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- Mr beast literally puts his life on the line, with so many of his challenges.

And were going to talk about that as well as #TeamSeas.

- [Mr Beast] A marathon is 26 miles and today with no prior training, were going to attempt it with the worlds largest pair of shoes.

- Im nervous already because two problems arise here.

One, running a marathon with no prior training, incredibly bad for your body.

Now Im not just talking about your joints, your muscles, your tendons, Im talking about your kidneys.

When you have a rapid breakdown of muscle tissue, which happens during a marathon because of the tremendous stress your bodys under, you actually break down that muscle tissue, releasing myoglobin, which is actually toxic to your kidney.

No joke, Ive seen people who were untrained run a marathon and then pee blood after.

- Wow. (laughing) - And then running in these shoes obviously thats ridiculous.

My man, everythings going to hurt.

Anything you put into your shoe, the amount of foam there, the flexibility of your soul that will affect your ankle, then your knee, then your hip, then your low back.

- Each of these shoes, weighs five pounds, thats 10 pounds in total.

- You know, whats going to probably be sorest on him, knees for one by far, also on his anterior tibialis muscle, because thats the muscle that has to bring the shoe up, in order for you to take a step without tripping, and its going to be even worse with this giant shoe.

- This shoe was constantly scraping the side of my feet and it was getting extremely painful.

So we had to do some modification.

- So theyre wearing a shoe over shoe.

Do you see how important proper foot wear is? The human body works through a biomechanical motion that has evolved over millions of years.

And its all very well thought out.

Its a beautiful process action.

Your weight distribution, how your foot strikes the floor, how the muscles bear the weight of that impact and how your arch is supposed to take in some of that force.

You negate all of that by strapping this giant shoe to the bottom of your foot.

- And this is Joey Chestnut.

- Ah, Joey Chestnut.

Joey Chestnut crushes it at the Hot Dog Eating Contest.

(pizza crust crackling) - What the freak is he doing? - This is as fast as I can eat.

- Competitive food eaters scare the life out of me, because I have no idea how they consume an absurd number of calories.

And dont A, put on weight B, dont rupture their stomach.

Its just like a magnificent feed. Its almost like magic.

Think how much salt is in there.

How much sodium is in there.

Thats a huge load on your kidneys.

What do their bodies go through? - [Man] Theres no way I can do this, no.

- No, he does it so fast, too.

- One final bite. Oh my God! Before we started, we weighed him and he weighed 229.

Lets go see what he weighs now.

- That was one of the hardest challenges in my life.

- Step on the scale.

Lets see how much weight you gained.

No way, he weighs 250.

- Well, he drank a lot of water too.

God, I cant imagine what going to the bathroom after that must be.

Not going to lie though, I would probably fare pretty well at this.

(beeping sound) - [Mr. Beast] We will be spending 24 hours in this insane asylum.

- First of all, we dont call the insane asylums.

We dont have insane asylums like this.

We actually also moved away from using restraints in patients.

We prefer using someone to watch over them.

Perhaps medication options to help calm them down, but this is just like really barbaric.

This is like what used to happen 200 years ago.

- So were letting Chandler poop and...

- I tore my labrum and my shoulder and like popped out of socket and really hurt.

- How did he tear his labrum? - Whoa! The fact that his shoulder is dislocated is a really big problem.

The most common form of shoulder dislocations are anterior shoulder dislocations.

You need to put them back cause otherwise its really a lot of pain.

- The doctor said that theyre pretty sure that Ive blown either one or both my eardrums, because my eardrums are full of pus and stuff like that and I have an infection.

- This is a difficult explanation here.

He may or may not have blown an eardrum, which you could see if you just do an autoscope exam there, if thats the case due to an infection, that would be treatable with antibiotics.

So Im not sure if theres like a eustachian tube dysfunction thats also simultaneously going on, which is the tube that connects your sinuses to your ears, which can make like popping sensations, pressure differentials become quite painful.

The idea that he has just like nighttime ear pain, randomly warrants further investigation, or at least a better explanation for me.

- In this video, we will be eating a $70,000 pizza.

- Thats an expensive pizza.

- [Chef] An ounce of gold thats covering the crust.

10 year old Parmesan milk.

Japanese beef has been marinated overnight in a $ 10,000 dollar bottle...

- This is so ridiculous.

This is only in America. Gold is an inert substance.

So its going to just like go through your digestive system and youre going to poop it out.

Not something that I recommend eating regularly.

Dont eat metal. Like guy, thats a pretty standard piece of medical advice.

(soothing music) - Oh my God. Straight up. I really, really like it.

- No way.

- So were going to act like my channel was hacked.

And the only way for me to get my channel back, is to raise a million dollars through selling body parts and organ.

You see your body parts are actually worth a lot.

- They are, but theyre not legal to sell, especially here in the United States.

There is actually one country where you can sell your organs and it is legal.

Its one country in the whole world, Iran.

- Kidneys are 200,000. Whoa! I can get 200 grand for a kidney? - You can live with one kidney, but you have to be very careful in that instance because you got to take care of your soul kidney.

You gotta watch out for medications that you can take that can negatively impact your kidneys.

Advil, Motrin, Aleve, things that you wouldnt even realize, could pose a serious, serious risk to your kidneys.

- Skeletons, three to five grand now.

- Who is selling skeletons? Hes definitely reading like a board game, nothing like, it has nothing to do with reality.

- Liver. Okay, so according to this article, obviously you cant live without.

- No, you cant live without your liver, but if your liver is damaged, it does regenerate.

And if you cut pieces off, we actually see it regenerate.

- So technically if I donate half my liver, the other half will grow back.

Therefore Im definitely selling half my liver.

So were going to add that to the list.

- He has a Microsoft Word file open selling his organ.

- According to this article, people can survive, even if an entire lung is removed.

- I actually had a friend growing up.

His dad was unfortunately attacked in New York city as a taxi cab driver, and he was left with only one lung.

You can live with one lung.

- A gram of bone marrow, is worth $23,000 on the black market.

- You could actually do bone marrow donations even now, for people who are battling cancer.

For example, my mom needed bone marrow donations from individuals.

So dont expect to get 23Gs though.

- Im going to attempt to sit underwater, for 24 hours straight.

- This ones painful to watch because a lot happens here.

- So I have this tube right here, and this tube is going to be constantly feeding me oxygen.

- Theres just so many variables and stresses that his bodys going to have to face.

Like his skin is going to prune.

Hes not moving well.

Cramps of his muscles.

Hes also going to have obviously sleep deprivation because hes going to be out for 24 hours.

Theres just a lot of things that can go wrong and very easy for him to feel unwell and need to leave the challenge.

- Now my hands are so soggy. - Oh my God! - Also, I think this is a chlorinated pool.

Extended exposure to chlorine, actually can cause skin irritation, damage rashes.

When you see individuals spent a ton of time, submerged in water, their skin actually starts breaking down and then they start getting fungal and bacterial infections.

The skin prune thing, is probably the most interesting part of this video because a lot of people assume that the skin pruning has something to do with electrolytes or things like that.

Thats what I even used to think.

This is an autonomic nervous system response that helps us better navigate wet surfaces and wet objects.

And the way we actually found this out is because we found those who had nerve damage to those areas, werent pruning in water.

So its crazy that our bodies have evolved in order to help us survive when we get wet by giving us extra traction, as if we had tires on our feet, how cool is that? - I need some air.

- Okay, I wish he had an oxygen sensor in there to know how much oxygen hes getting.

There may have been periods of time, where there was a lot of CO2 in there, not enough oxygen.

He could have easily started developing hypoxia from lack of oxygen in there.

- The little update and actually its starting to get a little freezing in here.

- The water being not body temperature, even if its 70 degrees, you know, it may feel okay.

It can actually cause you develop hypothermia in like a few hours because the water is so cold and your bodys not acclimated to this, cause your natural body temperature is around 98 degrees.

You can start developing hypothermia because you arent able to keep your body temperature up.

- But I randomly started feeling extremely sick while sitting under water and I had to come out.

Like I just had this strong urge to throw up.

I think its because the water was constantly moving.

I was just getting really seasick under there.

- Seasick, hypothermic, pruning, hypoxic, not enough oxygen.

Theres just so many variables in here that make him feel unwell, its not surprising that he had to come out.

- Im gonna spend the next 50 hours, buried alive in this coffin.

Probably the dumbest thing Ive ever done.

- This one legit scares me because hes going to be trapped in there for awhile.

- Oh, stop.

- I got to imagine he fell through it and he just fell right onto his body, broke a rib. Oh! - I tried to turn around, it was like very narrow on the other end.

- I love that he has food and hydration.

Thats all important.

I really hope he stays mobile in this thing.

By not moving for long periods of time, blood actually stagnates in your body, especially in the lower extremities.

You can actually have clots form that then can get loose, shot up into your lungs and cause a pulmonary embolism.

- Youve officially made it underground, 24 hours.

- Wow! - Really? - So how do you feel after being in underground for 24 hours? - My back hurts, starting to feel claustrophobic.

- Claustrophobia is a legit phobia.

A lot of people suffer with this.

Its one of the top phobias in the United States.

When youre not moving, youre putting pressure on certain areas.

You could actually develop bed sores.

For patients who are paralyzed, we have to constantly reposition them.

Otherwise we have decreased circulation of skin to that area.

It starts getting red at first and then it actually opens up as a sore.

It can turn black and like a full hole in the body.

- I have to poop really bad, but Ive decided just to hold it.

- Not pooping for 48 hours is not the end of the world.

You know, patients can go a week without pooping.

And obviously thats like a constipation diagnosis, but its not something that is lethal or deadly.

(fireworks bursting) This is probably the most dangerous part of this video because if any of that fireworks smoke actually got into his coffin, he can actually get really sick from carbon monoxide poisoning very fast and they might just think he fell asleep, but hes actually developed carbon monoxide poisoning.

Thats one of the symptoms.

Do not allow smoke to occur in an enclosed space.

That is literally deadly.

The reason I actually reacted to all these Mr. Beast videos is because Ive teamed up with him and creators from all around the world to promote Team Seas and the international effort to raise $30 million to remove 30 million pieces of trash from our oceans, rivers and waterways.

All you have to do is head over to, to learn more and donate as little as $1 to remove one piece of trash, or simply share this video with the #TeamSeas to help make sure that our oceans are happy and healthy.

If you want to watch me kick some butt and box, literally box cause Im a doctor boxer now, click here to check that out and as always stay happy and healthy.

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