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- Im a little confused about the name.

Is it like Nreal? Are you just trying to say real with N in front of like Nreal? Or are you trying to say en real or is it like unreal and they took the U off and so Epic Games was justified in like suing them for using a name thats very similar to Unreal Engine? Mark any thoughts? (beep) I cant even believe that its here, which is actually a fair thing to say because Ive been kinda following these things since they just got announced in 2019 I think.

I think I did a segment on CES about the dev kit.

Cut to the segment.

The Nreal Light glasses have 10 ADP laser projectors that display images at 60 FPS with a 52-degree field of view.

But this is not the dev kit, okay? This is exciting.

Im excited because this is the Nreal Light.

People in Asia have had access to this for a long time.

But now its finally rolling out.

Im teasing you.

See, Im taking it halfway as Im talking.

Now its finally rolling out and I think the US, Canada and Europe, I think it rolled out in November.

The Nreal Light is here.

Theyve already announced the Nreal Air, which is a more advanced version.

And thats only rolling out in like Germany, Japan, South Korea, another place? So were not getting that yet, but were getting the light.

And this is a way to unbox.

Hey, should other people do this? - [Mark] Hurry up. - I kind of like this.

And there it is. Okay.

But look at that box.

Thats kinda nice, hey.

They put a tiny bra in here for some reason, scandalous.

Its one of the many nose pieces.

So I can try that out.

Are you up for some nose piece try-ons later? - [Mark] Yes.

- Im the worst unboxer.

Why do they keep letting me do this? How are you supposed to...

What? So this is not how...

Oh, it just pops out.

I guess these are maybe like the frame for like prescription lenses that you can have instead of putting the glasses on top of your existing glasses which is what Im gonna do? Well see how that goes.

So its nice to see, I mean, right off the bat that like, you know, its not just like a thing and they just give it to you and its like, if it fits, it fits.

There are going to be some options for customization it looks like.

Okay, is there a cable? Do you need to keep this connected to your phone all the time? Oh no.

I mean, thats fine.

Its early days.

Okay. Here are the glasses themselves, Nreal Light.

I mean, from a certain angle, you could maybe be like, oh, theres just a pair of sunglasses on the table over there.

Oh, what? Theyre a portal to another world? This is interesting.

This is the default position.

And then theres like flex to it cause they hook around your head a little bit more than normal sunglasses.

Yeah. Its a little bulky.

I mean, this is a little more streamlined than I remember them being when I took a look at CES.

But it still is like, I dunno, its pretty bulky.

Im kind of scared to put them on.

And this is interesting.

Heres like the glass.

And normally when you put on a pair of sunglasses, you have, this is your field of view, right? You can see the whole thing.

But on the light, the machinery, the electronics obscures half the lens.

So when I put them on, Im only gonna see, oh no, I cant do this with my glasses.

Im gonna have to take my glasses off.

Its touching my eyelashes.

Oh, its cause I dont have the nose piece on.

Oh dear.

Thats not good.

I mean, if I kind of like put it up.

So yeah, this is interesting.

I mean, with the HoloLens too, it also has that issue where it looks like you have this big field of view and then you put it on and you only have like a little square.

I havent turned it on yet.

So I dont know how much is actually happening, but were gonna find out I guess.

Quick overview of the outside.

Got a number of cameras on the outside.

So one over here and one over here and then one in the middle.

I think these might be for like recording or this one might be for recording and this one is for like the actual experiences.

We got maybe some sort of rocker here.

That might be volume although theres no speakers integrated.

Oh no, yes there are, there are integrated speakers.

So this might be volume, some sort of sensor here that Ive already greased up with my forehead.

Cause you wanna be lubricated when you slide into the metaverse.

Its like Tim Allen in the Santa Claus when he goes down the chimneys that are too small.

Youve seen that movie? - [Mark] Yep. - Okay, good.

Theres a hook over here.

That is for something.

Maybe you put the cord there. Oh.

So is that how you keep it on your face? You put it on your face and then you take the cord and now its not going anywhere.

Okay. Wow.

Ive never had my concerns with the product addressed so quickly.

Now thats customer support.

So what Im supposed to do is plug this in to this phone that theyve graciously provided that has all the apps available on it.

They do have like a list of compatible phones on their website.

So, if you are thinking about checking this out, make sure your phone is compatible first of all.

Im supposed to plug this in and then well get things really going.

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And now for the main event, you ready for this Mark? - [Mark] Born ready? - Were entering the metaverse.

Its happening.

I cant read that because I have to wear my glasses.

Thats not bad. That looks pretty good actually.

I gotta say though right off the bat, the field of view, I dont know what the horizontal limits of it are, but its taking up the entire field of view that I have, which is about like your whole body Mark.

Oh, that is brightness control.

So that rocker on the right, its brightness control.

My laptop has Windows Hello on it and it unlocked from this.

It could recognize me.

Turns out there is a screen recording limit of 30 seconds.

So I wont be able to record the whole thing and show you guys, but I will give you snippets.

Are you ready? So like, things dont look too bad.

I mean, like, you know, this is probably like one of the sharper VR screens Ive seen.

So it seems like there are a couple of different experiences here.

Right now Im on like the MR or mixed reality space where you have access to like apps that you can open.

Like I can open the photos app and then you can reposition windows.

So I can move this over all the way to where Mark is and make the app inside his mind.

Do you see all the photos now Mark? This is so weird.

The screen is drifting.

Like it its like confused by the surroundings and so it like, it gets confused about what to do with the screen and its like, tilts of like drifts away.

As I move my head around, I can still see the edge of the menu, but its being occluded by, I guess where the field of view ends on this thing.

So the other mode is air casting.

So if I go over here to say, switch to air casting, then I can mirror my phones display on the Nreal Light display.

So if I click that, itll stop the screen recording.

So I dont know how I can show you guys that, but trust me, thats what you see.

Its like the phone.

What is the use case for this? Like I understand HoloLens, you know, because its like hooked into the Microsoft ecosystem and youre like, hey, send this person a message on Teams and it comes up and its like all into the ecosystem.

But like, I dunno what, weve got some games over here that were gonna try out in a second.

Weve got regular apps like Twitter, I guess lets open Twitter and see whats up.

So Im going to open Twitter.

Im gonna reposition the window to the point where I can see most of it.

And this is not the app.

I opened the Twitter icon and its switched to the app.

We dont, enter theater mode.

Im so confused.

So it looks like all these apps over here on the left side are basically just, theyll open up like windows.

So you can use like, its like using a desktop app.


So I opened up YouTube and heres the YouTube homepage.

I can scroll with my phone screen.

Its like Im using a tablet I guess.

And I have like, my phone is the cursor.

I dont understand why you would ever do this.

Okay. We got Spatial here.

So that is an app that I know works on other VR and AR ecosystems as well.

Im not sure if its on HoloLens.

I think it is.

But it definitely works on Oculus and other VR headsets.

Oh, theres like a little animated thing going on.

And it turned into a real person.

Are you from BTS? I wish you could see this right now.

People are dancing on the flat surface of the table that is extended halfway to the camera as well.

Do I need to be here for this? Theyre just dancing.

And now people are fighting.

Theres a little elf fighting a big tiger guy.

And theyre both wearing like samurai futuristic armor and theyre using energy swords.

And we won that round.

I will say that if youve played VR or, I mean, I guess if youve played, I havent really tried HoloLens to any significant extent.

I did try, you know, a demo of these at CES as I said.

If you played any sort of VR games or sort of like AR games on your phone, its very similar except its like having the phone here because like the field of view that Im actually seeing is around this big.

So its like having a phone right here, but I will say that their Nebula interface which I will record here to illustrate, I will say that their Nebula interface here where you can kind of like open up apps and reposition windows, you can make it so that its a pretty big screen youre looking at.

Like, this is like looking at probably like a 70-inch TV right in front of me.

And it looks pretty sharp.

Like I gotta say, thats pretty impressive.

So like looking over here, I moved the screens over here.

As you can see, it looks way better on like a blank wall instead of a, you know, and I can get rid of the home screen.

Instead of like looking at the cameras and Mark in the background.

No offense Mark.

So if I play a video here, - Finally in which means...

- Wow.

- Theyre ripping down the walls, theyre wiring up the networking.

- The video looks pretty sharp.

So like, its supposed to be a 10 ADP.

Ill turn the volume down now cause thats too loud.

Okay. So like thats great news.

The speakers can get kind of loud.

They sound like cheap phone speakers.

Like what are you gonna do? But, Im actually quite impressed by how sharp this video looks.

Okay. You know what, Mark? This is a decent use case.

Like maybe you put these on and youre watching a video and you got headphones plugged in and its like watching it on a giant screen.

Theres the test.

I dont know if thisll show up on the video or not.

But if you watch movies like this, huge, huge, negative.

But like, if you manage to put your head in a vice and remain completely still, baby shark.

I was able to play the games a little bit and theyre like, you know, its like a little VR game.

You know, if you like playing like the fun little VR demo games, thats basically what they have so far.

There are more apps and games that are available on the play store from what I understand.

This things 5 99, which is not horrible for like early-ish AR hardware.

For consumers, if you are like not super in to like the technical side of augmented reality and virtual reality and youre like, oh, I want a fun device.

No, do not.

Theyre kind of marketing it like that, which is, I feel like a mistake.

Now this is for people who are like tinker and theyre really interested in augmented reality and they kind of wanna like play around and experience the jank for themselves.

Theyve already developed the Nreal Air, which is a more advanced device.

Im interested in taking a look at the Nreal Air when it comes out.

Its out like I said, in like Germany and Japan and stuff right now.

Itll probably roll out in North America like this one did a year later.

I dont know.

But its good to see multiple companies working on augmented reality solutions.

I just wish that, you know, I didnt have to review them until theyre ready to party.

This is cool. Its fun.

I dont wanna complain, but also catch me with the air.

See you next time.

And see you next time on the next episode of Short Circuit.

Thats what this video is.

Its a channel.

Subscribe if you want more of this, but also more importantly subscribe to their movie podcast and also to the Tekla, okay? Dont tell John I told you that.

You cannot use this product. You are too greasy.

I wish I could see what just happened, but Im in the metaverse.

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- (laughs)I look like Pewdiepie?

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