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After spending 30 years in the software industry, Jay joined Optimizely to continue to accelerate the growth in the business by leveraging our industry-leading experimentation platform. Jay has a track record for scaling operations for world-class companies, such as Success Factors, Oracle, and Mercury Interactive.

Pete co-founded Optimizely with Dan Siroker in 2009 after spending the majority of his early career as a product manager at Google, launching the Google App Engine. In his role as co-founder, Pete is responsible for hiring and retaining top talent while creating a vision for customers that keeps Optimizely at the forefront of innovation. As well as sitting on the board of directions, Pete currently runs our global solutions engineering team, spending a lot of time helping customers and prospects use our technology to improve the way they build digital products.

Claire is the Chief Product Officer of Product Management at Optimizely. Previously, she was the CEO and co-founder of Experiment Engine which was acquired by Optimizely in 2017. Claire is an expert in high-velocity experimentation programs, product strategy and user experience, and a passionate advocate for women in technology.

Lawrence Bruhmuller joined Optimizely as CTO to lead the technology strategy and overall engineering organization. He previously held VP of Engineering roles at WeWork, ClearSlide, and Symantec (Vontu), taking on entire software engineering organizations and leading them into the next phase of growth. Lawrence holds a Bachelors in Mathematics and Engineering from Harvey Mudd College, and a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Claremont Graduate University. He lives in Oakland, California, with his wife Amy and their three daughters.

As Chief People Officer, Erin oversees Recruiting, People Ops, Real Estate and Workplace Operations at Optimizely. She has over 20 years of experience, including a decade leading Recruiting, Talent Development, and Employee Success at Salesforce. Erin received a BA in literature from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. When she’s not making Optimizely one of the best places to work, Erin also sits on the board of the Horizons Foundation.

Eric brings more than 25 years of experience building and leading global sales teams and developing successful go-to-market strategies for both private and public companies. As Chief Revenue Officer, Eric will be responsible for refining Optimizely’s global business development, sales, and partner alliance strategy in order to maximize revenue growth. He has decades of sales leadership experience, a strong track record of revenue growth accomplishment and proven success in transforming organizations as companies scale. Prior to joining Optimizely, Eric was the Chief Revenue Officer at Spredfast and Return Path. During his career, he also held senior roles at Nuance Communications, VirtuOz, and Rainmaker Systems.

As Optimizely’s CFO, Sean Deorsey is responsible for all company finances and planning. Since joining the company in 2015, he has been an instrumental figure in building Optimizely’s sustainable and growing business. Prior to joining Optimizely, Sean led the finance and accounting teams at Ubiquiti Networks including taking the company through its IPO in 2011. Sean also served as interim CFO for IGN through it’s going private sale to Great Hill Partners in 2003. Outside his life in technology, Sean served as a Sergeant with the United States Marine Corp and founded a hard cider company, which was acquired by MillerCoors.

Sebastiaan is in the software industry for 17 years and is responsible for Optimizely’s progress and execution in the EMEA region. Before joining Optimizely, Sebastiaan was responsible for the European Business at Exact software, a leader for cloud accounting and ERP solutions.

Jo Ann Sanders is VP of Product Marketing at Optimizely, and has over a decade of leadership experience in marketing and product management for top Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Adobe. Her expertise spans digital marketing, digital transformation, mobile, cloud, diversity and inclusion, and executive leadership.

Derrick joined Optimizely in 2018 as the company’s Vice President of Legal and Corporate Secretary. Derrick is a seasoned legal executive focused on helping high-growth technology companies mature and scale.

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