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Aaron McLean Chief Operating Officer
Aaron McLean Chief Operating Officer
Bohdan Nikitenko Zhytomyr OWASP Chapter Leader
Darya Gakh Senior Product Delivery Lead
Denys Vodolazskyi Android Developer
Iryna Zachepylo Scrum Master
Joe Miller Director, Delivery
Matt Defrancesco Director of Sales
Vitaliy Moshkin .NET Engineer
Denis Vanat Senior Software Engineer

About Stuzo Design company in Philadelphia, United States

Stuzo is a leading provider of personalized and predictive commerce solutions for retailers, powered by products, services, and market leading insights platforms. Stuzo developed its Fuel Retail & Convenience Insights Platforms, comprised of Stuzo’s Marke

Stuzo helps Everyday Spend Retailers Know and Activate™ more customers and data in real-time leading to more visits more gallons and bigger baskets. Stuzos Open Commerce product suite consists of: Activate for Intelligent 1:1 Loyalty Transact for Contactless Commerce and Experience for Modern Digital Storefronts. Stuzos managed software services empower retailers to operationalize programs powered by Open Commerce and bring to market custom loyalty commerce and mobile storefront solutions.

There is a solution to every problem. The answer is always ’We will.’ The only question is how.

Change is the only constant. Progress is the only option. We invest in change today.

Technology moves at breakneck speeds. Winning = Velocity (Starting + Doing + Improving) gt; Everyone Else

Excellence is in the details. From first impression onward the details ensure we deliver solutions that delight.

Embrace your inner nerd. With our strengths combined together well make history.

Lets drive net incremental profitable behavior change together.





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The insights generated from these platforms enable Stuzo to create superior performing commerce solutions for retailers.