10 EASY SEO IDEAS That Will BLOW UP Your Traffic in 2021


10 EASY SEO IDEAS That Will BLOW UP Your Traffic in 2021 - read the full article about PR trends 2021, PR and Increasing brand awareness from Neil Patel on Qualified.One
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- SEO doesnt have to be hard.

There are simple ways to grow your traffic.

Hey everyone, Im Neil Patel, and today, Im going to break down 10 easy SEO ideas thatll blow up your traffic in 2021.

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Number one, combine pages around the same topics.

Heres what people dont know.

If you have two pages that are on link building and they cover pretty much the same exact thing, Google wont know which page to rank.

Sometimes if youre lucky, you can get both of them to rank, but in many cases, theyll go back and forth, it confuses Google.

So what youre better off doing is combining the pages, combine the content, having one more detailed page, and then you should get higher rankings.

Now, when you combine the pages, you want to pick the stronger one, the one thats ranking better, the one that has more authority.

Take the other one with less authority, combine the content from the less authority page to the one thats more authority and the combine the links from that page to the stronger one, and you do that with a 301 redirect.

If you dont know which page has more authority, you can just put in your URL into Ubersuggest and then in the backlinks report, itll show you which one has more links and more authority.

Number two, delete underperforming pages.

Its better to have a handful of pages that drives a ton of traffic than having a site with a million pages that drive very little to no traffic.

Have you heard of a company called about.com? You probably dont remember them anymore because theyre not really on the internet anymore.

They took one big website with millions of pages and crushed it down into a lot of smaller sites that were niche focused, and then they deleted hundreds and thousands of pages of articles.

Why was that? A lot of the articles sucked, they werent detailed, they werent getting any traffic, no one cared about them.

Some of them were old or outdated, some of them were press releases, some of them were thin content, some of them were about topics that dont exist anymore.

Like for example, no one really cares to read about Myspace anymore because that social network is dead, right? If a business is crushed, no one really wants to research it anymore.

So if you only have pages that are thorough theyre great, theyre amazing and people want to read about them, then what youre doing is taking all the juice, all the authority in your website and directing them to the pages people want to read about it and it helps them rank better, which is the experience that about.com got when they crushed that site and turned it into a handful of smaller sites that were focused on a specific topic.

Number three, search for the keywords that youre trying to rank for or already rank for on Google.

Look at the Google ads.

If you look at the Google ads, thatll give you ideas for your title tags.

See people used to believe that if you want to rank at the top, its all about keywords in your title tag and your meta description, but its not, because if your title tag just says "SEO, learn SEO, SEO beginners guide, SEO today," and that was your title tag, versus "The beginners guide to SEO: Learn SEO in five minutes." The second title is more appealing, even though it may not have as many keywords, in theory.

What will happen is, because its more appealing, itll get more clicks.

It tells Google, "Hey, people prefer this more," so it should rank higher and the Google ads will give you a sense.

Because Google ads, they dont just rank the listing at the top that pays the most.

Its a formula based on quality score, based on: How much are they paying? Whats their click volume? Because remember, Google only makes money if people click.

So if youre willing to pay $10 and Im paying $5, but six times more people want to click on my listing for the ad, Google will put mine higher than yours, even though Im paying less because it makes Google more money overall.

So look at the Google ads for title ideas, which you can then take for your organic results.

- Number four, create infographics from articles that have high social share counts.

So you can use Ubersuggest.

It has a content ideas report.

Anytime you put a keyword into Ubersuggest, it tells you, "Hey, heres all the traffic for this keyword," but in the left-hand navigation, theres this content ideas report.

If you click on that, itll tell you all the blog posts around the web that are popular, based on social shares, search traffic, back links.

Look at the most popular ones, use that data to create infographics and you dont have to end up paying for them from scratch.

You can use tools like Canva to create one of those infographics for pennies on the dollar.

And what I like doing is, I reach out to all the people that link to the article which Ubersuggest content ideas report shows you and hit them up and be like, "Hey, I noticed that you linked to this article by Tim.

"I actually turned that content into infograph, "which makes it easier for your audience to understand, "so feel free and share it and link to it, "or even embed it within your article, if you would like." Number five, create video content on your top performing content pieces.

- Look, yes, Google is the most popular search engine, but what most people dont know YouTube is the second most popular search engine.

So take your best performing articles and create videos like Im doing here and pop them up on YouTube.

And its the same strategy, make sure you put the keywords in the title, have appealing titles, have amazing thumbnails, not boring ones that are like, (mimics snoring) but more so energetic ones that like, ah! Because if you do that, youll get one more clicks and then theyll start doing better.

So make sure you create videos on all your most popular pieces of content.

Try to keep your videos around the 10 minute mark.

Could be a little bit less, could be more.

I would try to avoid short videos that are three, four, five minutes long, but as long as theyre longer than that, typically youll do well on YouTube, especially if people are searching for those topics, youre getting tons of SEO traffic from it.

Number six, send link juice to pages that are sitting on page two or three of the SERPs.

So on Ubersuggest, you can track your rankings and itll show you, for your website, what keywords youre ranking for, what page you are and what position.

Look at all the ones that are on page two and page three, positions 11 through 20 or 11 through 30, and what I want you to do is see if you can link to those pages from other relevant pages within your site.

Thats called internal linking.

So for example, if I have a guide on SEO and I talk about link building, but I dont go really in-depth about link building, I may internally link to the article on link-building to help it boost the rankings of that page on link building, which then helps me rank higher.

Especially if that page on link-building was on the top of page two, maybe itll push it to page one.

- Number seven, create "Best" related articles.

Heres what I mean by "Best" related articles.

Anytime you do a search for like toaster ovens or tools, or SEO tools or credit cards, you always see like the best 10 credit cards.

the best 10 toaster ovens, the best 10 toaster tools, the best 47 SEO tools, and the list goes on and on.

What I found is people love "best" related articles, as long as youre genuine.

If you have a best related article and you just put yours at the top, thats not that genuine.

But if it really is authentic, youll do better in the long run.

Number eight, implement AMP pages.

So AMP is a form of accelerated mobile pages and what it does is it just makes your content load faster for mobile devices.

Ive implemented AMP on my site and what Ive found is in the United States, in certain regions, it doesnt really do much for my traffic, but in regions like Brazil, where I have my content translated, I found that adding AMP helped me get more traffic.

Number nine, use structured markup.

This will help increase your chances of getting SERP snippets.

You know whenever you search for something and then you see a little blurb at the top and Googles just pulling from it, thats an example of SERP snippets.

Its the easiest way to also boost your click-through rate because sometimes you have star ratings in there, things like that make people want to click through.

Unless the star ratings are really terrible.

Number 10, leverage backlink opportunities on Ubersuggest.

So when you go to Ubersuggest and you put in your URL and you go to the backlink section, in the left-hand navigation, youll see a backlink opportunity.

This shows you all the links that you should be going after.

And the way the report works is you put in two or three of your competitors and then your URL and itll show you all the people that are linked to your competitors, but not linking to you.

Because if someones willing to link to three, four of your competitors, the chances are, if you hit them up, theyll be willing to link to you as well, versus trying to hit up all these sites that dont link to any of your competitors, and when you hit those people up, theyre going to be like, "Hey, why do I want to link to you? Again, if someone links to three or four of your competitors, the chances are theyll link to you and this Ubersuggest backlinks opportunity report shows you all the opportunities for you to easily get links.

Now, if you need you help with your SEO, check out my ad agency, NP Digital.

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