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Okay. If youre watching this video, youre  trying to figure out if you should buy Sam Ovens Consulting Accelerator course, or  potentially any other online business course. My name is Keaton Walker. Im part of the team  here at CourseRanks. And if that describes you, youve definitely come to the right video. This  is by far the most detailed video breakdown and review of Sam Ovens course on the internet. So the major question that everybody has before they buy a course is is  this course going to be worth it? Is it actually going to teach me what I need  to know? Well, I cant speak for every course out there. I cant say that Sam Ovens course  helped me start a profitable marketing agency that made $40,000 last month. And its also helped  me break out of my own head and really just start living the life that I know I can. Because we  love transparency here at CourseRanks, Im just going to come out at the beginning here and tell  you that this course does come highly recommended at a 24 out of 25 on a rating scale, which we  will break down at the end of the video.   Were going to cover the anatomy of the  course, the strongest pros of the course, the worst cons about the course, our community  members rankings of the course, and then our objective view here at CourseRanks. at the end of  the video, were also going to cover alternatives to the course that might be a little bit cheaper.  So make sure you stick around for that.   Just one more thing before we get into it. If you  ever decide to buy a make money online course, make sure you head over to  first, check out the reviews and click through to the course from CourseRanks. We have  affiliate agreements with a lot of the courses on our site, and it really helps us build  a better transparent community around an industry thats been plagued with a lot of  false advertising and predatory marketing.   All right, with that said, lets dive into it. So  first the anatomy of the course. Sam Ovens course costs $2,000 or $1,500 if you watch his webinar,  or if you use our referral link, which is below in the description, or you can click through on The course platform Sam Ovens uses is actually a proprietary software that he  developed, which is really cool. It shows how much he cares about his students. The total amount  of video in the course is 105 hours, 12 minutes and 45 seconds. Theres a lot of content in this  course. The type of video that Sam Ovens uses is a Keynote presentation with him talking behind. So  theres no videos of him actually talking to the camera, except at the beginning of the course. So now lets go over what actually gets covered in the course. And well hop over to his website for  this. First is Fundamentals and Foundations. This is Business 101 and its really, really good.  The next one is New Paradigm and Worldview. This is the mindset section, and its better  than anything else at getting you to actually take action and get out of your own head that I  found in any other course. In the third week here, we have Alchemy of Client Conversion, which  is Sams conversion script or sales script.   My opinion, Sams sales strategy is a little too  sharklike. So this comes from a book called The Strategy Of The Dolphin and it compares everybody  in a marketplace to either being a shark, a dolphin, or a carp. The sharks see everything  as zero sum. Its not win-win. If I win, you lose. And all they do is feed on the  carp, which are the average everyday people. Whereas a dolphin sees everything as a  little bit more win-win and they see that they can partner with the carp or they can partner  with the shark and everybody gets along.   So Sams strategy is definitely a lot more  sharklike where hes getting you to close right on that first call no matter what. And it  doesnt matter. You just need to be really mean to the people on the phone. And your feelings dont  matter. You need to be ruthless on the phone and just make sure that you close people on that first  call, which in my experience, Ive found that if you just give people a little bit more time to  think about things, that they can actually be better clients because they thought about it and  theyve committed to the process instead of being pressured into it in one call. So thats the only  thing I dont really like about week three, but if thats your style then great. And Sams sales  script will probably work pretty well for you.   Week four is the Alchemy of Client Attraction,  which is his marketing module. And you can see that he has organic attraction method  and then paid attraction methods here. I think that his organic attraction methods  are pretty outdated. He actually did some customer interviews, which Ill put up here  on the screen. And I think that these customer interviews actually do a lot better job of  explaining how to get clients online organically than the training that he actually has in the  course. And then paid client attraction methods, this is mostly gone over in the next week, which  is Fractal Facebook Evolution. Sams really good at calling everything something super fancy like  Fractal Facebook Evolution, when it could just be Facebook ads or whatever. Hes really good  at sexifying his message, which is one of the cons that well actually talk about later. So Fractal Facebook Evolution is actually 24 hours of Facebook ads training. He truly does  leave no stone unturned in this training. And he does a really good job of explaining how the  algorithm works, how everything fits together to create a profitable ad campaign online. But  his methods are purely for finding new customers nationally or internationally, not locally or  anything like that. So if youre hoping to learn Facebook ads for a local business or any sort of  other marketing besides Facebook ads for national or international audience, youre going to  be disappointed by the Facebook training.   And then finally we have week six, which  is minimum viable service delivery. This is where it covers things like simplifying  your service, setting good client expectations, hiring the right contractors and some  other basic business stuff like tracking cashflow and automating your marketing. Theres also another little bit in here called The Next Level. This is where Sam pitches you on  joining Uplevel, which is his high ticket $5,800 course on how to become a course seller. And then  also as a bonus, if you leave a review for Sam, he will add you to the DM bonus, which stands  for digital marketing bonus. This is where he explains how he got started in consulting, which  was by selling marketing services, how he built his marketing agency and what he would recommend  for you if you want to start out that way.   So as part of these videos, we also want to  include something called the course in a nutshell. And this is just basically whats taught in this  course in less than 30 seconds. This is what Sam teaches in a nutshell. First, pick a niche.  Second, get your messaging right for that niche. Third, fix your mindset so you can help the people  in your niche. Fourth, sell something niche wants. Fifth, build a video sales letter so that you  can automate your marketing. And finally, sixth, hire contractors to take care of some of the dirty  work for you so that you can continue to scale.   And finally, this is the last part of the  anatomy of the course section. Weve got the bonuses that Sam includes, which are numerous.  First, hes got the digital marketing bonus, which we covered earlier. Second, hes got  the school platform, which is actually another proprietary software that he built himself as an  alternative to Facebook groups. So this is where you can network with other people in the course.  Ive personally had great a experience with the people that Ive found in Sams course. And Ive  made a lot of good friends that way. Thirdly, they have a bi-weekly Q&A. So every Monday  and Friday I believe it is, you can get on a call and ask questions to Sams support team. Hes  never on the calls himself. Its just his team.   Fourth, they actually have a program that  will match you to an accountability partner, which is pretty cool. It can help you really  grow your business when youve got somebody else to stay accountable to. Next, they have  a refer a friend program where you get $500 per sale if you get somebody to sign  up. Ive personally made a few thousand dollars off of inviting people to join the  course. And theyve had a great experience with it as well. So the course could end up  being free if you just invite a few friends to join. You get $500 each time they do. Next, something Sam does, which is really cool, hell actually ship you a physical box set  of all the materials in the training course. I ended up throwing mine away about a year  later because I didnt need all those boxes, but its really cool that he does that.  And then lastly, something really cool Sam includes is searchable transcripts of all his  videos, all the Q&A calls. You can just go into and you can search for something.  And if anybodys ever asked it on a call, or if its included in one of the videos, itll come  up. These are bonuses that nobody else is doing in the industry and something Sam has really done  to differentiate himself from the competition.   Okay, so now lets move into the strongest pros  of this course. Number one is the mindset section is simply incredible. $1,500 is worth it just for  the mindset section of this course that can help you break out of negative cycles in your mind  and really start taking action and building a business. The next thing Sam does really, really  well is screen shares and checklists for all of the marketing and techie stuff that you have to  do in the course, I literally was saved hours, maybe even weeks of work because his team  has done such a good job of documenting every single step that needs to happen when  youre setting up your marketing automation.   The third strongest pro here is that the community  is very strong. It used to be a lot stronger when the Facebook group was there, but there was a  lot of pitching that was going on as well in the Facebook group. But the community is very  strong. Theres tens of thousands of people in the course. And so you can likely find somebody  thats on the same path as you and you guys can stick together. And its a great opportunity to  meet new people. Fourth, Sam does this really, really well, is thoroughness. He leaves absolutely  no stone unturned when it comes to how to build a business online and all of the mindset things you  need to understand. And every single little bit of information, its all in there. Hes extremely  thorough, which is awesome. And props to Sam for that. And then lastly, a really strong pro for  Sam is that it has really good customer support. It does take usually a day or two for them to  get back, but they always get back and theyve taken care of whatever Ive asked them very  promptly. Just amazing people. Really nice.   Okay. So now lets hop into the worst cons.  We havent covered any of the cons so far, so this should make you reconsider your choice  maybe. Theyre really not that bad when you think about it. The first one is Sam tries to  position himself as some sort of business god of bizarre bragging and all this stuff that really  makes you buy into him instead of just buying into the process of building a business. So the way that he does this is he names each module something like Fractal Facebook  Evolution or Falling for the Trap or something that really makes you think that youre learning  something brand new and completely different. When in reality, its something that youve  learned before or you might even know already, but hes just calling it by some crazy name.  He also has branding and fancy music at the beginning of each video. He does a really good job  of making each video sell you into watching the next video. He just keeps you eating on every  single word that hes talking about. And then he transfers you. Hes like, "And then were  going to cover it. I cant tell you everything now because were going to cover that in the next  video." And so then you go to the next video and you keep going. So part of this is psychology  is trying to get his students to buy into the process and buy into understanding how to really  build a business. But part of it is just really bizarre and I dont know why he does it. And then the last thing here is he kind of positions himself as if he invented the online  course industry. He built He picked up the crown of consulting out of the  gutter and put it on his head. Theres plenty of consultants that make way more money than him. And  hes done a really good job, but hes still just a internet marketer at the end of the day. And he  doesnt really have any humility or anything else in the course that might make you think, "Okay,  this guy is humble. Hes pretty down to earth." Its very high in the sky. Im the best. And  you should listen to me for these reasons.   And the reason he does that actually leads us  into the next con, which is he wants to upsell you into Uplevel, which is how to build a course.  And if he can get you to believe that hes this business god and he has all of these secrets  that you dont have, then youll buy Uplevel, which is close to $6,000. He makes much more  money off you that way than he would if you bought the $1,500 or the $2,000 Accelerator. Theres another review on this course by Taylor Benterud, I believe his name is, on YouTube and he  does a really good job of explaining why Sam does this and why hes so biased towards courses. So  Accelerator is there to get you from zero to about $30,000 to $40,000 a month in a service-based  business. But Sam doesnt like service-based businesses. Hes very introverted. He doesnt  like talking to people and hed rather just build products and really focus on the education  side of things. Once he built his marketing agency to a certain level, he actually left it. And  he didnt want to build such a big business, which I think it was close to seven figures. And  he just wanted to transfer that over to consulting so that he didnt really have to talk to people.  All he had to do was create courses, right?   But the issue is a lot of people do better with  this. And if theyre making $30,000 to $40,000 a month, theyre completely fine. And they dont  actually need to transfer into the course side of things to make more money. Selling courses can be  very profitable, but it can also be very taxing, draining. You can lose money selling  courses. And Sam has a huge bias towards this. And thats why he wants to sell you  from youve got the service-based business. And then you go into a product-based  business, which is selling courses.   But really theres a lot of people that can just  stay here forever and be really happy and scale to a good amount that they dont have to keep scaling  and build something really good and keep getting their clients great results. So whatever you  do, just make sure that if you want to buy into Uplevel, which if you buy Uplevel, then you get  Accelerator as well for free, that you actually do want to go down the course selling round at  some point, because otherwise its really just irrelevant. And its a lot of repeat information  from Accelerator. And its just Sam selling you on his dream, maybe not your dream. And then the third and final con here is that Sam sells you into products that he has affiliate  agreements with like ClickFunnels and Kajabi when those might not actually be the best software  tools. And if you dont end up using those software tools, then you have an issue because all  of the trainings and all of the checklists and all the screen shares that I mentioned are with those  tools. And so if you know marketing pretty well, you wont have an issue. But you will probably  have to start out with his tools to learn it, which theyre pretty expensive. And its not  too big of an issue if youre making money, but Sam does have a bias there because he  has an affiliate agreement with them.   All right. So now lets go over his overall  score. The way that weve made these rankings at CourseRanks, were trying to be as objective  as possible and well go through them now.   So number one is quality of content. We give Sam  a five out of five. Secondly, the credibility of the instructor, another five out of five.  He makes over $12 million a year online. And so hes definitely qualified to help people  grow from zero to $10,000 or zero to $30,000 a month online. Relevance, we gave him a four  out of five. While theres a lot of extremely relevant things that dont change in his course,  there are some things that need to be redone that havent been. Theres rumors that Sams going to  redo the course, but that hasnt happened yet. And theres some things that are outdated for our day  and age. Things have changed with Facebook ads or theres other software tools that are better to  use, et cetera, et cetera, that just arent being changed because the course, its so good and its  selling good already. But all things considered, thats not really a reason not to buy the  course. Like I said, the mindset section, which doesnt really change, will be worth it  by itself. So four out of five on relevance.   The next one is community and support, five out  of five. If you joined consulting accelerator and fail, its on you. They provide every single  thing that you might need to succeed, including a community Q&A, also support members who can  answer your questions. The average CourseRanks rating at the time of making this video is 4.9 out  of five, which puts Sam, well just round him up, at 24 out of 25 on the total value for price,  the rating that we have here at CourseRanks.   Now, if you have more questions or if youre  wondering if theres another course better for your situation, make sure to head over to and check out the reviews on this course and all of the other courses in the  industries that youre looking to go into. For example, Brendan said this about Consulting  Accelerator. "I thought I was joining this course to come up with a good business model  and strategy. What I came out of it with was mindblowing. The business strategies, sales  techniques and understanding was incredible, but it was about 20% of what I  learned. The mindset stuff in week two is what really shifted everything for  me. I would recommend it to anyone." Thanks Brendan for leaving that awesome review. So before we close out today, lets just cover a few alternatives to Sams course. You can find  these on CourseRanks as youre looking. But the first one is going to be Course Creator Pro  by Parker Walbeck. I would say this is more of an alternative to Uplevel Consulting, which teaches  you how to build a course, but theres a lot of really great stuff in that course as well that can  help you. The second one is Elite CEOs by Tanner Chidester. You can see the reviews for that on  CourseRanks. And then thirdly, the One Funnel Away Challenge by Russell Brunson could be considered  an alternative to this. But honestly, Sam is in a class of his own and none of these alternatives  really compare to what hes created in Consulting Accelerator. I would recommend it personally.  And CourseRanks, to have a CourseRanks score of 24 out of 25 is pretty impressive. So hats off to  you, Sam, for making such an awesome course.   Thanks again, guys, for tuning into  todays video. My names Keaton Walker with CourseRanks. Make sure you sign up  for CourseRanks. Tell your friends about it and subscribe to the channel because were going  to be coming out with more course review videos just like this every single week. Thanks  so much. And well see you next time.

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