How To Become a Blockchain Developer in 2022?

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did you know an increase for blockchain developers  in demand is going up between 300 and 500 yearly that seems like a lot of demand for  blockchain developers and the best part is well the best part for developers anyways is  its very very understaffed there are a lot of companies who need blockchain developers who need  this talent and theres just not enough of them in todays video im going to be sharing  with you how to become a blockchain developer in 2022 we are going to be talking about  what programming languages you should know what steps to take what really is a blockchain  developer and so much more before we get into it though make sure to hit that subscribe  button for more tech encoding related videos give this video a thumbs up and  lets just jump right into it i also want to give a huge shout out  to our sponsor of this video appify appify is essentially like your one stop shop  for everything for automating everything from web scraping data extraction and web rpa appify  is one of those tools that i actually used when i was well abused throughout my career but  one of the first times i used it was when i was in a coding bootcamp and i needed to make  an api and one of the great things about appify is you essentially can turn any website into an api  they also offer web scraping web automation and web integration so its your one stop shop  they offer hundreds of ready-to-use tools for marketing machine learning lead generation  etc and the best part is all ready-made scrapers have a free trial one example of appify is with  machine learning so you can actually generate large-scale data sets from the web for  training of your artificial intelligent models and as a developer you can build your own  scrapers and automation tools using the appify sdk an open source full-featured node.js library  for web scraping and automation and you can also earn extra income by renting out  the tools you develop for others to use in the appify store so its kind of a win-win  youre developing things but you also get paid by others for them to use it i have linked appify  down below so make sure to go sign up for free you will also get five dollar usd in usage credits  every month without any credit card needed and if you need an upgrade i got you you can use the  code tiffintech20 for a discount code of 20 off before we can really get into how to become a  blockchain developer we need to know exactly what is a blockchain developer now this might sound  obvious to some of you and others of you might be really curious as to what this role entails  so i really want to go through it to make sure we all have a good understanding of what exactly  it is the role of a blockchain developer is very highly paid and involves designing developing  apps and solutions based on blockchain technology now there are so many different routes you can  go with blockchain development and areas you can specialize in were not going to necessarily go  through that today but rather the steps to take in order to get your feet into becoming a blockchain  developer also its important to note people often associate blockchain development or blockchain in  general right with cryptocurrency and yes thats a huge use for blockchain but its not its only  purpose blockchain can record digital transaction of yes cryptocurrency but also data and other  information another example of where blockchain technology could really be used is healthcare  if you want to keep track of healthcare records and ensure they are unique i have in front of me  here the blockchain academy report for 2021 and some of these statistics about blockchain  development really blew my mind i knew it was really in demand and roles were growing  that way but i didnt realize just how much so im going to read some off for you and ill  link the whole report down below so if youre interested you can continue reading it some  of the things that they are stating for facts include blockchain developer with an increase  of 33 times is the most emerging job since 2020. its amazing also blockchain is at the top of the  list when it comes to the top 10 hard skills in 2020 based on a linkedin report big companies are  using or will be using blockchain-based systems in optimizing processes and then it talks a little  bit about salary but that always varies based on company and where you are located in this  report it says the average annual income in the us for a blockchain developer is 136 000  followed by 87 000 in asia and 73 per year in europe that could vary greatly based on what  company you work for how senior you are etc but thats some insight as to what blockchain  developers really make and also to just how in demand they are okay so we have an understanding  now of what a blockchain developer is and just how in demand it is but the next thing that i  really want to bring your attention to is why is blockchain even important we keep on hearing about  blockchain keep on hearing these buzzwords but what does it really do how do we benefit from this  technology blockchain helps the verification and traceability of multi-step transactions that  need verification and traceability so anything any transaction that is taking place that really  needs to be a verified but also something that is traceable something that is unique and  can be have a whole kind of what is the word just follow each footprint it leaves behind also  another great thing about blockchain technology is that it can help contract management and  audit the origin of a product so it really is almost like a i like to think of it as a  fingerprint it is unique and it is traceable okay that brings me to what programming languages do  you need to know to become a blockchain developer now of course this will vary if you already are  in a position where you are blocked or you are a developer its not blockchain developer  versus you have no coding experience and you want to become one obviously if you have  no coding experience and youre working your way towards a blockchain developer it will  take more time but it definitely is possible some of the programming languages that you will  need to know the first one includes solidity and theres probably no surprise here solidity is  the original smart contract development language and it was developed by ethereum thats used for  creating smart contracts and also different apps that are on a blockchain based platform such as  ethereum so this is a must-know language if you want to become a blockchain developer i have some  games that i really like to learn solidity one was space doggos its a bit outdated but i still  think its really worth looking into ill link it down below and then also too i use build space  as ive mentioned in a few of my other videos they give some great solidity courses and really made  me really understand it and once you go through building a few smart contracts with it its pretty  simple another programming language thats very popular when you are a blockchain developer  is c plus and its used for many blockchain projects including of course the infamous bitcoin  with c plus though its not only helpful if you are looking to become a blockchain developer but  just any developer in general its one of those languages that has been around for so long and  has stood the test of time another programming language thats very popular for blockchain  developers is python and actually i have in my notes here python currently is the second  most programmed common programming language in the world which i feel like i need to google this  is this actually true python is the second most i dont know if this was me writing my  notes at 2 a.m or this is actually true okay so right now in 2021 anyway so last year it  was rated number one and then jab and number two i guess it really depends on what site you  look in but essentially its extremely popular and its not going anywhere and python just like  c plus plus is one of those languages that you can transfer to so many different roles that its just  good to have those skills in general okay and then we get into some other things such as cryptography  so cryptography is fundamental to the blockchain almost every process uses some form of public  private key now you dont need to necessarily be an expert in cryptography however you should  understand the basics of cryptography and basic algorithms there are some other coding resources  that i will link down below if you are looking to really elevate or start your career as  a blockchain developer these are just some languages im not saying go out and learn them  all because thats definitely not the case but have an understanding of what is in demand  what is popular and then you can kind of choose from there where to start for me how i chose  where to start was simply by taking a tutorial on build space building some different solidity  smart contracts and kind of getting my the basics of them figured out that way and then from  there once i knew what the basics were and having that foundation you can make more educated  decisions on what language you want to learn next blockchain right now there is a lot of hype around  it and it can be easy to be is this going to be something thats here to stay or go away and  i think thats one of my favorite things about it though is being on the development side and  learning about blockchain development is you know that portion of it is here to stay whatever when  you go into investing or cryptocurrency it can go up and down and really all around and thats up  to you what you choose to do with that but when it comes to building the blockchain thats not going  anywhere and having these skills that are so in demand is i think really exciting and it really  excites me thats why im spending so much of my time learning about blockchain development at  the end of the day if you are looking to become a blockchain developer start with a tutorial start  with solidity start with one of these tutorials that teach you how to build a smart contract  and work your way up from there its really no different than if you want to become any developer  you just need to know what tools are used and then learn those tools i hope this video was helpful in  understanding what a blockchain developer really is why blockchain is important and also to  some of the most popular languages around it and also to some courses to take about it thank  you all for watching this make sure to leave in the comments other videos you want me to see  and i will see you all soon thanks everyone you

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