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Agency Entourage, the brain child of strategic marketing firm Wave Omnimedia Group, takes a fresh and extremely effective approach to online marketing. Agency Entourage recognizes that so many businesses out there want and need to be doing online marketin

We would be nothing without our amazing clients. Its our clients who gave us our start and our clients who inspire us to give every day our all. We are at our most creative when working in partnership with exceptional businesses run by exceptional people.

You dont have to take our word for it – we demonstrate our quality in each campaign to earn your trust. Weve won over new digital marketing clients in a single brainstorming session. We cant help but be inspired by the outstanding brands we choose to partner with.

At Agency Entourage we operate on all cylinders – just not all the time. We believe its important to work hard while taking the time to enjoy life. Work-life balance is a huge part of our culture. Sometimes its a 15-minute break to knock out a game of foosball others its an entire day outside the office to enjoy the State Fair of Texas. We put our all into every minute of work so we can fully enjoy every minute of play.

This benefits our clients because our passion fun and enthusiasm for life come out in our digital marketing web design and social media work. Rather than burning the candle from both ends we take the necessary time to recharge with our families and friends. When we step back into the office were ready to turn the light back on full-power.

You could only guess our age by how we approach obstacles. We havent been around long enough to know when to quit. What does this mean for you? We do what it takes to accomplish our mission. Cant go under it? Cant go around it? Cant go through it? Time to go over it!

We dont fail – we just find one more way the strategy wont work. Quitting is not an option. You can trust us to do what it takes to sell your product increase awareness of your brand and to bring our creative best to every situation. Even if it means taking the road never before traveled.

One step into our office confirms creativity doesnt exist in a vacuum. From the beginning we put together outstanding creative teams to best serve each client. Our web developers work with our SEO marketing specialists who work with our account supervisors who work with our graphic designers. Everyone works together to bring about the best possible strategy for every campaign every time.

Our open office floor plan makes inspiration inevitable. Its hard to operate without the input of someone sitting 12 inches away. Every viral campaign is the result of the digital marketing industrys best and brightest working together in perfect harmony. We invite you to join our remarkable team.

We live a balanced life and have fun while we work. We believe in mentorship. We thank our clients often. We better our industry through the sharing of knowledge. We are inspired. We are committed. We are a team.

We are your entourage.


Marty Roche | Clinical Solutions | Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing

We live a balanced life and have fun while we work. At Agency Entourage we operate on all cylinders – just not all the time. We believe its important to work hard while taking the time to enjoy life. From foosball to intra-office contests to a day out at the State Fair of Texas we put our all into every minute of work so we can fully enjoy every minute of play.

In honor of the 2014 World Cup Agency Entourage hosted a ’World Cup of Foosball’ tournament. The office acquired a foosball table each team member represented a country participating in the World Cup and a bracket was set up. AE then made predictions for the official World Cup based on the foosball tournament winners.

Each year Agency Entourage picks a day to take an office field trip to the State Fair of Texas. The office closes early on Friday each team member receives a free ticket and a handful of coupons and everyone is set loose in the State Fair! In 2014 the Teambuilding Committee even put together an awesome Boys vs. Girls scavenger hunt.

Interested in seeing the inner-workings of a digital marketing agency in Dallas? Follow Agency Entourage on Instagram! Youll see everything from birthday celebrations to a State Fair scavenger hunt. Theres never a dull moment when you live the agency life in Dallas.

In honor of the Dallas Childrens Health Holiday Parade Agency Entourage hosted the annual Breakfast With Santa party. This party was for kids of all ages to meet Santa eat some cookies and watch the parade as it passed by our window at 1700 Commerce St.

Birthdays at Agency Entourage are no small affair. Each month the office gets together to celebrate any current or upcoming birthdays with the birthday persons favorite treats. On each team members actual birthday they walk into work to see a festive decorated desk!

The Agency Entourage team members participated in a ’Shoes Your Style’ contest. To participate team members went to and designed their own pair of Agency Entourage inspired custom kicks. Along with the shoe design the team member wrote a brief description of how the shoes represent AE and their individual goals for the year. The winner Emily Moreland took home her own pair of Nike ID sneakers (the same pair she designed).

Once a month the office comes together at lunch to watch an interesting TED Talk. The coordinator tries to keep the Talk away from digital marketing social media or online advertising topics. Once the Talk is over the watchers discuss their thoughts and develop great ideas for how to apply the lessons learned in everyday life.

When Agency Entourage acquired Numantra an Irving-based advertising agency the two teams were treated to a meet-and-greet happy hour at NYLO Hotel in Las Colinas. Our gracious hosts provided delicious appetizers and an open bar. Employees from both agencies had fun getting to know their new coworkers.

At Agency Entourage we leave no good deed unrecognized. Every Monday morning the AE team meets to acknowledge and appreciate one anothers help and support. No gesture is too small for recognition at our weekly Fireside Chat.

Collaboration is essential to an entourage. Every Friday team members from all departments come together for a quick fire drill – a five-minute brainstorming session. At these sessions employees discuss their current struggles or new initiatives to acquire support and inspiration from coworkers.

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The model is clearly working. With new employees eager to join the team and the addition of notable clients, Agency Entourage is seamlessly filling a void in the online marketing space.