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role play for call centers  banking and finance scene number one thank you for calling  global bank how may i help you hi i lost my atm card im sorry to hear that  i can help you do you know your account number yes i have it on my computer the number  is zero four five three zero one six eight one okay let me pull up your account information  thank you may i have your full name please yes its tina s johnson thank you miss johnson  could you please confirm your mailing address 104 lincoln street avon ohio 44011 thank you  for verifying that information ms johnson i will cancel your current card and request a new  atm card how long will it take to get the new card it takes three to five business days theres no  way to get it sooner im so sorry miss johnson that is our banks policy thats fine i understand  is there anything else i can help you with no thanks ill just wait for my new card thank you  for calling global bank goodbye goodbye roleplay scene number two thank you for calling mega bank  my name is kevin how may i assist you today hello kevin i have a question about my credit card  statement yes maam i can help you with that thank you may i have your account number  please sure my account number is zero five two nine three six seven one thank you just  give me a moment to access your account okay thank you for security reasons may i have the  last four digits of your social security number yeah sure its four three two one thank you  and may i have your first and last name please my first name is nancy and my last name is harper  thank you ms harper was this for your most recent statement yes thats right it seems that i have  been charged twice on the 15th i see two charges for 189.54 are you referring to these charges  thats right there should only be one charge okay miss harper i will start an  investigation of the second charge um how long will that take usually within  24 hours maam and then what happens we will confirm with the merchant that there was  only one charge after the merchant confirms will the second charge be removed yes maam it should  be please check your account in three business days okay ill do that is there anything else  i can help you with no i think that will be all thank you for calling mega bank miss  harper thank you for your help goodbye have a nice day roleplay scene number three hello  i have a question about my debit account yes sir my name is sarah i can help you with that  theres a transaction on my account that i dont understand sir may i have your account  number please sure its zero four five eight five eight three four two all right let  me pull up that information for you thank you for verification purposes  may i have your full name please yes its charles t jones mr jones which charge  in your account would you like to check on i had to put you on speakerphone can you  hear me yes mr jones i can hear you fine okay its the charge on the 12th in the amount  of 228 38 yes i do see that charge on the 12th you dont recall making a purchase from that  merchant no i dont believe i made that purchase if you would like i can contact  the merchant and ask them about it sure that would be great id appreciate it my pleasure mr jones may i put you on hold  for a few minutes yeah sure thatll be fine mr jones i was able to reach the merchant  and they said that an order was placed and a delivery was made to your address hmm  that sounds odd sir is there any chance a family member may have used your card i dont  think so but i will have to check on that if that is not the case please call  back and we will resolve the issue i will do that thank you for your help my pleasure  sir have a very nice day thank you you too do you

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