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VooFoo Studios Ltd is a leading independent video games studio based in Birmingham UK. Founded in 2007 VooFoo utilises their own world-class cutting-edge technology to develop critically acclaimed games on all platforms including Hustle Kings which received nominations for two highly coveted Develop Awards Backgammon Blitz Pure Chess Pure Pool and Pure Holdem. Following the release of their first self-published title the TIGA Games Industry Awards nominated top-down racer Mantis Burn Racing in 2016 VooFoo are set to release their second wholly-owned IP This Is Pool in 2019.

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Mark is the Technology Director owner and driving force behind VooFoo Studios which he set up in 2007. He wrote his first game at the age of 8 and his first commercial success was Max Rally on the Amiga. A mathematics and computer science graduate Mark has previously worked for Rage and Juice Games where his accomplishments include writing the physics engine for Ford Racing and graphics engine for Juiced and Juiced 2.

With eighteen years experience in the games industry sixteen of those as a first-party developer for Nintendo and Microsoft Shaun has worked on BAFTA award-winning games that have sold over 25 million copies worldwide. Shaun joined VooFoo in 2013 as Creative Director where he has helped launch Backgammon Blitz on multiple platforms as well as Fly Hunter Pure Pool and Pure Hold#39;em.

During his nine years at VooFoo Studios Sam has risen from Junior Artist to Art Director proving himself as a strong artist in both creative and technical fields. Sam has played a pivotal role in establishing VooFoos reputation for creating games with extremely high quality visuals as evidenced in games such as Pure Pool Pure Holdem and Backgammon Blitz.

Having previously led the launch of market-leading games franchises at Empire Interactive Disney and Bandai Namco Sean brings over 10 years of games marketing experience to VooFoo. Credited with developing engaging marketing campaigns across the full mix he has consistently delivered successful product strategies and strong commercial return across multiple platforms and territories.

Ben graduated from Teesside University in 2014 where he studied Computer Games Art. Having previously worked at Rockstar he joins VooFoo Studios as 3D Artist in his second role in the industry. Having already gained solid experience at a major games Developer Ben is enthusiastic about continuing to learn and contributing to VooFoos highly regarded graphics team.

Before joining VooFoo Thang worked at Rare Ltd on Banjo Kazooie: Nuts amp; Bolts and the BAFTA winning Kinect Sports game series where he was in charge of developing the party game mode and various expansions. Thangs interest in programming video games has seen him make many hobby games including a 2D dragon-ball styled fighting game and a top down view tank battle game on IPad.

A recent graduate of Computer Games Application Development from Abertay University in Dundee Kirsty moved from the North East of Scotland to become Junior Programmer at VooFoo. Having had a keen interest in video game development since high school Kirsty went on to University  where she worked on several award-winning projects – a level of achievement she hopes to replicate at VooFoo.

Having recently completed a BA (Hons) degree in Graphic Design amp; Illustration Tom has also taken a part time course training as an Artist and Animator. With a passion for games he takes up his role at VooFoo to fulfill a life-long ambition to work in the industry he loves where he will be working as a tester as well as contributing to art projects.

Adrian has been developing his skillset as a digital artist for over 10 years. He#39;s previously working in the feature film industry but his passion for playing games has turned into a passion for making games. He started at VooFoo Studios as a contractor making the cars for Mantis Burn Racing since then he joined the art team as a fulltime artist.

Josh recently completed A level studies in Media and Film and joins VooFoo with a passion for gaming and social media. Also holding the position of Press Officer for a semi-professional football team his role at VooFoo provides support across all our social support and community channels.

Manisha joins us after forging a successful career in retail management. She hopes to utilise and build on her existing business experience to help ensure that the studio runs smoothly and efficiently. Manisha is also completing a Law degree that is sure to equip her with many additional skills that will be of personal and professional benefit.

Tom recently graduated from the University of Bath with a Masters in Physics. The programming aspects of the course combined with a passion for computer games has led Tom to pursue the role of a computer games developer. To gain experience in the industry he has started working full time as a QA Tester.

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