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Antoni Nantel-Provost Développeur web
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About Guaraná Technologies Design company in Toronto, Canada

Established in 2011, Guaraná Technologies is a top mobile app development agency based in Canada, with offices in Montréal and Toronto. Although we specialize in building native iOS and Android applications, building over 40 apps every year has equipped o

Were excited about building successful apps! When we wake up in the morning all we want to do is create apps: Apps that people will use… Apps that make money… Apps that top the charts.

Entering the mobile world is essential to every companys marketing strategy. Our experienced team will help you develop the best features and highest-quality user experience to maximize revenue and customer loyalty. Creating an effective mobile presence requires broad competence; Guaranas multiple skills make us your one-stop shop for app development.

Startups are our passion. Well be your partner and advisor throughout all design and development phases. Our team will work with you to build a strong scalable mobile application quickly and affordably. We understand your challenges and the iterations needed to reach your goals and well stay with you during maintenance upgrades and any future improvements.

Our talented team explains a little bit more about our values our mission and how we work.

Our team is always on the leading edge of mobile development. Every day we adopt emerging technologies and we consistently follow the newest cloud and hardware developments. Over 30% of our time is dedicated to researching stack enhancement.

We hold ourselves to the highest quality standards. The success of a mobile application project relies on providing the smartest UX (user experience) and the finest graphic design as well as high-level integration and solidly-built code. We commit to the best across all these metrics and we deliver our apps with a warranty that guarantees theyll be reliable and bug-free.

Guaranas team is growing every year. With each quarter we deliver more apps and bring success to more clients. We aim to become the worlds best mobile development agency. With this goal in mind we are constantly refining our processes and improving our methods.

Recently awarded top application development agency in Canada for 2016 by

Guarana Technologies is a team of smart mobile app developers for smartphones tablets wearable devices. We develop your ideas make it smart sexy code it launch it. Native iOS and Android.

Guarana was recently named a Top Application Development Agency in Canada for 2018 by and CrowdReviews.

We have built over 124 mobile apps that have acquired over 35 million users combined, and we have also been named one of the Top Application Development Agencies in Canada by Clutch for 3 years straight. We hold ourselves to our ranking by doing more than