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We design & build custom websites for businesses and non-profits. We know that building a successful website means much more than creating an attractive design and turning that design into code. A successful website needs to communicate your brand and yo

Back in 2016 Gartner predicted that by 2020 people would be having more conversations with bots than with their spouses (yikes!). Whether thats come to pass or not the fact is that we are engaging with conversational artificial intelligence (AI) on a daily basis with our virtual assistants like Google Siri and Alexa. We ask them […]

As digital marketing guru Neil Patel says ’Pageviews dont pay the bills. Purchases do.’ If your website has a healthy amount of monthly traffic but conversions are low retargeting may be a viable strategy to reel back in some of that lost traffic. Heres how it works.   How Does Retargeting Work? Retargeting tracks visitors […]

We can all agree that 2020 has been quite a ride. As we turn the last corner of the year and head into the holiday shopping season its logical to assume that we will see an uptick in online shopping with many stores remaining closed and people remaining home. In fact Salesforce has been accurately […]

2015 was the first time that mobile search exceeded desktop searches. Since then weve watched the continued rise in smartphone ownership and mobile search. Whereas previously it might have been enough to have a website thats simply accessible across all devices; now its a priority to create a website thats truly mobile-first performing well and […]

In the first half of 2019 alone data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records. Website owners know that SSL certificates for online security are critical to protecting business and customer data from attackers but knowing what exactly you need can be confusing. Lets take a look at SSL certificates why you need them and an overview […]

Send us your questions and ideas for a chance to win one of 3 Google Home Minis Giveaway time! Its no secret that we love All-Things-Google here at PixelPeople. And we happen to have 3 Google Home Minis that we want to give away to our loyal customers and readers! So we want to know: […]

Finding cost-effective ways to market always makes good business sense. And especially in todays environment many companies have had to change the ways they operate tightening budgets and finding more creative ways to stay in front of customers. If this sounds familiar here are 8 ways you can continue marketing without a budget.   #1 […]

LaSalle St. Securities provides a suite of financial planning investment advisory and insurance services to a network of more than 200 independent reps and advisors throughout the country. They have been a well-respected name in their industry since 1974. LaSalle St.s business had grown significantly since their last website update more than six years prior. […]

With much of the country still under shelter-in-place orders and brick and mortar businesses shuttered it can be challenging for business owners to figure out how to support customers during this unprecedented time. Many in-person aspects of business have changed and weve had to quickly shift to the virtual world. For businesses still operating value-added […]

In our last post we took a look at how analytics can provide information about site performance. However knowing what is happening becomes even more valuable when you gain insight as to why it is happening. For example analytics may show a high bounce rate and an audit may reveal the problem is due to […]

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