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coming up im going to show you the fastest the most simplest way to become an ios developer stay tuned what is up app nation it is steve p young founder of now normally we talk about the marketing strategies that you need to grow your app downloads and your revenues but today i wanted to switch it up a little bit and talk to the person out there who may not be a coder but still wants to learn how to develop his or her own ios app this is the exact strategy that i used back in 2011 that got me started in the app space and i wouldnt be where im at today if it wasnt for the simple so shall we get started lets go step one whether its with react native or flutter pick a programming language that you can fully grasp now for me i couldnt learn objective c it was way over my head but i came across this platform that allowed me to develop on android and ios me with my computer science minor in college i understood php i understood html so javascript was very easy for me to pick up and that allowed me to get started so really just pick a language theyre all popular out there there are companies out there who need a developer like yourself no matter whether its flutter react native or any of that stuff okay most people wont care so pick a language that you understand now step two this is the trick this is the hack are you ready for it start with sample code for me i found a photo gallery template that i used to modify into a flashcard app right i did all the voiceovers i did all the graphics i did everything in the app but starting with that photo gallery app allowed me to really understand the code and learn faster versus starting from the ground up with zero lines of code i was just able to modify an existing code learn how they were already doing it all these little swipe gestures oh figure out what the tap gesture is all that jazz and then launch that app which subsequently generated half a million downloads and allowed me to build a childrens app portfolio that i later sold but without starting from that code base i wouldnt have been able to build my second third fourth app and those apps i started with zero lines of code right i started all on my own so thats the trick all right let me show you some examples here whether youre starting in flutter okay you can see flutter beautiful apps that you can build within flutter google owns them so all right if you go at the very bottom and you can learn right like flutter does a great job how to build your own flutter slide puzzle you can do that right so you can read all the documentations but heres where you go samples all right im already here so im going to go to the samples and then you can find this slide puzzle code and you can start with that right maybe its a different maybe you want to modify it and change it up maybe you just want to keep it as is but having that sample code allows you to fully understand what theyre doing here what theyre doing there all the mechanics of that programming language now lets take a look at swift as you can see swift has all these samples using an app called swift playgrounds now you can get that on ipad or xcode so super easy and then you can download here and so apple has done a great job of making it easy for you to learn swift and again they have sample apps right here that you can check out to then modify make it your own change a few parameters here and there and then launch it and then youre off and running the last resource that i want to point you guys is a website called i love this its part of the envanto family okay you want to go to go under code i went under mobile and i clicked ios now if you want to do android you can do android as well here you have all sorts of templates that you can start off with you have this retro race game you could probably find a flappy bird on there you have this money money manager app and so if youre trying to build a budgeting app which is very popular as a first app for most people i found you can do that using this code again start with something thats already built modify it and then get started and your second third app you can start from the ground up zero lines of code it could 100 be you but for your very first app start with something that already exists okay here you can look through all the different templates ill go through a few more you have this relaxing sleep you have nfts all this stuff in here and you can find whatever your heart desires now if you wanted to look for flutter templates you can also do that on codecanyon so here it is the flutter templates right here you have a tinder like dating app you want to build a dating app great do that vpn app those are very popular lets see a weather app right and flutters cross-platform so you can have ios and android and then you have a workout app so again whatever your heart desires you can find out there on the internet but the trick is one to summarize find the programming language that you actually can understand all right especially as a non-coder like myself and step two start with the template that allows you to really learn a lot faster than starting from the ground up every programming language is going to teach you how to build a hello world app all right super simple but beyond that thats easy beyond some of that functionality if you want to get into some tricky functions and some animations and some cool things well starting with the template allows you to see how theyre already doing it and modify it to your own needs all right hope you like the switch up again subscribe to this channel if you want to learn some of those strategies to grow your downloads after you launch your first app and if you want to learn more about us and what we do well go check out all right ill see you on the next episode

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