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So, you want to take your video editing to a new  frontier but you have no idea where to start, lets talk about how to outsource your video editing. Good news. There are so many benefits to outsourcing video editing. Ill tell you  how outsourcing my video editing took a huge weight off my shoulders in todays video  and at a fraction of the cost that you would think that it could be and if youre wondering  where to find your dream video editor, Ive got some great ideas for you and some tips to get you  started with the hiring process. Im going to share my entire process with you and then there are 2  things to think about when hiring a video editor watch till the end of this video to find  out what they are. I cant tell you how much of a huge relief it was when I finally  outsourced my video editing and Ill tell you that I was stuck in a mindset thinking that Im  the only person that can do this, Im the only person that knows how to edit my videos with the  right branding and the right cuts and itll take me too long to try to train someone. I was like  Im a snowflake unicorn and no one can do this.

I am so glad that I finally got over myself and  outsourced my videos because I have saved so much time and I have editors now that  can carry out the vision and produce even better results that exemplify the brand. So,  I want you to think for yourself how much time are you spending on your videos that maybe if you  outsource that could you be spending that time on other things that you enjoy or other things that  generate more revenue for you. After getting over the thought that I am a snowflake unicorn and  Im the only one that can edit my videos properly, my next fear was is this going to be expensive?  Can I even afford to hire a video editor? Well, let me tell you something. If you do it  right, you cant afford not to, before you hire a video editor, ask yourself do you have more time  than money or do you have more money than time? If you have the ability to put your time into  something that can help you make more money, then you might be leaving money on the table by  trying to do it all yourself. Let me tell you my first video editor, I hired for $15 a video. They  edited my entire YouTube video and repurposed multiple versions that I could put on Facebook and  Instagram stories and all the different dimensions. I paid them $15 per video, 2  things to consider here. Do you think that the video that they made with all the different  repurposed versions so I could reach people on all different platforms might help me to make  more than $15 or that my own time that I was able to buy back that in the time it  would take me to edit the video myself, I could be doing something else in my life or business  thats worth more than $15. I cant imagine where I or my business would be if I still  felt like I had to do it all myself. Before I hired a video editor, I was only able to take on so much  work and now I have a video marketing agency where Im able to serve multiple clients. Well, if I was  still doing that all myself, I wouldnt have the time. Now, all of our videos are outsourced, they  work all around the world and all in different time zones and we work more efficiently than ever  and at a great budget where I can make more money because Im outsourcing to people who are working  in their superpower so that I can now work in mine.

So, now youre probably asking where do I find  these video editors? Well, I found them in multiple places and Ive tried them all so Im going  to share with you my favorite places to look. First of all, you can look on LinkedIn. You can  post on any of your social media platforms but LinkedIn has actual job posting boards where  you can say Im looking for a video editor, heres the job description, heres some examples  of videos that I want them to edit ,thats a great place to start. Theres also job sites like or you can get referrals from other entrepreneurs. I also like going into Facebook  groups that are specifically for video editors because thats a great way to find them and say,  hey, I have this project or Im looking for someone, heres the link to the job posting for anyone  whos interested in applying. Now, I mentioned that Ive outsourced to other countries and thats  how I got my first video editor for $15 dollars per video. Now, you can find video editors in other  countries which is a really great benefit to everyone. Their cost of living is less than what  it is in America so we can bless them by paying them more than what they might make in these  other countries and we get it at a cost thats affordable to us. So, you can find video editors  on sites like fiverr, upwork or Regardless of where you find your video editor,  your hiring process is going to be the most important part and at Jaxxs productions,  we have a pretty intensive hiring process and thats on purpose because when youre hiring  someone for your company, you dont want to waste time or money. I dont want to waste time in the  hiring process trying to find the right person and have high turnover and have to do it all  over again or train someone all over again. We want to do it right and we also want to protect  the company culture and bring someone onto the team, thats a great fit and continues to motivate  the team. So, Im going to share with you our entire hiring process. The first step is to create  your job description. You want this to be very thorough and detailed. You want to have the role,  the responsibilities and the results so you set the expectation right off the bat for what  youre looking for and whats required and what you expect from this person. 90 days or a  year from now, this also helps the applicants so they can see the growth path within the company. A  lot of people want to know how can I excel or how can I move up now from the job description. Were  really specific in our push-pull language, we want to attract the right people and we also want to  repel the wrong people. Like I said, we want to protect the company culture so we want people that  have the same vision and same values. Now, instead of having someone just submit their resume in our  job description, we include a link for them to fill out a form and on that form are the same questions  that we might ask in a preliminary interview but instead of us getting on the phone and spending  that time, they fill it out on the forum where we can skim for their answers and spend more time  reviewing the forms from people that we think are good candidates. This is so great at saving time  and being more efficient because you can tell right away when someone fills it out. If  they arent really a good fit sometimes, people will answer the questions really short  and you can tell, they really didnt make much of an effort and maybe dont want this job,  maybe arent a right fit for the company and then theres some people that you can tell  theyve done their research, theyre really excited about the job and they would be a great  fit for your company culture. Now, after reviewing that questionnaire on the forum, Ill make a short  list of candidates and call them and on that phone call I can get a better feel for their personality,  learn more about them and see how we communicate.

If that phone call goes well, Ill ask them if they  can do a small test assignment. Now, this assignment is something that is very preliminary. We want them  to spend like 10 to 15 minutes on it, something simple now this is such an important step that you  got to make sure that you do not miss because its going to do a few things. Its going to show you  the quality of their work. Youre going to see if they can follow instructions and if they can meet  deadlines youll also be able to get a feel for their personality through the work, you can see  how creative they are and also how eager they are to complete this step. This is where a lot of  people can weed themselves out of the process if they dont adhere to the deadline or if they just  dont complete it. The people who will be a great fit for the role that youre hiring for should be  eager to complete this and they should get it done on time. If they cant follow instructions or get  it done on time before you hire them, what do you think hiring them would look like? And Ill tell  you a funny story. We had 1 person that responded to the request for a test assignment and said how  dare you? Youre exploiting me for free work. This would take me 6 hours to do which was a great  indicator for us that this person wouldnt be a good fit for our company. We said thanks so much,  this would have taken our video editors 15 minutes, if that would take you 6 hours, that tells us  youre not a great fit. We want this person to be a team player and we think its totally reasonable  to be able to see an example of their work before hiring them. If the test assignment goes well,  well have another interview where we can talk more about the role and the finances of the role  and then from there, if that goes well, well give them another test assignment that well now pay  them for because we want it to be a more in-depth assignment and if that goes well, you probably have  your perfect candidate to add to your dream team.

Now, before you hire a video editor I have a few  questions for you that you need to ask yourself but before I tell you those questions, make sure  that youre subscribed to this channel, hit that big red button because Im putting out videos like  this every single week. Before hiring anyone, you need to ask yourself whats the capacity I need  to hire someone for? Do I need to hire someone full-time or part-time or just for project work?  Regardless, you want to make sure that you are still following the same hiring and screening  process. Post the job, do the interviews, have the test assignments because regardless of what  capacity come on to your team, you still want to make sure theyre a good fit and going to give you  the best quality of work. The best way to determine if you want someone full-time part-time or by  the project is to look at how much time youre spending on it right now. If you have a team also  ask your team how much time theyre spending on it. We like to do time studies within our company  every few months where everyone in the team writes down everything that theyre doing every 15  minutes so that at the end of a 2-week period, we can see heres how much time were spending on  this, heres how much time were spending on this and heres where our superpowers are and where we  should strategically be spending our time and from all the things that we find that we can outsource,  those become a job description for someone else.

Also ask yourself how much editing you require? Do  you need more basic editing, just like cutting and trimming slicing some clips together or do you  need more advanced editing like color correction, noise and distortion cleanup, color grading, audio  and video enhancements, that might be really important for you to know when youre creating  the job description so you can attract the right person with the right qualities and skills. When  you can get really clear on what you need you know what kind of qualities you need to look  for, your editors can edit various styles of videos and you want them to be able to adhere  to your brand and style and vision and messaging and for them to have experience with  different kinds of editing software. In their test assignment, you also want to be looking  out for their creativity and their attention to detail, thats going to be really important as you  continue to develop your relationship and develop the skills of your video editor. If youre ready  to take your content marketing to the next level and build an evergreen lead generation machine  from your content, then click the link below and reserve your spot in my next free training. This  is the exact strategy that my 6, 7 and 8 figure clients use to maximize their cashflow  through online content and you could be next.

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