Top 3 Digital Marketing Tools for Dentist | Which Is Best?

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hey everyone thanks again so much for joining me here today were going to go over the top three dental marketing tools you can use to grow your practice for those of you who dont know me hello my name is dawson i own a dental marketing company here in colorado springs im really excited to share some of the tools that i use today these are tools i use in my agency to bring results for my clients this is how i get the new patients this is how i generate a new business for them so that they can ultimately grow their practices and help more people feel free to like the video consider subscribing if you want to see more content related to this if you have any suggestions of videos you want to see in the future feel free to leave them in the comment section below and without further ado lets jump right into the first tool the first tool that i use for my clients is google now i break this down into two parts with ads and the google my business page but google is necessary when running um any type of business its necessary in providing a presence for your business and its necessary in showing up and being at the top of the search rankings whether you do this through seo or running ads is totally up to you i run ads for my clients that way you dont have to spend years building up a portfolio if you will of your website having certain keywords staying up to date on the latest tactics that takes a lot of time years even to rank above some of your competitors that have been in the business longer than you have with google ads you can show up day one outrank every organic search result and become the first search result people see when theyre searching for a dentist near me or related keywords to your industry one thing i want to mention about google ads is the search intent and the aspect of someone looking for you makes your job a lot different than it would on facebook for instance someone typing in dentists near me or root canal near me odds are they want to be a patient that day or within the week this makes your job a lot easier just to really get in front of your audience present them with an offer of some sort show them what you have to offer and hope that they come in this is really your main goal in search based marketing if you will the strategy is going to change on facebook which ill get into a little bit later but running google ads youre able to get in front of that high intent hot market if you will and provide them with what they need so running google ads is important because you want to get in front of the people that are actively searching for a dentist when someone types in dentists or me or even root canal near me odds are they want to be a patient that day or within the week so its important for you to be on the first page be one of the first couple results that they see when they want to make that decision so your job is to get in front of them via google get on the first page be a result that they click on and convince them to pick you over someone else because google is search intent based meaning people are a lot more likely to come in that also means that more people want that traffic hence going to drive the price up google ads is not a cheap it depends on your region a couple different factors on how expensive its going to be but compared to facebook some of the other methods there are to bringing patients its on the more expensive side however that is because the patients or the people searching for you have a much higher intent of coming in and because of that high intent you can also get great results its important to keep your costs down as much as possible a good way to do this are to have compelling copy with your google ads as well as to take up as much real estate on the page i mentioned this in another video that you can see here really dive into that thats where i really dive into the details of running google ads what that looks like if you want to see that feel free to check that out but thats kind of the gist of google ads another tool that you can use on google is the google my business page this is necessary for really any local based business this is what literally puts you on the map this is how you get reviews from your customers your patients on how you did kind of their experience of what your practice was like this is necessary if you havent done uh or set up your google my business page definitely a necessity especially if you are deciding to run ads in the future so the next tool that were going to use is facebook really theres two aspects when it comes to facebook theres setting up your business page and posting and the other is running ads when it comes to building your practice on facebook through your business page its really important to post a personal material that your audience can engage with doing so will allow you to create connection with your patients allow you to connect with them outside your office hours and really establish that long-term relationship with them aside from personal material i also encourage dentists to post educational content that allows you to be the authority figure in your region posting content like this is easily shareable its easy for a current patient to see it want to share with some of their friends especially if it adds value to them for example if you are a implant dentist and you answer the top five questions people have before coming in to your office regarding implants this builds a lot of trust with the the patient potential patient before they even see you and it also builds yourself up as an authority figure in your industry so really encourage you not only connecting with your patients but also providing that educational content another side to facebook is running facebook ads now this is important if you want more people to see your content unfortunately facebook actually cut their organic reach meaning or theyve been cutting it the past couple years meaning if you have a thousand people like your business page lets say for your practice only for example 200 people are actually going to see any posts that you make this is because facebook wants to encourage businesses to spend money on their platform hence reaching more of their audience comparing facebook and google you can get leads for cheaper on facebook but the nature of getting those leads is a little bit more complicated not only do you have to deal with the ad copy but you also have to deal with the creative portion of the ad the creative is just the video or picture now when it comes to being successful with facebook ads you really only have three seconds to stop someone from scrolling to get their attention and to have them pay attention to your ad people look at first your picture your headline and then your copy prioritize your time into focusing on working on your creative first then headline then copy in that order although running facebook ads is a little bit more complicated than google ads you can get leads for cheaper and it can pay off in the long run the next tool that you can use when it comes to marketing your practice are your phones now phones really make the difference when it comes to building your practice if the person at the front desk whos answering the phones isnt necessarily good at talking to people if theyre very short cold not friendly its going to be really difficult for you to actually grow your practice and to bring more people in when it comes to finding the right person for the front desk ive even heard dentists hiring someone based on their phone conversation having the interview entirely over the phone to see how they sound how they would engage with maybe a potential patient to see if they would even be a good fit another aspect of using your phones is to actually send text messages out to your existing patients what i do with my clients is i find all those patients that slip through their cracks usually the office has a list of patients that they havent talked to in like i said over six months over a year even and i send a text message out to them i simply invite them back in for an appointment and im able to generate leads for my clients that way just last month i was able to follow up with one of these lists and actually got 16 people interested in coming in again so this method can have great results again it really depends on how you write the message dont want to be salesy by any means theyve already been into the practice so its like youre just reaching out to an old friend so which tool is the best well all are necessary if you want to have a successful practice but if youre starting from the ground up i suggest working on the phones first a really building up the front desk finding someone that can be the go-to person when it comes to answering the phone getting on the habit or the circle of inviting old patients back in really managing your patient base well thats where i would start and then from there i would go google and then facebook in that order so real you really want to make sure you have your foundation first with your office and then branch out to running ads later thank you so much for watching the video if youre interested in me running ads for your practice i do have a link in the description below feel free to comment any questions that you have like the video and consider subscribing if you got some value out of it until next time ill see you later you

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