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About RUBICON Design company in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

You#39;ve got the idea we#39;ve got the technical savvy. From software engineering to user experience testing we#39;re here to help you succeed. 

Founded in 2013 RUBICON began as a two friend project. Having extensive experience in the world of software development we were ready to establish our own company with our own rules. The past few years have been full of growth prosperity and lessons learned. From small startups to globally recognized companies we#39;ve coded through it all. 

We foster a positive work environment based on trust teamwork open-communication and last but not least - lots of laughs.

Our diverse team is composed of talented engineers designers and product owners. We maintain trustworthy relationships with one another making our communication honest and straightforward - in and out of work. We truly value the time that we spend together. After all we spend one-third of our lives at work so we may as well make it pleasurable.

We design and develop powerful software solutions transforming businesses big and small. From the decision making process to the final product we work through it all. We make products that our team clients and their consumers love. Trends and requirements change but were always up to date as every day is a new learning opportunity.

Quality software is our passion.

RUBICON is headquartered in Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina. We work with clients all across the globe.

We use the best possible tools and technology combined with our talented skills experience and Agile approach to deliver you high-quality services. 

These are the services we offer:

Software Development

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Meet the creators behind RUBICON:

CEO amp; Co-Founder

’As CEO amp; Co-Founder I drive faster growth for clients and lead my team of remarkable developers and designers to deliver the ultimate product. I ensure that both my clients are receiving optimal service and that my team is working and growing in a positive and collaborative environment. I focus on business development operations recruitment and marketing. Most importantly I strive towards supporting my team and creating an optimistic company culture.’

CTO amp; Co-Founder

’Technologist entrepreneur amp; Co-Founder of RUBICON. I lead a talented dynamic team of engineers and designers building custom software for consumers all around the world fulfilling a variety of requests — secure cloud solutions to modern UX/UI designs.  Using my knowledge experience and leadership skills I make sure our clients walk away with an impressive and functional product. I thrive on building relationships of trust both with my clients and team members.’