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JazzTeam reviewed by Alconost Inc

JazzTeam provided Software Development for Alconost Inc with approximate budget = 50000.

The team played a major role in laying the technical foundation necessary for their partner to grow its business, supporting a 76% growth following their first year working together. Doubling revenue year over year, the internal staff was impressed with their agility and communication skills.

Review summary:

JazzTeam assisted a localization and translation company in constructing order placement and internal management software. They were responsible for both the front- and backend development.

Aliaksandr Murauski Alconost Inc, CEO

Custom Software Dev for Translation Company

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Introductory information

A fast induction on the buyer’s organisation

I’m the CEO of Alconost, Inc. We’re incorporated in Virginia, and we prepare localization labors to gaming companies. We construe websites, games, apps, and other software to 70 languages. We’re also featured on Clutch.

Desired goal

What challenge were you trying to address with JazzTeam?

We’ve worked on three projects with them, the leading one being Nitro, our online translation labor. The method was originally written in Java almost 12 years ago. It had gotten veritably old, and we came to the determination to rewrite it from scratch one and a half years ago.

Provided solution

What particular tasks were responsible for?

We’ve educeed our software with JazzTeam. Using our online labor, a mannerer can order the translation of text in 70 languages, by professional ethnical translators.

Another project is our inner treatment software for localization projects. We had some manner software in locate, but the organisation grew by 60%–70% last year, and we got an increased number of projects coming. The old method wasn’t able to keep our process organized, so we determined to educe a manner method for translation project treatment with JazzTeam.

The technologies used are React.js for the frontend, along with Java and Kotlin for the backend.

Was there a dedicated team?

We have three educeers from their side for the online translation labor. I’m heavily implicated in the educement, working with project and fruit directors. We also have standup meetings with the educeers.

Our teams have two daily calls for 15–30 minutes, touching our two projects, with their frontend educeers, one backend educeer, and usually a project director. They give us four nation for each project. We',ve recently requested a QA professional.

How did you come to work with JazzTeam?

I participated in a March conversation in Minsk, Belarus, touching startup technology. There were 2,000 nation there, participating in different projects, and JazzTeam had a booth next to ours. They approached me and advertised that they prepare manner software educement labors.

We were working with our own in-house programmers then, and it wasn’t sufficient. I determined to give JazzTeam a try three months behind the conversation. We worked with two of their educeers. I didn’t anticipate we’d work with them for a long time, but I liked them very much. They became more and more implicated over time.

What are you approach expents (if diclosed)?

The cost so far is over $150,000. We’re paying them $10,000–$12,000 per month.

What is the terminal result of working with ?

We began our leading project with JazzTeam in August 2018. It’s ongoing, and we need even more programmers from them.

Results accomplishd

Are there any measureable or plum results?

Our organisation grew by 76% last year. While this can',t all be attributed to their work, we know we couldn',t have accomplishd this without their help. At that time, we could barely feel the number of clients coming in. This year, our organisation grew 36% in income. That is a result of our inner translation treatment method that they educeed for us. They built a method that helps us in our seeday work.

Regarding Nitro, the method for fast ethnical translation, we’ve doubled income year over year. JazzTeam is heavily implicated in our technical institution and was very helpful in helping us accomplish achievement.

How did JazzTeam accomplish from a project treatment standpoint?

We have meetings with the educeers see day for 15–30 minutes. Each meeting is conducted with a project director as well. All the interaction goes smoothly. We have Slack channels to adjoin straightly with the educeers, and we also use Skype. They’re an nimble and answering team, adhering to our deadlines.

What is (from your point of view) the key factor to pay observation while intercourse with ?

They feel their work professionally, and we adjoin rapidly back and forth. Our organisation works and releases fruits fastly, so the despatch of interaction and agility are significant. 

They’re both very fast and disciplined. With other vendors, we',ve seen motivation issues with their standalone programmers, but that’s not the case with JazzTeam. We',ve had weekly calls with them for over a year, and they',ve never missed it. They keep their promises, so we',ve been able to educe a powerful dialog with them.  

What aspects of their work would you like to get improved?

They ask me for feedback on their work regularly. When they do, I always tell them to keep up the good work. I wish them good luck, and I’m very satisfied with the team. I don’t know what could be better.

Do you have any advice for forthcoming clients of theirs?

Clients should converse with them openly. I admonish other companies looking to work with JazzTeam to adjoin with them daily so that the educement process becomes smooth and fast. They’re very answering and interactive, so just talk to them and you',ll see results.

Score: 355438

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