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i.t out staffing in ukraine advantages and how to get started by procoders your idea is the most important thing when it comes to creating software that is because there are easy cost-effective ways to realize your vision without you needing to understand how to write code out staffing is an easy and low cost way to build a dedicated development team or meant your existing team basically thats a different way to define staff augmentation it out staffing to ukrainian companies has become popular due to comparatively low cost talent pool convenient time zone strong reputation for quality [Music] outstarving in ukraine can be a very effective and cost-efficient way to develop a project to augment an existing in-house team many companies have already discovered the advantages of ukraine i.t outstarting to ukraine has allowed them to build their products at a fraction of the cost ukrainian it out staffing is most useful when your project will need ongoing updates and improvements you need additional or specific technical skills not available internally your project does not have clear technical requirements or your project needs to be scaled on short notice it out staffing in ukraine advantages and how to get started [Music] out staffing gets you the right technical skills quickly outstaffing requires significantly less investment than hiring in-house developers it is very similar to employing a contractor a model that many businesses already use with temporary staffing agencies ukrainian out staffing allows you to add highly skilled developers and right size your team for your project letting you kickstart a big project quickly or scale your team to meet deadlines if you are considering it out staffing ukraine is a great option due to the large concentration of development talent ukrainian out staffing companies will often keep a pool of developers in reserve so they can respond quickly to clients and allow them to easily build the size of team they need when building or augmenting your team it is not much more difficult to bring in a team of 10 developers versus just one ukrainian it talent is world-class ukraine is one of the top destinations globally for it development talent and with a concentration of schools dedicated to i.t ukraine continues to grow its talent ukraine is estimated to have approximately 220 000 it professionals a number that is continuing to grow by 20 000 a year supported by a large number of ukrainian universities that have specialized it programs ukraines vast labor pool of it professionals makes it a great location to find specialists to build a team or complement your existing team skill set ukrainian developers can be brought in for a fraction of the cost of a similarly skilled developer in most western countries due to the quality of it professionals in ukraine and their relative cost-effectiveness many startups and established companies rely heavily on ukrainian itr staffing to complement their in-house teams the significant demand for ukrainian i.t professionals has resulted in many ukrainian developers having built up strong practical experience creating applications for different industries and learning industry-specific practices and requirements ukrainian out staffing saves money ukrainian i.t out staffing requires significantly less investment than hiring in-house developers or outstaffing to locally based developers in western countries outstaffing allows you to tap into world-class talent at affordable rates it is far cheaper to bring in a ukrainian specialist with extensive experience than to take on the salary and costs associated with hiring locally in the united states or other western countries a secondary advantage when using an outstanding team is the reduced office space requirements for your business the cost savings from salaries hr costs and reduced rent allow you to reinvest in your business focus on your products or spend more on marketing and sales [Music] ukrainian ad staffing is convenient unlike with firms located in asia ukraine is located in the gmt plus three time zone which makes working with european clients seamless additionally gmt plus three has good daytime overlap with north american time zones and ukrainian i.t out staffing firms will often adjust their staffs hours to improve staff availability and communication with north american clients out staffing puts you in control [Music] without staffing you dont have to relinquish control of any part of your project or operations and your remote team is dedicated exclusively to your project your team is on board to your company and project using the training you specify you manage your team of out staff developers in the same manner as your in-house developers you can communicate directly with them any time you see fit during their working day and management tools let you regularly review their activities and progress why you should use procoders for your out-staffing needs [Music] procoders is a development firm with over 10 years of experience that is focused on hiring the best development talent in ukraine and creating great software products for its clients procoders offers outsourcing and out staffing solutions that fit your business needs team development model procoders team of developers have been vetted for their technical skills and english ability to ensure they produce quality work and can seamlessly communicate with clients additionally when you decide to build a team with pro coders you are able to interview and vet each of the developers yourself to ensure they are a good fit for your team procoders is client focused and its management team is responsive flexible and ready to respond if you need to adjust your teams size or length of the engagement you can rely on pro coders to be your out staffing partner to help bring your software vision to life subscribe our channel and read more about it out staffing in ukraine advantages and how to get started at 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