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>> Im super excited about Windows 365, particularly from an administration standpoint.

If it takes a little longer for your employee to get their physical laptop, really all they need is a browser and they can use any machine they have to be productive right away.

Thats so incredible. I love it.

>> That was actually really cool because basically you go to the website and you having your machine and maybe I dont want to carry a machine around.

Maybe I want to go a little lovely tablet device like this.

Well, this is full computer, but a lovely tablet device to do my work and I totally can.

The other thing that was interesting was the Microsoft 365 that has the administrations up.

People might not know this, but for my family I have one of those tenants and I am the administrator of the Juarez family and so having all those new things in there was pretty cool. I liked it.

>> Yeah.

>> The administrator.

>> As the administrator, be sure to try it out and tell us what your favorite new feature is.

>> Youve got it.

>> Now its time to turn our attention to the Cloud.

Jeremy Winter, Director of Azure Management joins the show via teams.

Jeremy, welcome. How are you doing? >> Hey. Im doing great. Thanks for having me.

>> Its lovely to have you.

Lets go ahead and jump right in.

How has the customer mindset towards Clouded option shifted over the last, say, 18-24 months? >> Yeah, for sure. The pandemic has really accelerated this shift to the Cloud, Allison.

As customers just recover and look ahead to transforming how they run, theyre turning to us wholesale for investments ranging from the remote productivity to infra resiliency to app innovation and the Cloud Ill just tell you in one shape or another has become the primary bet in all the strategic conversations Im having with business leaders and were seeing it with real absolute adoption.

>> Awesome. Tell me a little bit more about the main Clouded option choices that our customers can take.

>> Yeah. Im seeing three main choices out there or technical patterns to the journey as we see and most of our bigger customers, Allison, adopt these patterns in parallel for different pieces of their estate.

The first one Im seeing is migration.

Its just really, how do we migrate those existing apps quickly.

On the core IS front, we put in a lot of focus on infra resiliency with things like availability zones and DC region pairs, as well as tooling to simplify these moves.

Like as an example, American Cancer Society, they worked with us to exit their data center over to Azure in less than two months and it was pretty impressive just to see how fast theyre able to do it.

The second big area that I see is modernizing those existing apps with containers and managed databases.

Wow, theres just a ton of momentum building on Kubernetes and where were headed with the container space.

An example here is AIA Singapore, which is a financial planning firm that modernized their legacy Java to Azure Kubernetes service and the Azure SQL, which really they just used to speed up their point of sale applications across the board.

Then this last shift that I see these big choices that are helping drive is really this move to Cloud native approaches through DevOps with GitHub and taking advantage of these serverless approaches, but also really the way you could think about your development environment.

When you look at GitHub with more than 56 million strong developer community, were just seeing GitHub and Azure DevOps enabling, this is super fast cycle.

>> Yeah. As a product manager on code spaces, I couldnt agree with you more.

Were really excited to leverage containers there.

Why should customers select Microsoft and Azure over other offering? >> One of the big things I see is just, Ill start with just the Microsoft Cloud with the integration across to Azure and Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365, were partner across the entire business.

Then on top of that, some of the innovation that we have, like our hybrid and multi-Cloud flexibility with Azure Arc, thats real and in market today.

Weve enabled Azure centric management and security from a control plane that can run in and across any environment.

Its backed by Azure solutions, like Azure Stack HCI and services, like Azure data and ML, but the cool thing is these are designed to run both on our Cloud as well as at the Edge.

Of course, I see a lot around security and trust.

I love the fact that were a partner with our customers.

We have their back with a ton of investments, including these just talented security experts we have protecting Azures platform and a lot of the AI threat detection thats just built native in.

>> Yeah. I loved hearing about the Microsoft Defender and how were enabling you to really be secure even, in multi-Cloud scenarios.

Thats a great example of how we support our customers, sort of where theyre at.

Are there any other ways that youd like to share with us on how we support customers, so that they can move confidently? >> Yeah. Sure, Allison.

I think we have programs like the Azure migration and modernization program or oftentimes youre going to hear us talk about it as AMMP.

This is really there to help guide our customers each stage of their journey.

I just really encourage everyone to go leverage this with your partners as well as reach out to us and well get you connected in with that.

We also provide tooling like Azure migrate to automate every aspect of the move, so that you dont have to hunt and pack for what solution to use.

Its just all there simple for you on Azure.

>> I love it. Last question, any final comments for our IT friends who might be watching? >> Yeah, IT friends, look, Ill end by saying that in addition to all this tech, dont forget the culture.

That culture piece of the organization is key here.

My shout out to all the IT pros out there, you have just such a great opportunity to be the torch bearers and drive this Cloud transformation within your company and the teams around you.

Were here to help you. Please, please make sure you reach out to us.

>> Amazing. Thank you so much for joining us, Jeremy.

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