Digital Marketing News - Everything you need to know before Monday even starts – 22nd May 2021

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Digital Marketing News - Everything you need to know before Monday even starts – 22nd May 2021 - read the full article about digital marketing news, Digital Marketing and All digital inbound channels from Blue Thirst on Qualified.One
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[Music] welcome to our weekly digital marketing news update this week theres been news from tik tok facebook wordpress and more if you enjoy our weekly and daily updates dont forget to subscribe to our youtube channel or like our facebook page or sign up for our newsletter tiktok are releasing a new music effect to add new dimensions of creativity this new effect will be powered by real-time music processing technology this results in visuals and transitions that will be able to move to the beat of any song in the tik tok library these effects will be available in a new tab called music in the creative effects tray music visualizer is the first music effect to be available to tick tock users music visualizer will track the beat of your chosen sound and animate a retro green screen landscape to the beat other upcoming music effects are music machine which will offer tools to create your own beats delayed beats which will sync still images to the beat of a song text speech text beats will allow you the creator to add animated text overlays that are in sync solid beats which will add a vibrant visual effect and lastly mirror beats which will align display transitions with the beat facebook has seen a rise in audio across its platforms they want to make it easier and more fun to share sound clips find fun familiar sounds the first thing theyre doing is building a new set of audio creation tools these new tools will allow you to record like a pro with the new audio technologies for accurate speech to text and voice morphing advances in ai will also allow you to add music as the background to drag out any background noises that you may not want there will also be the ability to mix audio tracks and use sound and voice effects and filters sound bites is facebooks next step in entering the social audio space these will be short form audio clips ideal for capturing anecdotes jokes poems and more they are express expected to begin testing in the next few months and become available to everyone facebook will also be introducing podcasts to their platform over 10 million facebook users are connected to podcast related pages and groups but to listen to them you need to leave facebook over the next couple of months this is set to change and youll be able to listen to podcasts while using the app when the app is set in the background to encourage creators to use these features there will be monetization options including an audio creator fund to kickstart sound blasts google has updated their web storage plugin for wordpress this update will allow users to embed content on web pages initially the web stories plugin offered creation tools but no way of embedding the content now site owners can use this tool to embed stories from within their sites in addition to the new embedding options site owners can now integrate web stories into their custom customization process these updates may encourage more site owners to use the plugin which can be a good way to diversify organic traffic web stories appear in search results in google discover this currently happens in the us india and brazil and it may be expanded to more countries if there is good uptake site owners could be encouraged to use the plugin however the content still has to be of good quality and it cant be as a teaser for other content teaser content through web storage plugin will not be ranked google is introducing a new certification for health insurance advertisers in the us google prioritizes providing users with a safe and trustworthy search experience google tries to ensure that they are factoring in government regulations and industry accreditations when determining who can advertise on their platform this is why certain industries have been certified to advertise on google its now going to be requirement for the us health insurance advice advertisers this certification will only allow health insurance ads from government exchanges first party providers and licensed third-party brokers advertisers will need to provide documents that prove they are permitted under state law to sell health insurance this new certification adds a further layer of protection to searches twitter are simplifying their ad product offering with a rebrand of their product suite advertisers have requested clear language and better better aligns with what they would expect from an advertising platform they have gone from 22 individual ad formats to just five main advertising categories the new categories are promoted ads follower ads twitter amplify twitter takeover and twitter live promoted ads can feature a variety of creative formats and ad formats and is designed to be used throughout the marketing funnel follower ads are used to promote an account to a targeted audience to build awareness and generate new followers twitter amplify allows advertisers to align their content with premium video content that is relevant to their brand twitter takeover includes the most premium placements to drive mass reach and results twitter live allows advertisers to broadcast to their biggest moments in real time twitter has said that these changes represent a significant consolidation without losing any of the reach and customization that advertisers expect we hope youve had a great week and dont forget to like follow and subscribe well see you on monday for our next daily updates [Music]

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