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Our highest purpose is to enhance the businesses of our partners through the web and mobile app solutions we offer. We take pride in offering customized and creative solutions that take your business to the next level. We manage to deliver professional work in a timely manner by balancing our actions to address the needs of our clients and of our team. Everything we do is in line with our three core values:

1. Respect. The respect we hold for our clients is reflected in four simple and powerful ways:

2. Passion. We prove our enthusiasm by the diversity and the working simplicity of the solutions we provide.

3. Frequent and honest communication reflected by:


2004: Bogdan and Radu made their first jump together. Immersed in the world of technology and passionate about well-done work we decided to Jump to the next level together and provide holistic web design and web development services for Litera Publishing House our first client. Times flies both companies grew and changed a lot but our collaboration became even stronger and we are proud to work together even after this many years.

2007: eJump was officially launched. After a few years of independent and sometimes joint projects we celebrated eJump in its first rather modest office. Bootstrapping the business the first two and only eJumpers shared the rent of an office at the 7th floor of what you couldnt really call the fanciest building in the world. Nonetheless we made great projects happen there.

2008: our first big project together Soon after the launch a huge project (at that time) came our way. With 24 people involved we had to create and develop interactive content for a complex e-learning platform for Siveco (a leading Romanian software house) through Litera Publishing House. It was a fun and interesting challenge which catalyzed our growth and development as a business.

2009: the first eJumpers. When our big project ended some of our collaborators joined us on a permanent basis increasing our team to five members. It was a happy and productive crowd that grew bigger every year.

2013: revamped our office. We wanted to make our awesome office even more awesome so we added an aquarium and we revamped the kitchen to be a proper one with an espresso machine. We adorned the terrace with flowers and generally made the eJump working space more comfortable and inspiring. Nobody wants to go home anymore. Is this normal?

Also we became platinum members on 99designs. Our primary playground launched the „Platinum Members’ feature and we were among the first users to be hand-picked by the platform to be part of this special program based on our excellent track record (i.e. best ratio for contests we won).

2014: reached a team of 10 members. Our team is getting bigger by the year. In 2014 we celebrated our tenth team member with a total headcount of 3 web designers 5 developers and 2 managers. A big happy bunch but we dont plan to stop here.

We celebrated our first weekend retreat. The Great eJump. We planned an adventurous weekend and went camping in the nearby mountains and had a blast. After hard work comes hard fun.

June 2016: our team proudly launched our official website in a whole new light!  Some clients even shared their „Oh I want a website like yours!’ thoughts during our conversations. And we did. 



Summer 2017: made beer for the first time. Yup at the office. Heres the entire story behind the eJumpiness experiment a beer which refreshed our summer vacation at the seaside. Our guys and girls made it from scratch – from preparation to bottling and even labeling! 

We have started working on a funny and creative internal gamification system integrated in our management app Gandacel. Theres a lot of work on the entire concept designs content and the implementation of it so there will be a big blog announcement for it!


This year we also decided to take over the design and implementation work for a new pro bono project upgrader.biz – this is a platform aiming to strengthen and help the growing community of passionate and creative entrepreneurs in Romania.

Our crew got some great new allies which helped us deliver over 40 great amp; exciting projects. All of this of course while continuing to take care of our dear older projects.

Have you heard that saying: Aim for the stars!? Well we thought what better way to end the year than training for this? And we did so in our LogOut at Calibru9 we had a blast!

’Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ (Nelson Mandela). Indeed one can bring major changes through education and its probably the single most important investment of anyones time. And even though were a diverse team of geeks with different opinions we all agree on this: its worth taking on educational projects even or especially when they are pro-bono.

We all had the chance to receive an excellent education – whether it was formal or a lesson from colleagues friends or mentors. Other times we self-taught the skills we now use but that wouldnt have been possible without the support of certain people.

We want to give back and make the world a better place because were better together. And it is a really fulfilling feeling to work on something bigger than yourself especially when you have a wholehearted and skillful team that jumps at the opportunity of creating a project that helps something or someone. Were especially excited when that someone is a student a person who deserves to be treated with dignity or a community wanting the same real change for the better through entrepreneurial education. Were proud to have worked on projects like ’Hai la Olimpiada’ (in collaboration with eMag Foundation) Global Dignity Romania and Upgrader.’

You might think we are dreamers but we really believe that the power to change the world and make it a better place lies within us and especially in our actions. And were determined to do it little by little day by day.

Hi there! Hows work going along? Id love to meet you for a cup of tea and tell you the story of eJump and all about how it is relevant to you and your business. For now though Ill have to make do with written words. So here we go. I speak for myself and Radu my partner when I say I truly believe that great results come when you really love what you do. Thats when you put in the extra effort to do something amazing no matter the pay. It was never really verbalized between us but eJump was kind of born out of this belief. And it leads to all kinds of cool advantages for the client like for example really creative work. 

What fueled us all along? I always loved web design entrepreneurship marketing and customer service though I could not quite pinpoint it in the beginning. What I knew for sure is that some of the web design services out there could be improved A LOT. I always liked well-made things and wanted to help people do more on the web so I sought guidance in Radus company. Radu started his first company in 2004 to be able to program websites and mobile apps for his clients at a more customized level than in the company he previously worked for. He always loved IT and had the chance to experience the computer revolution at its beginning. He played with software and hardware in a way thats probably not possible anymore. In the process he became a complete and very skilled programmer. After working together for a while we reached a daunting conclusion: clients were paying too much for services that were not high-standard. That had to end really!

So we joined forces and started eJump and soon after a big project crystallized the direction eJump would follow. I would manage the design part and Radu the technical part.

The focus? Superb quality and high-end solutions for their projects no matter what. Everything that went out to the client had to be perfect to the best of our abilities.

The growth and the people. Since then weve focused heavily on improving our skills in the chosen domain. This made us stronger and better. And fortunately some other enthusiasts joined along the way believing in the same jump to the digital world we initially envisioned. They are now part of our team they prove ever increasing levels of expertise and share our passion for what we do. When you start working with us youll see we can do plenty of stuff (web design web development app development mobile apps and management tools hardcore programming projects). It seems to be a lot yet you get the feel that we really master each and every side of the project. And we do.

Our core belief: being transparent. Yes I know our story is not dramatic. We did not have a big realization or went through 20 years of working in a job we hated before realizing how entrepreneurship is our true call. We did however go through the thrills and frills of building a web design web development and mobile apps solutions company and experienced some tough times but thats just what every start-up does. Everything happened naturally and we organically bonded to create a company that offers excellent service. As time passed we found more passionate web designers web and mobile programmers and team leaders who are now the real power-engine behind eJump. They bring amazing skills to the table and we are continuously improving ourselves and growing.

The pillars of great work. What we care most about is to always keep and respect our core values:

Now that we opened our hearts how about that cup of tea to talk about how we can help your project? 






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