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- [Jeff Shore] Weve never seen anything like it, and we will never see anything like it again.

- And we shall never see their like again.

- Its 2021, a Sales Year-End Review.

(upbeat music) - Well, welcome back everyone to the Five Minute Sales Training.

Im Jeff Shore.

Its our last Five Minutes Sales Training of 2021.

Were gonna be taking Christmas and New Years off, but I wanted to take this opportunity to give my year-end review of sales in 2021.

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Consider it your Christmas gift to all of us at Shore Consulting.

All right. Let me paint the picture.

Youre at a cocktail party 15 years from now, and some newbies gonna be talking about how tough it is to sell and whatever horrible conditions exist at that time in the future.

And thats when you have your mic drop moment.

Oh yeah? Well, I sold in 2021.

(crowd applause) Look, weve never seen anything like it.

Well never see anything like it again.

We wont will we? So let me offer you three sales observations from 2021.

These are three things that made for a radical transformation in the sales landscape.

Number one, sociological shifts.

We saw huge shifts in society that we are just now beginning to understand.

But most significantly, the pandemic put a laser focus on quality of life issues.

And suddenly people became keenly aware of the level of dissatisfaction in their home, in their car, in their golf clubs.

People everywhere started to insist upon a better life.

And that changed everything.

People move across the country.

Others pour tens of thousands into home improvement.

People reevaluated their childrens education, their need for two cars and how much they needed to eat out.

And all of that of course puts salespeople front and center.

Suddenly we were heroes.

(Theme from Superman) That is if we had the product to sell.

Well get to that.

So the first thing that happened was a major societal change.

The second, the buying process changed overnight.

Now look, the technology was already in place to complete even high price transactions entirely online.

So why did online buying change so dramatically? Well, I think there were three things that we saw: need, ease and trust.

When it came to need, suddenly everybody understood and came to grips with their own sense of dissatisfaction.

Their life was not what they wanted it to be.

And the interesting thing about dissatisfaction is that there is no greater predictor of urgency than dissatisfaction.

When I have a problem, it needs to be solved.

And the stronger the problem, the sooner it needs to be solved.

So suddenly we became very, very aware of our need.

The second thing was ease.

Companies everywhere have gone to a buy now button.

Wait, wasnt that always the case for a house? More and more companies are focusing on ease of purchase as a key initiative.

- Its so easy to use, a caveman could do it.

- They wanna make it easy for people to do what they want to do anyway.

The technology was already there, but suddenly its being utilized on a much higher level.

So we have need. We have ease.

And the third huge change trust.

And this is the single biggest change.

But Im not talking about a buyers trust in you, the sales professional.

Im talking about the buyers trust in themselves, Buyers feel now more than ever that they can do the research on their own, and then that they can make the purchase by simply clicking a button.

So we saw massive sociological shifts and we saw the buying process change, but heres the third key thing that happened in 2021.

Salespeople became chief heartbreak officers.

It seems that our number one job was to deliver bad news.

Sorry. Were out of product.

Sorry. Theres another delay.

Sorry. The price just went up five percent.

So where does that put salespeople today? I mean, customers can do so much on their own, right? This sounds like a bad thing.

Like theres no longer a need for salespeople.

Thats not how I see it because there is one constant truth that the internet hasnt figured out.

And that is that people buy on emotion.

And as we look into 2022, that is where I want you to focus.

How do you connect much more deeply on the customers emotions.

The emotions of pain.

The emotions of hope.

The emotions of frustration.

The emotions of joy.

So here we are.

Ready for whatever 2022 brings.

And I say, bring it on because its another year to change peoples lives.

Thanks as always for watching the Five Minute Sales Training and until next time, learn more to earn more.

(upbeat music)

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