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[Music] welcome to simple understanding channel dont forget to select your translation language three digital marketing trends to keep an eye on in 2022 digital marketing becomes more complicated with each passing year in addition to seo ppc branding and ux basics marketers must now balance emerging social channels evolving regulations content automation and personalization to name a few as we look ahead to the new year we asked 500 marketers about the most important strategies theyll be using this year to increase reach raise awareness and maximize revenue here are the top three digital marketing trends as determined by the research these first three trends are more emergent in the sense that they may not be feasible for your business right now but they do indicate the direction were heading in furthermore understanding the reasons for these trends can help inform your approach to the strategies youre currently employing number one the metaverse the metaverse is a persistent environment where people work play and socialize in the virtual worlds of augmented reality virtual reality 3d holographic avatars and video not just one-time experiences like gaming theres a reason the metaverse has been getting so much attention lately and brands should consider this virtual space as part of their 2022 marketing strategies this is due in part to the fact that it has the potential to provide an entirely new set of performance metrics marketers will be ready to explore how long virtual objects are held in a users visual field how much space they take up in a users peripheral vision and even where users look when viewing an ad these observations have the potential to completely remap your understanding of your audience providing invaluable guidance moving forward many brands will experiment with virtual worlds in 2022 and while consumers may be a few years away from being interested in the metaverse brands can still benefit from a first mover advantage number two non-fungible tokens nfts aside from determining where brands fit in the metaverse theyll need to experiment with blockchain technology more in order to prepare for web 3.0 the next evolution of the web which will be more decentralized non-fungible tokens are a well-known feature of blockchain technology nfts non-fungible means that it cannot be exchanged for something of equal value because it lacks sequels a 500 bill can be exchanged for five 100 bills is fungible however you cannot exchange your grandmothers wedding ring a non-fungible for anything of equal value due to the authenticity factor non-fungible tokens nfts are the digital equivalent of non-fungibles uniquely created digital assets such as animation graphic design gif audio video file or meme that exist on a blockchain with brands issuing nfd collectibles last year now is the time for other brands to figure out how to tap into these digital assets and avoid being left behind furthermore they can anticipate more collaborations and even brands selling or giving away their own nfds as a way to build community among their customers number three cryptocurrency in a similar manner cryptocurrencies will continue to proliferate in 2022 and marketing professionals will keep an eye on this trend toward decentralized finance while cryptocurrency is still only used by a small segment of the u.s population accepting it now could help brands reach new customers only if the target audience is a good fit in terms of payments for example cryptocurrencies are causing massive shifts in the relationship between the worlds largest payment processors such as visa paypal and mastercard this has significant implications for how products and services interact with their customers and marketers will be eager to align with the possibility of increased target group reach some of these trends will be simpler to implement for your company than others in some cases you can make a mental note of them as general guidelines to keep a close eye on but keep in mind the sooner you can act the better thanks for watching if you like the video please dont forget to like and subscribe for more see you next video [Music]

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