Mastering Bitcoin

Book by Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas Antonopoulos Blockchain Expert

Join the technological revolution that is taking the financial world by storm.

Bitcoin Mastering is your guide to the seemingly complex world of bitcoin, providing you with the knowledge you need to participate in internet money. Whether you're building your next killer app, investing in a start-up, or just interested in technology, this revised and enhanced second edition has the necessary details to get you started.
Bitcoin, the first successful decentralized digital currency, is still in its infancy, yet has already spawned a multi-billion dollar global economy. This economy is open to anyone with the knowledge and passion for participation. Mastering Bitcoin provides knowledge. You just deliver passion.

Mastering Bitcoin PDF

The second edition includes:

  • A broad introduction to bitcoin ideal for non technical users, investors, and business executives
  • An explanation of the technical foundations of bitcoin and cryptographic currencies for developers, engineers, and software and systems architects
  • Details of the bitcoin decentralized network, peer to peer architecture, transaction lifecycle, and security principles
  • New developments such as Segregated Witness, Payment Channels, and Lightning Network
  • Improved explanations of keys, addresses and wallets
  • User stories, analogies, examples, and code snippets illustrating key technical concepts

Mastering Bitcoin: Programming the Open Blockchain

This book is really a bitcoin reference from a technical point of view. It is written with profound consistency that allows you to get a proper view of the topic. If you're tech savvy, it's a typical textbook that doesn't get out of date quickly and gives you a good foundation that you can't just read blogs and attend meetings. Armed with the knowledge of this text, you can follow all the recent advances in this field.

A really complete blockchain review would also require good textbooks on finance and law. Not easy. For me, this is still a missing piece in the available literature.
If the goal is to understand technology, I'd say when you buy this book you have what it takes: reading more than once and doing labs is imperative (not free).