UPDATE: Yul Edochie React To May Edochie New Lifestyle As He Warn AY COMEDY Over His Wife.

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UPDATE: Yul Edochie React To May Edochie New Lifestyle As He Warn AY COMEDY Over His Wife. - read the full article about React update, Web Development and from Adadiche Vlogs Tv on Qualified.One
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hey hey hey my people well another finnish show dont come out again conquest audio people with the cause of social media social media in the way they write rubbish for a comment section if you put something he said just see someone have you make a lot of people angry very angry oh some people are even wishing my family dead i dont understand see me im not deaf im not there for god he might hate us if you love me my trip love and blessings follow you if you pray for my damn fault may damn consume you if my lifestyle will not concern you depend you make pain you well well if you wish my family dead that you shall be your posture you you wish me well it shall be way with you 10 times over mm yo my people and i dont have them you dont cause all the other people with you all the where could they write their concerns because if i say in front of him too much now why people could called help and make good attack all in france where they happen for the new investment way they secure up and that way the side contract up and down so my people that you are caught they called people with their kosamu he said make on a go beyond a point where they wish im dead people where they wish and then go beyond a person you know they let them i met before before they be family friend though let me friend though that because of maybe i ever i cannot say what you doing no good you know you said for me i dont see and say youre good or bad the only thing i see me say youre supposed to tell your wife me are you supposed to know chop them for no before they say happy if not me i know you take a like im not gonna lie you because where people comment on this the way your talk you all talk where people comment people comment to people people very so comment people see that some people get stupid when they support them you know so i could bring the person i go yeah but like i read them for those of you well no fee see and where so all sister oliver i can say mm and mm for the two where you are right maria would they want to follow say here you are one of the most beloved celebrities in nigeria your fathers are not hating you they are responding to the energy you give them since you married your second wife and naturally feedback for your first wife man please handle your situation with care give your friends positive real and resume energy and they will they will return it for yes you cant beat a child and tell him not to cry what happened is not the main issue now it is the method you are going about about it that is the issue of your audience and the trials there are certain steps you will take in hand in this and it will no longer be an issue you are very much loved your first loves you and wish you well i wish you a love and family the best a adult remember you are a celebrity if your fans stop responding to your energy and your business your value wouldnt be what it is in the industry with influence comes possible responsibility so they will respond to you brought in good and in in in topless time if they stop there completely you lose the relevant staff cover from and need to stay at the top which does it quickly translate to bigger per day a case a case of you cant eat your cake and i have it so handy you can do your first with care love and most importantly with fats okay so another year where where where the the rest of the people they respond say mickey hanselam with kyra so this one talk okay so another person you see right on plenty of where people say choco people cant respond another person called experts say marry a best advice man this one was a true talk man this one said mommy mommy on facebook you did well i want to be like you thank you why would they advise this old man i think i think hes saying that king can be for honeywood movie he just you see a lot of comment is coming good one advice a lot of things so first your drop that make that that message so all the people where they cost like they caused them back nine nine people caught the advice of this man adventure where people caught their reply say because of god god bless you man you always say the truth he bless you really good for this wonderful reply and so you are one of the most beautiful beloved celebrities in nigeria that that was then mama anyway i dont support you people wishing his family dead but he is he is in he is an ingrid and he is getting getting the effects of his own course this is what another person said prisca duro said this so a lot of comments are coming my people i will see put it here you people read by yourself so people are people i reply what maria would they watch who said some of our people are so if you told me because uh youre causing fast about people where they cant make your family die but you know good now why dont they go to do like that i beg your family they know as they go so to yourself after after all this sucker for these days you know be sick you can go give him papa complex on sunday since that time i may just become a gay life because the woman dont move on innocent self you dont even care i i like the way she handled it so im not gonna leave them alone what will not be said as they give us content maybe they carry and make it back or not across them not gonna they talk about were supposed to be waiting on a hair for their mouth like me whether that dj i know they talk anyhow i thought you were here for the about to make one i use on hand here listen to them because i know if you talk with me i know see i know they i didnt didnt i dont know what to do they do my people wanna start to because nigerias fans have a social media stop causing your education brother hes my lovely brother and still love him no matter what so hes not defense and he will not be the last so my people may will just be pray for them may god unite the family together make peace come and rain please i beg on man i dont they cause them again no youre too not the reply people even if they talk you know to your public figure your actor and you are a producer of everything so people know you you you have friends people love you so you dont need to be replying rather you pray they let them understand you see what maria right wrote dear hes a good advice to take it okay i use it wisely stop coming online all the time making video talking about the same matter so i see other people mata wrote going on and very soon you go quick youre always doing hes not going every day every day this time you are pushing your wife responsibility you do sometimes on this day dont stop you dont rest because you dont get what you want i said dont carry and go you typically go show your papa and i dont receive the might dont count that see for the family so make youtube rest make yourself worse find out what that thing will do god bless you she said will not get work now now and angela youth lazy people but it will not be another day i they wont go i just use this one they do they follow body they also support the social media people they get used waiting to happen so when i say make i tell you so my brother handed it with care now your family now your case now you know how you go take candela so make i live when i am on watch the remaining video god bless you see you again in my next video bye hi guys i hope you guys enjoyed this video if you enjoyed this video please dont forget to turn some for the video share the video also comment drop your comment comment section and also tell us where youre watching us for from okay guys so this is we have me uh is having fun with your friends after a while show and they went to wedding so you guys know what is trending social media how your is your loss of what is going on because they believe that believe that what hes doing with chili will bring media but god bless her thank you when you get back to the house youll feel better your hair dont cool you know your your oh my hair dont cool whether its your wife or your girlfriend or fiance whatever right by the time you go out and and you know calm your head for a while and come back everybody who starts you know looking for ways to make up and all that and head will come down but no matter what no hit [Music] you

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