What is a Nearshore Company?


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what is an usual company what is the difference between nearshore and the common i.t outsourcing why should i even think about using the services of a new short it company how could i really know if using the services of a new short company would really help my business these are some questions that you have probably made in the past and you never got a clear answer my name is juan jose and in this video im going to explain what new short is and how you could best use the services of a new short it company just like click i.t so guys lets get started what is new short nearshore is a business term that we use when outsourcing the i.t work to an adjacent country now that we have this clear what is unusual company and let me put this very simple for you it is a team of i.t experts that you can use for third-party the it activities which run your business and that keep your digital products alive and i know after listening at this definition you may think hey youre just using fancy words to describe the common idea outsourcing and we know what it outsourcing represents for many companies right face the support and zero accountability cheap service which equals poor quality and that sad and weird feeling of not really owning the it experts who collaborate with you but there is more behind neutral outsourcing compared to the regular outsourcing so before you close this video thinking that they both represent the same let me tell you the benefits of using the services of a nearshore it company like click it the benefit number one is that we directly collaborate with you so that you can rely in people instead of relying in systems or help desks and we offer dedicated engineers who integrate your business projects who have a name who have a face and a friendly culture and who will always be focused on helping you grow your ideas it sounds nice right the benefit number two is that we are totally accountable for your business projects just as if we were your own in-house engineers we are open to adopt your goals your culture and we stay focused on building healthy and long-term relationships and not just on getting new deals or getting new clothes tickets that doesnt sound so cold like the regular it outsourcing right so at this point i have three options right the option number one is recruiting and hiring in-house engineers the option number two is hiring that gray and common i.t outsourcing also known as offshore and the option number three is hiring the services of an initial company so now tell me a smart guide why should i even consider using new short how could i even know if nearshore is an option for helping me grow my business and the answers to these questions are the next if you want to grow your it team fast by bringing more engineers on board but you just cannot put much effort or time to recruit hiring and training them then using the services of an insure company is definitely an option for you if you are an executive leader who wants to totally delegate the i.t labor to a reliable and accountable team of experts so that you can focus your efforts on growing the business then you should definitely give a try to our neutral model if you have had bad experiences outsourcing inefficient and costly i.t services in the past then you should definitely give a try to a closer service provisioning model like nearshore if you want to experiment how a new devops or software development area would really work in your business and finally if you strongly believe in your culture and values and you want to share them with others who are open to learning and nurturing your mindset then your perfect partner is a nearshore company we get to the end and now you know the differences between using the services of an initial company and the common it outsourcing you also know how nearshore can help your company grow i want to invite you to join all those partners who are now experiencing the new way of doing i.t take the leap neutral is here we are here for you so if you like this video dont forget to leave a thumbs up for us and if this was useful for you please share and subscribe to our youtube channel for future videos see you next time [Music] [Music] you

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