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hey guys my name is john richie and im a  chartered accountant i make videos about personal finance investing and financial freedom in this  video i would like to give you an update on my richie portfolio for the month of november 2021.  if you are new to the channel youre probably wondering what is richie portfolio so richie  portfolio is six different kind of investments that start with a thousand dollars that was the  initial capital and i put in my own money about fifty dollars a week or a hundred dollars per  fortnight the first investment is stocks that i picked the second one is the low cost u.s index  funds the third one is the australian its called the spaceship managed funds the fourth one is  crypto that i purchased that i time it um the fifth one is the crypto bot okay these are some  speculative ones with royal cue and the sixth one is called forexboss that is called smart xbot  which i have made a video about passive income so in case youre wondering why my background setup  is like this im not in my normal youtube studio set up because im currently on a family holiday  in sydney okay so thats the reason why anyway lets get straight into it the first investment  is stocks and i use interactive brokers as my broker because i can buy usas australian shares  and even hong kong shares you can also buy put options and call options with interactive brokers  ive put a link in the comment section below if you want to support the channel with interactive  brokers this is how much money ive got 1300 845 set up cash okay but i have been trying out a  share site okay so this is my portfolio that i entered manually into shareside and in here this  is pretty much my interactive brokers account as you can see ive got alibaba in food too  okay and this is the the price between october to november and im on rate okay  so im on red at the moment as you know alibaba has been dropping and then ill show  you the purchase price that i had i bought it at 177 i only bought half a share like  fractional shares it has dropped about 32 but im just going to keep on buying um  because i have got a good conviction on alibaba and also with food too i havent made a video  about it i said i will make a video so i will make a video one day and when ive got a chance  okay so with food too ive got two shares and if we look at here i purchased it around 66 and  then the second one i purchased around the 52 mark and then thats what ive got and i think at the  moment its around 40 and im planning to keep on buying food too again theres a lot of risk with  the chinese government cracking down on these tech companies and and all these things so i will just  keep an eye on it and where it is at so here i put a thousand dollars but here i still have got  plenty of available cash seven hundred dollars and im planning to just wait and see ive got  like novel nyx in my watch list ive got like tesla in my watch list so im just going to wait  and see where it is at um and im just going to keep on buying when when the stock market sort  of crashed or corrected okay so thats my plan and also the second one is the u.s  index funds all right so i use stake as my broker to buy all my index funds on 20th  of october i started with a thousand dollars australian dollars and i received this  free stock which is um travalgo i think because of free stock so if you open up using my  link were both going to get a free stock and ive purchased this is around the 100 australian  um i bought vo vti and vgt vo is is s p 500 from vanguard low cost index funds vti is the  total market cap for us and vgt is the tech etf only for tech so google amazon facebook they  all are in this etf with this one i dont time it as soon as i get the money i am just going to  buy if it drops im just going to keep on buying okay so this is just a dollar cost averaging a  very simple strategy that a lot of finance gurus out there are teaching this is the easiest one so  with this i put a deposit about 200 in november thats the current value and im currently about  two percent up when i take into account the currency effects when i purchase and when it is  at 30th of november im using an rba rate reserve bank of australia being an accountant i always use  an rba rate when i convert my us dollar investment so that is a u.s index funds and the third  one is the spaceship okay so this is what it looks like spaceship if you open up an account  youre gonna get five dollars i think im gonna get five dollars as well for every friend you  invite to join um and it has got a different portfolio like australian ethical and all of  these companies this is what they invest in and and with this setup there is a management  fee of 2.50 per month which will impact my portfolio 2.50 is quite a lot because i started  with just a thousand dollars obviously if you put the 10 000 or 100 000 2.50 is not a lot okay  so my return on spaceship is heavily impacted because of the management fee just for you to  bear in mind but if we look at up to the november i have put in about 250 in the month of november  because i was putting fifty dollars a week but im going to change this to just a hundred dollars  per fortnight because all the other one like steak i put in a hundred dollars per fortnight  so in december im just going to change it to 100 per fortnight just to keep it consistent ive  invested about 1250 and im just a little bit down of 0.57 as you guys know stocks have been down  lately so that is my return but my worst one is still my future and alibaba which im not  worried okay the next one is a crypto which is independent reserve which im not just going to  show you the screen im just going to tell you what happened to independent reserve okay so i  bought btc eth and ada which is cardano cardona keeps on dropping and i think ada is only about  five percent of my overall portfolio and btc is the biggest and then this is like a year-to-date  amount i am down about 27 okay so in east im up twelve percent ada is im down a lot there and btc  is about minus three point seventy nine percent the purchase price is about 83 000 which is  quite high and then it just been keep on dropping all right so im down about 3.65 overall and then  its also 3.65 there is no fx gain because i use the australian dollars to value it okay my fourth  investment is a cryptobots called royal cube okay so this is my account and i have got floating  loss in all these ones because i only wanted to buy btc eth and other but this floating loss  all this change here im not too worried about it because im just gonna hold on to it and this  is a speculative one where my bot is just gonna buy and sell and with cryptobots royal cue they  charge you 20 on the profit that you make so you dont need to pay like you dont need to spend a  lot of money on the board and you have to pay 120 when you start it with this royal cue cryptobot  and i also dont want to enter the floating laws um on my performance because its a little  bit difficult to do it so im just gonna keep it simple im just gonna count all the money  that i have made okay in this billing detail as you can see i have made about 59 cents a  dollar sixty four dollars by the way this is all in usdt which is feather it is a stable coin  so we can think of this as us dollar okay it doesnt show you like the previous  one before the 7th of november so im just going to show you how much money ive  made okay so its pretty good i have made about 52 dollars so far and in the month of november alone  ive made about 36 okay so thats really good considering only put a thousand australian  dollars okay and then in the month of october ive made about 15.60 okay so theres two  big ones here um ten dollars a day each was because there was a jump and with  my crypto i used to have smaller coin i think i have kasuma and solano solana solano  um so i those two i have i used to have it but i dont really like this course because im  not familiar so i changed my strategy to have just trade btc eth and other other is the  worst so its not a lot that i trade with ada okay so if we look at the summary its ive  made about 69 capital gain about seven percent okay so this is a year to date again um  and then with the currency i went about seven point three percent okay but then  im not expecting this i expect the the bot not gonna make much money in december  because crypto has been down and the way this board works is theyre just gonna accumulate  and when the price goes back up again it will sell some of this um my crypto okay so this is  my best performing investment asset class okay and my sixth investment which is probably  my favorite one of my favorite one because i made a video about smart export how we can earn about  eight to ten percent per month so this is numbers okay this is my own account okay so this is pretty  much all the trades that they have done okay so this is all the trades and all the profit sharing  that that i have done okay its a little bit difficult to look at look at it this way but that  is thats my balance thats my deposit 500 u.s and thats not including the bot so i have got  this my fx book that links to um that links to my account so im going to put a link as well  in my description to so you can see whether what i said about smart export is true or not okay  as you can see ive made again about 15 percent we look at the growth okay as you can see it  doesnt it just consistently going up okay this is day by day this is up to december and if  we look at the trades about 76 win ratio and 83 shorts okay so that is amazing the  profitability um if you trade on your own 70 or even 80 it is very difficult very difficult  to be proven okay so this is what happened and if you look at the monthly change in october i  just started all right so this 1.65 as you can see in november thats eight point five one percent  before profit sharing okay so after profit sharing the profit sharing is about fifty percent  so this is about four percent a month which is amazing because all the profits is  already realized so its not a floating loss or is not a floating profit it has been realized  i need to pay tax on it but thats okay okay so it has made about five percent so far um in  december okay so now its about 21st of december but the bot is not going to trade between the  24th to the 3rd of jan because there is not much liquidity in it so its going to affect our  profit in december and january because the bot is not trading but lets see im going to update  it and as you can see this is uh this is all the history okay so there are some withdrawal which  is for the profit sharing we only do euro and usd and as you can see thats the win and  the loss for 500 okay thats the profit just kept on going up its about 15 percent so it  is pretty good okay so it has made profit about 76 all the way up and if we look at summarize that  okay i still have got 141 dollars that i havent used up okay so overall is about 3.78 after  profit sharing which is okay which is not bad and then so its about 3.7 percent and if we  look at the portfolio in november in total i only made about 0.34 in  the month of november or 0.78 which is not bad okay which is not bad yeah  so please do comment on what you think about my portfolio or if youve got any questions just  drop it in the comment section below and i would like to wish you guys a merry christmas this  is probably going to be my last video in 2021 if i dont see you again in 2021 i wish you a good  break over christmas and new years and i will see you guys in 2022. merry christmas and happy new  year and i will see you guys in the next video

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