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hello everyone in this video im going  to show you how to play power daredevil for this purpose i have created  10 studies for you to play through each progressively getting harder by introducing  more and more concepts of staff daredevil your task is very simple beat the dps number i  show you using the skills that you are allowed to use in that study my example rotations will always  have some fundamental gameplay mistakes that you are supposed to recognize and then not make those  same mistakes when you try to beat the level to give myself an unfair advantage over  you and prevent you from just getting lucky with especially high critical hits im  going to use stat infusions in studies 1 through 7 and in study 10. these give me plus  90 power so in order to beat my dps numbers it is not enough to just copy what i am  doing you have to do it better than me since study 8 and 9 will be hard on their  own i do not use that infusions there what you need you need a fully geared staff  daredevil no stat infusions are required though although they help you certainly if  your armor pieces are exotic that is okay anything more than that will severely hinder  you to the point where any comparison to my dps numbers is basically impossible if you feel  like the challenges are completely out of reach due to bad gear it may be probably worth it to  get good gear first after all in raids your dps will be influenced by your gear so getting  the correct gear is vital if you have full exotic armor when doing the golem setup you can  additionally put the fear condition on the golem this will somewhat counteract your disadvantage  and make the studies may be more manageable you need buff food and utility  you can try to do it without but you will quickly realize  how irreplaceable they are and you need your brain some of the studies are  really not easy and require some theory-crafting and thinking and understanding if you manage to  beat study nine you are not a newbie anymore you are a genuinely good staff daredevil player if you  need help at a certain study feel free to ask me i can give you a hint without further  ado lets begin with the setup in the background you have seen already how to set  up the golem and yourself you can re-watch this part of the video if you need to see it  again well talk again at the end of study 9.

congratulations you have done it study9 was  really difficult it required you to beat 97% of the benchmark this is especially without  stat infusions a really big accomplishment if you manage to do it you are now prepared for  the final study study 10 the actual raids there you are constantly faced with difficult decisions  that call into question all the wisdom from the previous nine studies can you really flank for the  seven percent extra crit chance or do you need to stay in front of the boss do you need to preserve  a dodge for a dangerous mechanic or can you profit from the 15% modifier from havoc specialist can  you really afford to animation lock yourself for your staff to spam or should you delay your  burst slightly to sidestep another attack at this point the golem cannot teach you much more  the rest will come by doing actual raid fights in raids you will encounter more questions a fight  where magnetic bomb are present they will be very strong so you will take the improvisation trait  and then you have to incorporate the magnetic bombs into your burst rotation how you best do  this is up to you to discover my recommendation would be to watch real experts during speed runs  qadim speedruns and samarog speedruns contain some excellent daredevil gameplay you can study the  previous 9 studies have prepared you to do this from my part thanks for watching  and i hope you enjoyed it

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