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About Concrete Internet Marketing SEO company in Minneapolis, United States

Concrete Internet Marketing was founded in 2015 by Jeremy Redlinger with the goal of providing affordable internet marketing services to entrepreneurs and small business’s alike. Our web design services are aimed to help entrepreneurs gain a stronghold i

Founded in 2015 by Jeremy Redlinger Concrete Internet Marketing is an internet marketing company based in Minneapolis MN.  The company was founded on one basic principle provide clients with concrete results that can be measured with data.

We believe in order to grow your online presence you must have data to make intelligent business decisions.  Therefore we utilize the best technology to collect the best data to ensure we can provide our clients with the information they need to move their online marketing efforts forward.


Our search engine optimization services are aimed to help small businesses drive organic traffic from search engines to their website.  Our Results Driven SEO service starts at just $200 per month for unlimited SEO services and increases incrementally bas