  just coming into like i said before you come into actual wordpress and download your theme that way  so im going to come to popular and were going to actually install the astra one we could install  the hello one but i want to show you another way that you can do it through using the astra one  because astra one allows you with another plugin to actually have pre-built content and theyre  quite good websites theyre not heavily coded theyre not heavily thick in um dirty code so  im gonna click install its just gonna install that on and make that my theme this might take a  couple of seconds okay and then im just going to activate it so currently weve installed it now  i actually want to activate it because if i come to my current website youll still notice that  its the still 2021 look so i want to activate it now its activated if i come back itll look a  little bit different but again wheres all the content why is it not looking like what it did  on the box you know we got a header we got footer you can see its powered by astra so lets  come back to our admin and what we can do is we can go to something called plugins now  if were going to be weve done a previous tutorial on plugins itll be up in top of the  video here so if you want to learn more about installing plugins what to do with plugins  stuff like that just simply click that link for now were going to go to plugins im going  to add a new plugin and im going to choose astra should be starter theme or something let me  just start with astra yeah so its astra starter templates im just going to click on install  this is installing some content basically where we can make these astro websites look good at  present what weve done is weve installed the theme weve installed the framework but now what  were going to do is install the actual content of that website okay cool and it comes over  the next page comes back into the plugins page youll see here that its active and what that  means now is we can get this little link here that says c library we just simply click on c library  and inside of here it offers us some different types of page builder gutenberg is the built-in  wordpress one what were going to do is just add elementor because were going to be focusing  a lot in later tutorials using elementor so insider here they have the free ones and they also  have agency ones agency ones are paid ones so you can go to just click on all three and these are  just free website templates that you can install lets just anyone it doesnt really matter which  one lets just go with this one here online health coach going to click on that and youll notice  that it displays some of the different types of pages that come with it looking good once im like  do you know what i like this im going to install it then i come up to import complete site okay so  i want everything that comes with this i want the images i want everything so import complete site  so its asking me i need these two plugins now this particular one is its actually a bad  example this is like a coaching website which means learn dash and learn that course its  these built-in course systems so from for this particular thing i dont need that this is just  going to be an easy website so i can skip that uh delete previously imported site uh we havent  actually done one so we can leave that blank make sure you import and import content especially  make sure thats checked because that will import the actual look im going to choose import  its now installing plugins for elementor installing some more plugins headers and footers  importing content okay cool and it says hooray the websites imported successfully so we can click on  view site and now when we come over to our website youll now notice that it looks just like that  so we have a beautiful starter website thats actually using elementor but well talk about  that later and youll notice all the images are in all the placements are in theyve even got  different pages in here so when we go to about or contact these types of things youll notice  we have a contact section so this is a pre-built template but as you see its pretty simple to  do you just click a few buttons install a plugin and it will install a template just like that  for free doesnt cost you anything its free and when we close that down now and actually  come to our themes youll notice that the themes are now displayed as active this is the astra  and if we come to our plugins youll see that a few extra plugins have been added weve  got an elementor elementor header and footer and wp formlights which is included in the starter  package away this is a plugin that allows us to send contact forms things like that so thats  how you use the themes thats how you come under appearance themes you choose the theme  you want whether you buy one from external source like themeforest upload it do  the edits that way whether you come into site wordpress and install a free theme you know astro  is a really good starter if youre new to this because it comes with pre-looking websites that  you can just come in and edit the information or youre actually you know just starting with a  real standard uh simple one that you then start to update from that so theres many different types  of ways that you can bring themes in whether youre buying one whether youre getting a free  one whether youre uploading one or whether youre using the built-in one so i hope this tutorial  has been helpful for you subscribe to our youtube channel that would be awesome click the like  button if youre liking these videos also if you want to be notified on the next set of tutorials  or set of courses all the great content thats coming out just simply click that bell and i shall  see you guys and girls in the next tutorial laters

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