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as for the growing scenario and in this mode of  pandemic getting restricted to the four walls of your home is the necessity where they say stay  home stay safe so in this time what is that one thing that is helping all the business to still  grow and earn out of it undoubtedly thanks to the digital world where getting everything delivered  to your doorsteps has been so easy and accessible for the customers that it is not a big problem  for us online presence of your brand plays a very important role whereas it helps in increasing your  popularity getting new customers to your business more sales and ends up in better revenue now if  you are a budding entrepreneur or a businessman whos trying or planning to shift his business  online you have probably landed to the right place hi guys im nanya and welcome back to our  channel in todays video im going to discuss the importance of having online presence and further  tie it with white label application so lets get started so talking in reference to the online  marketplace as we all know the basic necessity would be to have your own mobile app and a  website from a professional approach of your brand so having these two in place you provide your  customer or user base that is more friendly approachable and brand centric to you so rather  than selling your product or any other window make sure you make your own now when it comes to  looking into the app world we at codeblue labs have successfully brewed thousands of applications  that have helped businesses to grow and provide a better reach we have developed outstanding  mobile application for 35 plus countries and provided businesses with best app and  distance solutions moving forward with our current topic my dear friends when it comes to  shifting your brand online as i already explained it helps a lot where it helps in brand building  more sales more customer and everything good now when you plan to start your business  online the first thing which would strike you is either to build a website or application for  which you require an app development company and if you are looking for one do contact us as we  have the best solution for your business growth getting back to the topic when it comes to  designing an application any company will refer you to three options which are number one  is sas based solution now these are ready to use application which can make you go live in no time  and obviously they cost less as compared to the other options but it does have few limitations  also because it restricts your customization on your app for example if you buy a car and the  company doesnt allow you to change the number plate the speaker and wants you to use the car as  it is with a growing time you will basically have the need to modify your car which you cannot  do to change the color which you cannot do so like this a sas paid application will somehow  restrict you and in coming scenarios you will have problem to upgrade it as it is required in digital  world the second one is customized solution now what happens here is here you build an app  from the scratch no doubt it is time consuming more costly and it requires more effort compared  to the other two because here you are starting to build something from the scratch coming back  to a car example imagine you want to buy a car but you start creating it from the scratch exactly  that is how much time consuming and more effort will a customized solution app cost you coming  to the third and one solution that i personally recommend to you if you are getting into apps is  white label absolution an easier explanation this solution can be defined as ready-to-use engines  for your application so what basically happens in white label solutions so my dear friend white  label solution are very much similar to sas based solution where you get a ready-made product but  here you have the leniency to customize and add the unique feature in your app where this is less  time consuming cost you better than a customized app and is no doubt better than a sas solution  application here you buy an application in its basic form and add your features and customize it  as per your logo color theme and the feature which makes your app stand out unique to be wise and  too smart white label solution is one thing you should go for as we all know in a food industry  what is the basic necessity a delivery partner a restaurant partner a delivery person so these  three would obviously be a white label solution plus if you are looking for a x factor  which is the main factor that will make out your app stand unique as compared to the other  food apps that can be easily customized in a white label solutions isnt that smart now if you are  convinced by the idea of a white label solution and need assistance we at codebrew are there for  you we have app demo videos popular clone apps feature books and lot more to give you clarity  about application and how your business can do wonders by going digital and for the more details  on the same topic where well be answering all your questions do contact us by the link in the  description below with this we come to the end of this video i hope you enjoyed the knowledge and  will be back to our channel we promise to come up with more videos related to id sector till  then you take care and keep drawing new ideas

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