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Welcome to the Java Masterclass, where youll learn real world programming skills that will enable you to get your first Java programming job or perhaps a more senior Java programming position.

Java in 2021 is still incredibly popular and heavily used.

And theres never been a better time for you to obtain Java programming skills in order to take advantage of the loads of job and freelance opportunities that are available for Java programmers today.

Hi, my name is Tim Buchalka and Im your course instructor and Ive been a professional software developer primarily in Java for the last 20 plus years.

Overall, I have about 40 years of real world programming experience.

Yes, I am old.

This course covers Java full stop.

What I mean by that is that its a very comprehensive Java course and it will literally take you from downloading the free tools that you need to be able to program in Java through to writing your first Java program, and then to more and more advanced concepts, basically taking you to the stage where you can really write your own advanced Java programs.

The course itself is a massive 80 hours of video training and is constantly updated apart from the videos that are included.

Theres also lots of other coding challenges and programming exercises that are included.

Theyre there to help ensure that you fully understand the material that youre being taught.

The support for any questions you have is second to none if you leave any questions in the Q&A section of the course, we very promptly get back to you, answer your questions in detail, and youll be answered either by myself or one of my teaching assistants who have personally handpicked to ensure that theyre able to help with any questions you may have relating to the course content.

You may have noticed that this course doesnt support the current version of Java, which, as I recall this video in July 2021 is Java version 16.

There are lots of versions of Java and most expire and lose support after six months.

There are a few select versions of Java that are designated as long term support versions or LTS.

Oracle, the owners of Java, it on these versions.

Whats more, the industry, i.e. your future employer, uses only these LTS versions for production work that have long term support.

Generally speaking, you dont want to waste time learning the latest version of Java.

If that version is going to expire in a few months and not get used by the industry, you typically want to stick to the versions that are in use by the industry.

This course supports Java 11, the current long term support version of Java.

And right now Im hard at work getting prepared to update the course for Java 17, which will be released later this year in September 2021, as soon as a feature complete version of Java 17 is available.

Ill get to work updating the videos in this course and youll get those updates free so you can rest assured that I continually update the course as new major versions of Java come out and Java 17 is no exception.

If you want to know more about long term support or whats the reputation, of course, explaining this and Ive been updated its course free of charge since 2016 and will continue to do so.

This is far and away the most popular and successful Java course on YouTube.

Now, apart from the content itself, its the support and updates that I think have helped it become so successful.

Im here to make sure you learn Java the right way and will support you along the way to your journey in becoming a Java programmer.

By the end of this course, youll know Java at a deep level and youll be able to write your own advanced Java programs.

One question I get a lot from students is whether this course will help you get a Java programming job.

As you could see on screen, a lot of students have obtained a job as a result of taking this course.

These comments are from real students who took this course and got a job and you can do the same.

Now, some students went on to become Java certified.

Got a job that way.

Others went straight into a job.

And again, theres no reason why you cant do this as well.

The ideal student is anyone who wants to learn the Java programming language, no previous programming experience is assumed.

So its ideal for new programmers or programmers new to Java.

Now there is intermediate and advanced content as well.

Towards the end of the course, no other prerequisites are required to take this course.

So you ready to get started? Well, click on the enroll button on this page to get instant access.

But also you can use the preview button on this page to check out some of the course videos if you want to do that before making your decision.

I look forward to seeing you on the inside.

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