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IT Svit has a deep understanding of infrastructure design and how to run the Cloud effectively. Our DevOps team has successfully completed thousands of projects working with AWS, Google Cloud Platform and bare-metal. We make life easier by implementing:



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I am Ian a COO/CFO of a software development company from USA. We needed help with Python/Django back-end development for one of our projects. We found IT Svit on Clutch and were impressed by their technical background and positive reviews. Their developer was able to hit the ground running and completed all the tasks on time. We were very pleased with IT Svits project management and code quality as well as consistency and value of their work.


My company Inspiring Development provides consulting for banks and microfinance institutions worldwide. We required 24/7 server support with SLA coverage and some advice on the best ways to move from our bare metal servers to the cloud. IT Svit proposed several possible solutions helped to greatly improve the system performance and delivered second to none customer support service automating server monitoring backups and alerting. We are completely satisfied with their services.


I work for a Big Data analytics and Machine Learning provider and we needed to improve our cloud infrastructure performance. IT Svit was instrumental in building a robust infrastructure on AWS launching and configuring Apache Kafka Druid and Spinnaker moving our operations from Mesos to Kubernetes and are now delivering a reliable customer support. Their services resulted in a significant increase in operational performance and stability.


I am a CTO @ MICE a German B2B marketplace for events. We wanted to move our operations to another cloud platform improve the software delivery workflows and implement a bespoke cloud monitoring solution for our systems and environments. 

IT Svit executed the cloud migration and infrastructure optimization flawlessly greatly improving the cost-efficiency of the software delivery and time-to-market for new product features. They later moved on to implementing in-depth cloud monitoring and alerting system and we are very content with the results of this project.


I am Pierre a CTO of a cryptocurrency company from France. We needed some blockchain development done and required an infrastructure on AWS built as well as an implementation of a cloud monitoring service. We interviewed several contractors but IT Svit showed the most in-depth understanding and offered the best price. We were amazed by IT Svit teams technical skills all the tasks were accomplished promptly and the product was taken from an early-stage concept to a market-ready platform quite quickly.


My name is Artyom and I am a co-founder of a blockchain app developer from Belarus. We needed to create a robust customer loyalty solution for Shopify eCommerce stores. We found IT Svit by Clutch reviews and selected them among several possible variants due to their rich blockchain development expertise. IT Svit team provided quality code on time and according to specifications. I would also like to note the transparency and efficiency of project management and collaboration with IT Svit team.


My name is Ryan I am a Software Engineering Manager for PEC Safety from Louisiana USA. We required some expertise with building an AWS cloud infrastructure configuring ELK stack monitoring and doing some software development for us. IT Svit delivered the required AWS infrastructure configured the custom monitoring system based on ELK stack and accomplished the project on time.


I am Tim Founder amp; CEO @ investment company from New York. I wanted some talents to build me a cryptocurrency solution on Kubernetes with a high degree of automation and flexibility. IT Svit outlined the best ways to implement it and the most appropriate tool stack for the job. They used AWS features Kubernetes and Prometheus to rapidly deliver an MVP that soon began making revenue. I am most pleased with their skills and dedication to quality so they continue to develop the solution and provide the required technical support.


I am the CTO of Codeta an innovative online casino from Sweden. We required some help with front-end development of our React-based live casino app. It Svit helped to implement features like scorekeeping and suggested several other improvements that bolstered the numbers of new and returning customers. We are extremely satisfied with IT Svits work advice and attention to details throughout the project which lead to timely high-quality results.


My name is Shoin an I am CEO of Global Creations K.K. an IT services provider from Tokyo Japan. We required Python/Django Big Data AI and ML expertise to empower our back-end development for Hatch a mobile dating platform aimed at the Japanese market. We have interviewed several contractor teams and found IT Svit to be best-prepared. They delivered high-quality code on time and we are extremely happy with the project outcomes so now IT Svit provides ongoing development and support.

IT Svit started in 2005 as a group of friends who provided remote system administration services. Since then we grew to a team of 60+ software developers DevOps engineers and Big Data architects who provide end-to-end solutions for business projects of varying scope. More than 800 successful projects helped us gather ample expertise with solving various types of challenges as well as ready solutions for the most widespread challenges. This helps us shorten the time-to-market for our customer projects.

We believe that every business striving to introduce a great idea of product or service to the world must have every technical capability to do so. Our mission lies in providing high-quality and affordable cloud consulting and management services to help startups and companies of any size accomplish projects of any scope. We help the businesses leverage their strong sides and assist them with delivering great products and services to ensure positive end user experience.

The software and services of the 21st century must be personalized always up-to-date and available 24/7. The way to make it true is combining the DevOps methodology with the Big Data power predictive analytics and Machine Learning. We take our pride in leveraging 14+ years of experience in custom software development and delivering cloud services for providing top-notch products for financial analytics and marketing sectors.

One of our core values is transparency in communication and project workflows. We use our in-depth understanding of nooks and crannies of managed IT services to outline and implement the best solution for the customers requirements. What is even more important we know what customer NEEDS to have in order to get what he WANTS — and we can explain our decisions and validate the actions we make to deliver the results the customer expects. Professionalism openness polished workflows project management transparency regular reporting and rapid implementation of customer feedback are the core characteristics of all IT outsourcing projects we perform.

IT Svit main expertise lies with delivering managed DevOps services for AWS and GCP. However we have also gained a considerable expertise in various other aspects of IT services:

These are just the words to describe our workflows though. Our real expertise lies within the ability to build a reliable software development pipeline with the customers needs on top. You will be positively surprised with the ease of communications and our strict compliance with the terms and timeframes which results in timely delivery of the projects.

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