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you do realize you dont have to do all of this  yourself right over the last several months weve been talking about how to do a lot of these  interactions with vr how to make hands work how to pick up things how to do movement all that  kind of stuff but you do realize that there are some frameworks on the unity asset store that do  all of this for us right now ive always been a bit of a purist and i like to know how things  work and how the code works and all that kind of stuff but i thought it would be helpful to  show you guys especially the ones of you who are not self-proclaimed coding enthusiasts  and more lean towards the art side if you want to just get a vr project up and running  quick the five assets that im going to talk about in this video are going to be your best bet  for getting a vr project up and running quickly and relatively pain-free welcome back if youre  new here my name is justin p barnett and i do virtual reality tutorials and i actually am going  to start doing some devlogs here in a little bit to show you guys the process of making a vr game  from start to finish and releasing it on steam so id like to document that process show you  guys what all the steps are and how to do it and im not even gonna write all the code for all  of it im gonna use one of these frameworks that were about to talk about so lets jump  into it the first one and a free one i might add is vrtk virtual reality toolkit and before  i get too into this asset just know that right now as of the version 3.3 that its on currently  it does not work with unitys new virtual reality updates as of 2019.3 and above they are working  on a version 4 that theyre about to release in the near future so stay tuned for that but as  of this video it does not work yet but just keep this on your radar theyre going to update it  soon and version 4 is going to come out and fix all the bugs that are in it currently but to start  out with this is a great virtual reality toolkit its the name its a framework that you can just  drag and drop into your project and you have all of these kinds of interactions from climbing  to two-handed grabs to using guns to resizing objects to having snap zones for objects pointer  interactions haptic feedback highlighting objects you have doors levers buttons drawers knobs  a panel menu radio menus ui elements lots of things inside of this pack all for free so once  they get this updated i highly recommend adding this to your unity library the next one on my  list number four is hurricane vr and this one is also a virtual reality framework so you  could use this as an entirety for your project this one is a little more oriented towards  interactions and yes youll see the price is 59.99 the rest of these packs im going to talk  about are going to be paid but i think that they are well worth the price especially if youre  going to release your game and make that much and more back from your launch highly recommend  just fighting the bullet paying for one of these assets and you know saving hours of your life in  game development this one is similar to vrtk but the interactions are more fine-tuned you have a  lot more control over the interactions you have physics based bows and arrows you have finger  tracking with the valve knuckle controllers it integrates well with the final ik asset so you can  add a fully inverse kinematic body to this vr rig you have a stabbing system with the spears you can  stab through things you have you know locomotion which you would normally expect they have the  gravity gloves from half-life alex that you can use to grab objects from a distance you also  have dynamic poses so you can set hand poses for grabbing things you have basic gun physics and all  of the gun interactions that you would need for a fps game all the guns have recoil and physics  and that kind of stuff and then you have doors drawers all this all the other stuff you get  in vrtk as well also theres holsters so the this is a one complete package that you can use to  set up everything you just download this package and you have all of these assets and interactions  available to you to just start drag and dropping into a game to get up and running quick were  all about prototyping and getting games out fast trying to prototype fast fail fast fail fast the  goal is to test out game ideas see if theyre fun if they are fun try to riff on it try to make it a  little better turn it into a game see what we can do with that mechanic thats fun and try to make  it into a whole game that we can release if its not fun or not as fun as we would like to imagine  then the speed at which we were able to develop that with we didnt waste a lot of time we spent  maybe a week or two developing some very specific mechanics to see if our specific idea was good and  if not we can go on to a new project number three on my list is hexa body and hexa body is less of  a framework and more of a player controller as it says in the name hexabody vr player controller so  when you use this asset you get the walk feature run feature crouch feature but i especially like  the being able to do physics based climbing with this asset this asset nails physics based climbing  and being able to pull up on things and have your character throw off of it thats very hard to do  and very physics based and this asset nails that and so if you need walking running jumping  crouching climbing um it has ramps so if you dont want your player to go up a specific height  of incline it even has air acceleration like this is a very good asset for player controller so less  of a framework because a lot of the interactions arent necessarily there but being able to move  around and that kind of stuff hexa body vr player controller really nails that this next one is  a little bit lower in price its 39.99 and its auto hand and oh my goodness this one is amazing  so if youre looking for realistic hand movement i highly recommend autohand it has the most  realistic procedural grip it has the best feeling hands that you can oh that was weird to say but  the hands its just when youre in the game they feel like theyre your hands and you have this  little subtle finger sway when theyre moving around also its fully physics based so anything  you pick up will have the appropriate forces applied to it so if you pick up something heavy  its your hand will slide off of it or break and sometimes you need two hands to pick up stuff  all of that calculation and integration is a part of this asset its really nice theres you know  buttons leverage doors all that kind of stuff but also you know the the main appeal of this asset  is the procedural fingers so anything you grab it will automatically track where the fingers need to  go on that object when you pick it up and that is so cool and so nice in the next year or two this  is going to be the standard for any vr game going forward because this is the way that vr games are  supposed to be made so if you want realistic hands there arent any inverse kinematics yet and  climbing is not a part of this asset yet but the developer is working on them theyre in  development you can check out the developers trello board if you like and see where things are  in the process but once inverse kinematics and climbing get into this asset pack this is by far  going to be my favorite also the documentation and getting set up with autohand is so nice its super  easy to do it walks you through it and its pretty pretty simple to get going with auto hand so the  in the developer and the discord are very nice and the last but not least my favorite number one  on the list is vr interaction framework this is a full framework set up 59 99 us dollars highly  highly recommend getting this asset pack you have full gun integration you have a inventory system  you have ui system you have a climbing system you have physics based hands they have the gravity  gloves bow and arrow assets two-handed weapons you have a damage system destructible objects  inverse kinematics markers white boards grappling hooks you can slow down time jetpacks this this  framework has anything that you could ever want to do in virtual reality its absolutely incredible  and the latest update added vehicles and rc cars its ridiculous and if you have the final ik asset  this integrates perfectly with final ak so you can have a full inverse kinematic body theres less  of an emphasis on physics here than the autohand asset and thats why i pointed out autohand  because i love the physics and i think thats where vr is going i mean there are physics you  can add all that kind of stuff but if you if you just want to get a game up and running this  is the asset for you this is the asset that im going to use when i start doing my devlogs when i  start developing my first game im going to start out with this and were going to go from there  there we go my five favorite unity vr assets now these are all focused on more of a framework kind  of asset there a few of them were a little more niche in a certain direction like the character  controller or auto hand but if you want to get up and running with a vr project i highly recommend  using any of these five they work amazing links to all of them are down in the description if  youre interested in checking any of them out the links are affiliate links so they help me  out they help me make more videos so i really appreciate that and definitely join the discord  if youre not already we have a great community and its super helpful if youre trying to debug  something you can throw a debugging question in one of our channels or just hang out show off  your work any of that kind of stuff its a great community i think were going to be running a  game jam here in a little bit so join in for that thats going to be fun vr specific game jam stay  tuned for more details about that and as always i reply to every single comment on every single one  of my videos so if you have a question or comment just put it down in the comments and ill mix  it up down there with you all until next week

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