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The O Group is an independently owned branding and creative agency headquartered in New York City. Our focus from the beginning has been to reimagine how luxury brands are shaped. Many people can identify where luxury came from. Our mission is to help sha

The O Group is a strategic creative agency in New York City that specializes in uncovering unique brand capital for businesses interested in building relationships with a luxury lifestyle audience. We have spent the past 30 years hacking traditional agency models and have found a better way to build luxury and premium brands with actual purpose and meaning – allowing them to stand securely and far apart from trendy clones pop impersonators and shallow replicas. We do this by translating brand equity into useful and unique capital uncovering audience relevancy and developing holistic brand platforms that communicate with boldness and clarity. In short we inspire and guide luxury brands forward transforming Good into Great.

Charles Darwin had it right all along: to survive and thrive any species (or brand) needs to be adaptable to change. This process of change can be overwhelming but it doesnt have to be when approached with a methodology designed to reduce risk with a clear and tested road-map guiding the way forward. The O Group specializes in helping brands grow to their next stage in the evolutionary process including rebranding reimagining or refreshing. Whatever the dreams are for your brand we seek the most powerful ways to bring this vision into full consciousness and empower it with insightful strategies and unique creative assets.

We understand what a successful partnership takes to flourish because we have witnessed it firsthand over the past 25 years inside our own business. Orit and Daymon Bruck (O Groups partners and our CEO and CCO) have a rare relationship having stood the test of time and have seen it grow stronger and more rewarding over the years working together. Whats the secret? They credit a unified vision for success constant communication and having fun along the way as the top reasons their partnership (and every successful client relationship) has preformed at the highest levels and makes every day a joy working together.



We believe deeply in a new agency model: Ours. The main difference is our principles are always the chief project leads and continually client-facing assisted by a dedicated support staff – not the other way around as many of our fellow agencies currently operate. This means we take on fewer clients at any given time but those select clients get direct access to our two partners – veteran experts with decades of experience and industry insights. As a true boutique agency we believe in imparting the most value to our clients at every stage of a project and with each deliverable: embodying first-hand the defining principles of an authentic luxury experience.

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Our highly strategic and creative teams work collaboratively with every client. We have developed a proven, results-oriented process that insures success and delivers work that inspires.