They say WooCommerce is "FREE"...but is it really?

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They say WooCommerce is "FREE"...but is it really? - read the full article about woocommerce 2021, E-commerce Development and Online store creation from IWD Agency on Qualified.One
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one of the main reasons woocommerce has become  so popular is that its free however at iwd agency weve been building woocommerce sites for  years so i can tell you thats not completely true if you plan on using this popular ecommerce  platform to build a site your customers will love there are seven costs you need to consider  number one hosting your woocommerce website the first is the price of hosting which can start  as low as just three dollars a month maybe a bit more depending on the provider you choose  you may decide youd rather go with a vps or a virtual private server because it offers better  security reliability and overall performance even then the price could still be as low as twenty  to thirty dollars a month for probably no more than a hundred dollars woocommerce also offers  hosting through popular providers like bluehost godaddy and nexus at very affordable prices number  two the domain name for your woocommerce site next you have to pay for your sites domain how  much youll pay depends on the name you want unless you plan on purchasing an existing domain  name you can usually buy one on sites like godaddy for as little as one dollar a month number  three a theme that fits your brand next your site needs a theme the theme covers everything  from the layout of your site to its color scheme to its overall style to say its important is  an understatement you want a theme thats going to fit your companys unique brand while also  supporting the functionality you need it to have luckily woocommerce offers a number of different  themes in their marketplace many of which are completely free others cost 39 79 or 129 dollars  a year or may even be just a one-time fee those options are only the tip of the iceberg though  because woocommerce is a plug-in for wordpress there are countless themes out there to choose  from just check to make sure the one you like will work with woocommerce this isnt always  the case with wordpress themes alright so far a great woocommerce website is only costing  you about thirty dollars a month give or take number four ecommerce extensions  for the functionality you need however youll also need a number of extensions  to ensure that it can do everything that you want how many and which kind of extensions are  completely up to you but there are definitely a few that you should consider payment processing  extensions for example your site needs a payment gateway fortunately woocommerce integrates  with all the popular options like paypal square stripe and most of these  gateways charge a monthly subscription price plus an extra transaction fee both tend to be  minimal for example paypal and stripe both cost just 30 cents per transaction plus 2.9 of the  purchase price now if you really want to give your stores conversion rate a boost and drop  your cart abandonment rate we have a woocommerce one-page checkout extension thats cloud-based  responsive and takes just minutes to install oh and its completely free check the  description of this video for the link sales extensions you should also arm your  woocommerce store with sales extensions to ensure that you and your customers enjoy  smooth transactions here are the three you may need again ill put links to them  in the description first theres woocommerce pre-orders which will let your shoppers order a  product before its released for only 129 a year second woocommerce subscriptions will let you  sell products through a subscription-based model so customers receive new versions on a regular  basis and are charged recurring payments itll run you 199 a year finally if your company  offers a product that requires reservations like a rental or a service that requires appointments  use woocommerce bookings to update your stores calendar in real time its 249 a year shipping  extensions fortunately theres more good news if you choose woocommerce as it automatically  calculates taxes and shipping prices from leading carriers this service is built right into  the woocommerce dashboard at no extra charge nonetheless i recommend you take advantage of  woocommerce shipping which is a free extension that you can use to print shipping labels  right from the dashboard you can also check out the full range of shipping extensions  available in the woocommerce marketplace despite their costs these extensions may also  help you save money on your shipping fees number five seo plugins so people can actually  find you speaking of plugins there are three that my team and i have been recommending to  clients for years to help with seo automate woo is all about automating your woocommerce  stores marketing needs like handling cart abandonment wish list abandonment welcome series  follow-up emails subscription automation and more and its only 99 a year next woocommerce google  analytics is a must for any ecommerce website it makes it easy to connect google analytics to  your woocommerce store so you can start tracking analytics related to every channel of traffic like  organic social referral email ppc etc best of all its completely free finally the free version  of yoast for your wordpress site is a no-brainer but the premium yoast woocommerce seo extension  will give you access to a library of training courses numerous keyword research tools help  with interlinking and a lot more features that will help your site generate traffic the  price is great too just 69 dollars a year number six security because cyber criminals will  try something of course as you attract customers to your site its inevitable that cyber criminals  will follow thats why i highly recommend you use a web application firewall or waf to separate  wordpress from the rest of your woocommerce site this way even if hackers are able to  exploit a vulnerability in wordpress they wont be able to reach  your actual ecommerce store two of my favorite waf options are cloudflare  which has a free version and plans that go all the way up to 200 a month and securi which  has plans that range from 199.99 to 499 a year number seven help from a developer optional but  encouraged dont try to develop your own website unless you have extremely humble ambitions its  a costly mistake to try and save money this way make sure you hire an experienced professional  if youd like to learn more about what this entails feel free to email us at hi at iwd ill leave our contact information in the description below too ultimately  the cost of a woocommerce site could be as low as ten dollars a month if youre  okay settling for something really simple but most companies have higher aspirations and  can easily spend a couple hundred dollars a month on their top tier woocommerce site if you  thought this kind of breakdown was helpful please like this video and subscribe to this  channel and well know to keep making more if you have any questions you want to drop in the  comments well be sure to get back to you asap this video was brought to you by iwd agency dominate 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