Is Digital Consulting a technical job? | IT Consulting hierarchy | Q&A 1/6

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Is Digital Consulting a technical job? | IT Consulting hierarchy | Q&A 1/6 - read the full article about it consulting 2021, IT Consulting and from Hamza Rashid on Qualified.One
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all right lets take a look the first question we have is is digital consulting a technical job or not yes the answer is yes digital consulting is really really broad what is up friends thanks for tuning in my name is hamza in this video im going to be answering a lot of questions ive been getting on my channel if this is your first time here i talk about i.t consulting im based out of the united states lets talk about what digital consulting is one example i have up here is through mckenzie digital they are a pretty big consulting company and if you just read their website theyll talk about all the different things theyre doing with data artificial intelligence modernize core technology theyre also talking about automation and optimization so so all of this is related to technical stuff this is a very technical job so as youre watching this make sure you also leave your questions down in the comments below and i will be able to answer those questions too the next question i have up here is what through my video what is it consulting insideit consulting job how will be question and answer im not entirely sure what that means but if you are asking about interview questions then thats really going to depend on the the type of i.t consulting role youre applying for for example lets say we just looked at one of the digital consulting kind of roles and if the job youre applying for in it consulting is related to artificial intelligence then your interview questions are going to be very catered around the data science type of thing what stuff have you implemented before how what kind of ai technologies have you worked with and what are the different types of models but if you are working with a cloud computing technology then your questions are going to be totally different really around that one of the types of core questions youll be asked i mean a consultant really helps the clients accomplish their tasks their help them solve problems so so you the types of questions youll be asked is like how do you do that how do you gather requirements how do you understand the client how do you understand what they need to accomplish and i have some videos on that with the types of things we do and in different functional roles and as well as what it consultants do so ill link them in the description so make sure you check them out the next question i have here is on my video it consulting explain this is where i go a little bit deeper into describing what how the different types of i.t consulting roles there are so the question is that is there a hierarchy to all of this type of i.t consulting stuff so like does do you report up to someone else or is one type of i.t consulting higher than the other ones and i would say yes sort of a lot of times when were first starting out well be doing roles like the day-to-day function so at the typically in an organization youre going to be working with other business users youre going to be helping with their day-to-day kind of stuff maybe is data analysis or is how do you help them build a an application so its going to be more day-to-day kind of roles and maybe smaller applications youre helping them build and gather requirements for or youre coding depending on your role but as you get more experience in your role then a lot of times consulting companies will ask you to provide a little bit more of advisory types of roles then in that case youll be helping other businesses other clients figure out their strategies so you they might not have a certain application right now they think they have a vision on how they want to go move to the cloud for example so an it advisory practice is going to help listen to what the client needs what are what kind of existing systems they are they have right now how much money do they want to spend whats their budget and what constraints they might have in place so theyre going to know all of this stuff and theyre going to be able to look at it together and then theyll be able to help them out now someone who doesnt have that much experience clearly cannot provide that level of information youre build youre helping companies with millions of dollars of decisions so its not something like you have to be experienced and so in some ways yes there is a hierarchy of types of i.t consulting however it doesnt necessarily mean one is better than the other or one is reporting to the other its just different so definitely check that out if youre interested in learning about that hey friends if youre getting value out of this video make sure you like and subscribe and hey keep on being awesome

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