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VoIP providers in Kyiv City

The virtual assistant phone answering services, IVR solutions and VoIP services are provided by all the largest UA Telekom companies. Here is the list of the most popular tech and services in Kyiv City:

  • QoS VoIP
  • AT&T VoIP
  • Jio Voice
  • Xfinity VoIP
  • OBiHai / OBi200 Google voice
  • Comcast Voice Edge
  • AT&T HD Voice
  • BSNL voice chat
  • FiOS digital voice
  • Airtel voice chat
  • Twilio voice

Kyiv City virtual receptionist

Hiring an experienced Virtual Phone Assistant has non been that easy. Ever. Remote telephone answering service in UA became even more popular after the 2020 Pandemic: for the vast majority of Kyiv City companies the virtual receptionist is a much more effective solution than an old-fashioned secretary or in-house call center.

Interactive voice response in Kyiv City

Automation is on it's way - and, to the certain extent, is already here in UA. Considering the call answering, the automated solution commonly incorporates IVR phone system, or Interactive Voice Response. It allows to reduce the human work drastically and shorten the way to the client's goal.

Call answering in Kyiv City

There are different ways of thinking about the telephone answering service: it can be both a super-simple pain reliever for a small startup, either a massive business process outsourcing service for a large UA company. In either case, the benefits of professional Kyiv City answering services make it the best solution in a large number of business cases.

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